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Temperature anomalies for June 2010.

The Incredibly, Rapidly Disappearing Heat

Share this… Facebook TwitterNASA has released its picture of the week, which is a graphic of global land temperature anomalies for the period July 4-11. Click here for details. What jump outs at me is the number of blue areas that have suddenly popped up on the continents. Where did they all come from? We […]

July's melt rate is at an all time low!

Slowest July Arctic Melt Ever

Share this… Facebook TwitterUPDATE 19 July: Steve Goddard has followed this post with a supplement, and provides more detailed information. WUWT following up on my posts a day or two later seems to be becoming a trend over there. The NOAA is taking the liberty of declaring 2010 the hottest ever, even though it’s […]

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