Katla: The Game Changer?

According to MSNBC, the Katla volcano in Iceland is about to blow her top – hat tip Joe Bastardi Joe Bastardi blog. Katla is the big sis of Eyjafjallajökull;I mean the really big sis. And according to an initial research paper by the University College of London Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction:

Analysis of the seismic energy released around Katla over the last decade or so is interpreted as providing evidence of a rising … intrusive magma body on the western flank of the volcano.


 We conclude that given the high frequency of Katla activity, an eruption in the short term is a strong possibility.

A Katla eruption could be an order of magnitude greater than Eyjafjallajökull and possibly emit significant quantities of ash and sulphur particles into the stratosphere. Read the part about volcanoes at FOCUS warming will end. If that happens, then it’s a game-changer.

And look for a lot of uneasy alarmists to use it as a back door out of an increasingly embarrassing situation.

5 responses to “Katla: The Game Changer?”

  1. Ed Caryl

    Here’s where to watch Katla sesmic activity:

    The lone blue dot in the middle of the ice field is the summit of Katla. It marks one event below R 3 in the last 48 hours. When there are many dots in that location, don your dust mask.

    1. pgosselin

      Thanks Ed! I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

      1. Ed Caryl

        It’s time!

      2. Ed Caryl

        We just passed the New Moon phase. Activity hit a peak, but Katla didn’t blow. Now it has gone quiet again. The next peak in earth tides will be at Full Moon. Who knows???

  2. Catalina

    I ve been trying to find an article in Scientific American related to this but it seems that, as many other things, it has been removed. Doesnt matter because WUWT reported it and Steve Goddard replied:



    Maybe we are getting closer to a volcano-gate, not sure. “They” will make their points with temps and eruptions, thats sure.


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