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Were Warmist Scientists Set To Do Arctic Oil And Gas Exploration Under The Guise Of Arctic Research?

The German online Die Zeit reports here that a Canadian court has ruled in favour of the Inuit Indians, forbidding a planned Arctic expedition by Germany’s alarmist Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in the Lancaster Sound. Reports show that the German expedition may have included Arctic oil and gas exploration. The AWI’s Polarstern research vessel was […]

German Die Welt Newspaper: Enough With The Panic!

A heat wave in Russia, a flood in Pakistan and a calving glacier in Greenland were enough to trigger mass hysteria in Germany. The warmists pulled out their hair, socialites fainted, re-insurers went bezerk and the German media screamed bloody climate murder. Really. Meanwhile the rest of Germany relaxed on their long holidays and yawned. So it’s […]

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