Al Gore: Massaging More Than Data?

I know I shouldn’t go here, but the temptation is just too strong. I’ll let the readers make up their own minds. Here are some links to read. But do research more.UPDATE 1: Oh! Oh! Drudge has got Gore as the big headline.

1. Serious accusations
2. 3 reasons not to believe the accusations
3. $540 massage(?) at ritzy hotel
4. Gore assault NYT

This eventually will boil down to the question: Can we really trust Al Gore? We saw how far he took the level of propaganda in his AIT film, which was carefully crafted to pull at the heart-strings and to mislead viewers. It was slammed by a British High Court. His jet-setting, mansion-buying lifestyle is in complete contradiction to what he preaches. He constantly ducks debate and keeps his head in the sand.
Not long ago he separated from his wife, indicating possible breach of trust in the relationship. He once claimed to have invented the internet. Just how believable is this guy?

My personal opinion is that Gore is as great a fraud as one will ever find, and he’s living high on the hog because of it. But that’s just my opinion, which is based on the so many words that have come out of his mouth and on his actions.

Indeed this has the potential to be much bigger than Climategate.

“But what does that have to do with the science,” one may ask? Gore is not a scientist, but he is a big messenger who has a message he wants (demands) everybody to believe. And it so happens that he has a huge interest in that message.

Look for the media to build a massive bulwark around Gore, and to come out blasting with everything they’ve got.

3 responses to “Al Gore: Massaging More Than Data?”

  1. Vince Werber

    You can read the police report on this at the Smoking Gun web site at:


    1. pgosselin

      I’m reading it now – it’s like a thriller. Sure is more interesting than dendrology or climate modeling, that’s for sure.

  2. MostlyHarmless

    One to add to the list – [-snip]gate.

    Sorry, but the lady was a masseuse, and not a prostitute. -PG

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