Joe Bastardi On Hurricanes: It’s Astounding How Quiet It’s Been – So Far

At his latest video , Joe Bastardi gives his latest hurricane forecast.

Joe compares 2010 with 1950, a year the hurricane season started off late, but then did so with a vengeance. It produced 8 major hurricanes in 6 weeks. He sees 2010 having very similar conditions, and so he predicts the same pattern as 1950.

Joe also explains his theory that with global warming, the tendency will be less tropical storm activity because there will be less of a need to redistribute heat and pressure to the higher latitudes. That’s what hurricanes do.
So far for this year, Joe says:

Yet, we’ve had globally the weakest start to a hurricane season, Pacific basin and Atlantic basin, through the month of August so far. It’s just astounding how quiet it’s been – so far.

Joe doesn’t expect it to stay quiet. He’s telling you to fasten your seatbelt, because we are very likely in for some rough riding.

The press frets: Where are the hurricanes?

Meanwhile the generally sceptic Austrian online Die Presse has a story called Weather: Were Are The Hurricanes?  (Notice how when the hurricanes don’t show up, it’s called “weather”. Die Presse quotes the NOAA:

There are no tropical cyclones at this time.

What can the alarmist media do without the promised hurricanes and the calamity they deliver? Die Presse writes:

They should have arrived a long time ago. The hurricane season goes from June 1 until November 30, and the fanfare from the US press was shriller than usual back in May: It’s the five-year anniversary of Katrina, the storm that devastated New Orleans. ‘The 2010 hurricane season could be a monster, warned Time on May 26.

Die Presse explains that weak hurricane activity last year was due to the El Nino blocking effect. But this year La Nina is developing, and so the coast is clear for the hurricane parade. But the media so far has fretted:

Now El Niño is out of the way, La Niña rules and clears the path for hurricanes. First came one, Alex, in June, followed by Bonnie in July, which did not even reach hurricane status, and Colin in early August, which also amounted to nothing.

But the media ought not fret too much. If Joe is right, the chasers of destruction in the media will get plenty to hyperventilate about soon enough. Then they’ll be categorising hurricanes under “climate”.

3 responses to “Joe Bastardi On Hurricanes: It’s Astounding How Quiet It’s Been – So Far”

  1. Ed Caryl

    The image in my mind is of a long row of Calamitologists on their knees on Miami Beach, praying for hurricanes. All they are going to accomplish is to get sand in their socks.

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