Just For The Record: Thomas Friedmann:

Thanks to Tom Nelson for posting this. Thomas L. Friedman has earned a spot in my category: Lifestyles of the Rich and Alarmists. Normally I avoid riding on the coattails of other blogs,  but this time I’ll make an exception.If  Thomas Friedman walked around barefoot preaching his gospel like Kung Fu did, then I’d have a lot more respect for the guy. Now I have zero respect.  Like most environmental hypocrites, it’s: “do as I say, and not as I do”. But hey, they’re entitled to live like kings for all the important work they do in rescuing man and the planet.

The rest of us? Well we don’t really do anything important. All we do is impact the environment, and thus we ought to be relegated back to the mud and rice fields.

It never fails. Take almost any Hollywood star or elite left-winger, and you’ll see their environmental activism is invariably proportional to their wealth, A = kW. The same equation applies for their hypocrisy: H=kW, where k > 10.

Let’s take a look at some of the eco-features of his spread.

1. The pool looks to be about 30′ x 70′, no solar heating for it.
2. The asphalt 2-lane driveway is large and wide enough for a stretch limo to easily curve around.
3. No solar panels on the roof. The place is a virtual heat sink.
4. Judging from the angle of the sun and season, the house faces southwest, yet does nothing to take advantage of that. The south-facing windows are even modest in size.
5. Lots of carbon-storing trees were cleared away.
6. I count 3 chimneys – lots of heating.
7. There’s got to be at least 8 bathrooms in the place, who knows how many heated jacuzzis.
8. Even the white car parked outside doesn’t look like a hybrid.

It certainly tops Al Gore’s mansion (the one in Tennessee). But who knows, maybe he takes the hybrid once a week.

2 responses to “Just For The Record: Thomas Friedmann:”

  1. DirkH

    Don’t be unfair! Asphalt is one of the best ways of sequestering carbon! 😉

  2. Brian H

    Look, CO2 is actually beneficial, so the more these fakes put out, the better! We just have to get the word out for people to do as they do, not as they say, and everything will be great!

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