NEW Scare Replaces UN's Now Defunct AGW Scare. Biodiversity And Species Are Dying 100 Times Faster Than Previously Thought!

UN fear-driven energy policy itself is responsible for accelerating large-scale destruction of biodiversity. Forests cleared to make way for "green" government-subsidised biofuel.

 There’s been talk recently about a new scare that environmentalists have come up with to replace the all-but-defunct AGW scare.  The evil villains are, again, the very thing that have made our lives immensely better: INDUSTRY. The new scare is: industry is destroying biodiversity.   

Today at least two of Germany’s leading online news outlets are reporting on industry’s threat to biodiversity, based on a UN study. Both Stern here and Die Zeit have almost the same title:   

UN: Corporations Driving Ruthless Destruction of Nature   

And both articles are almost identical, indicating they were likely press releases from the UN itself. According to Die Zeit:   

Species, even complete ecosystems, are disappearing at an unprecedented speed. Companies refuse to protect nature, the damage is in the trillions of euros.   

Species are dying 100 times faster than previously assumed. The environmental damage that is caused by the world’s 3000 leading companies is estimated by the UN to be 1.7 trillion euros, this from a study from the UN Environmental Program UNEP.   

According to UN Environment Director Achim Steiner:   

The natural capital of the planet is being destroyed on a massive scale.   

Many economists are still blind to the enormous impact on the diversity of animals, plants and other forms of life and their role in the function of the ecosystem.   

The UN study says that awareness for environmental protection is increasing the most in Africa with 50% of company managers viewing environmental pollution as a threat to their business, 45% in Latin America and only 20% in Europe.   

The UN study will be made public at the International Conference for Species and Biodiversity on Tuesday in London.   

Readers ought to recall how it’s the UN itself and government politics based on UN climate fear mongering  are actually in large part responsible for their claimed massive destruction of nature. Read:
Europe’s Latest Green Megafolly. Burning Forests To Save The Planet!  

And maybe the UN has realised that it wasn’t getting anywhere by nagging and blaming the citizens of the planet. Now it probably thinks it can get more support by demonising industry.

7 responses to “NEW Scare Replaces UN's Now Defunct AGW Scare. Biodiversity And Species Are Dying 100 Times Faster Than Previously Thought!”

  1. Brian H

    “Sustainable” is a code word for “minimalist, UN-controlled”. What its users want to sustain:

    When cheap energy* becomes available, both humans and the “ecology” will benefit immensely.

    *Well within this decade I have hopes the result of the project at will be world-wide production and use of small 5MW generators cranking out power at >>1¢/kwh, waste-free.

    1. Brian H

      typo: <<1¢/kwh. Cost of generation is projected at 0.25¢, actually.

  2. DirkH

    Hi P., O/T:
    Bundesamt fuer Naturschutz (Funny. We have an Umweltbundesamt and a Bundesamt fuer Naturschutz? World of wonders.) says thou shalst not hammer foundations for Wind Turbines into the seabed whilst the pig whale liveth nearby. If i had a hammer.

    1. Brian H

      If you can’t fix it with a hammer, it’s electrical.

      Just sayin’.

  3. Charles Higley

    “Species are dying 100 times faster than previously assumed. ”

    This is patently untrue and there is no data to support this. The statement appears to suggest that there are real observations behind this, but it is based on computer models which model diversity. There are some serious flaws in the model, a huge one being based on running some biodiversity principles backwards, which simply does not work.

    A survey of mammalian and bird species shows that there have been no extinctions in the last 100 years that were not in island species or over-hunting.

    Assessing biodiversity is more difficult than modeling global climate and prone to even more cherry-picking, vagueness, and misinterpretation than the global warming scam agenda.

    1. Brian H

      Chicken Little is one determined bird. SOMETHING must be falling on us! When panic is your goal …

  4. Ed Caryl

    Brian H, thanks for the chuckle.

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