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Prediksi Akurat Bandar Judi Bola Handicap Online

Share this…FacebookTwitterbuat mendapati kemenangan waktu main-main judi bola online, telah wajib hukumnya seandainya satu orang pejudi bola mesti mampu mencari kabar mengenai prediksi bola yg memang lah akurat. Prediksi bola ini dapat kamu temukan dari beberapa sumber terpercaya mulai sejak dari info mengenai bola, seterusnya dari web di internet & web berkenaan prediksi hasil & […]

Phytoplankton clouds shown in light green. Source: NASA

The Phytoplankton Are Starving

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe reduction in phytoplankton is not due to oceanic warming, but instead to overfishing. Guest writer Ed Caryl digs into the subject of phytoplankton. The Phytoplankton Are Starving By Ed Caryl A recent press release from Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, announced an article published in Nature (behind a pay-wall) that we’ve been losing 1% of […]

Joe Bastardi On Hurricanes: It’s Astounding How Quiet It’s Been – So Far

Share this…FacebookTwitterAt his latest video , Joe Bastardi gives his latest hurricane forecast. Joe compares 2010 with 1950, a year the hurricane season started off late, but then did so with a vengeance. It produced 8 major hurricanes in 6 weeks. He sees 2010 having very similar conditions, and so he predicts the same pattern […]

Fading interest in climate protection

Mass Exodus From Al Ron Gore’s Church Of Climatology

Share this…FacebookTwitterAlasan Bermain bandarqq Online Terbaik! Seandainya Anda yakni salah satu pemain judi poker yang masih mencoba untuk mempertimbangkan apakah Anda sepatutnya bermain game bandarqq atau tak, maka kami akan memberi Anda sebagian alasan kenapa Anda sepatutnya bermain permainan ini secara online. Permainan bandarqq telah banyak berkembang dalam sebagian tahun terakhir. Alih-alih mengunjungi kasino, orang-orang […]

Area Situs Bermain Judi Online Dengan Aman dan Terpercaya

Area Situs Bermain Judi Online Dengan Aman dan Terpercaya

Share this…FacebookTwitterDari judul topik ini tentu saja kalian pun akan bisa memperoleh tempat bermain yang paling terpercaya serta aman dalam memberikan games judi online terbaik di Indonesia. Dengan bermain pada website yang terpercaya pun kalian akan bisa mendapatkan peluang untuk bisa menggapai kemenangan yang besar. Tentu saja kemenangan tersebut hanya bisa kalian miliki dengan bermain […]

Were Warmist Scientists Set To Do Arctic Oil And Gas Exploration Under The Guise Of Arctic Research?

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe German online Die Zeit reports here that a Canadian court has ruled in favour of the Inuit Indians, forbidding a planned Arctic expedition by Germany’s alarmist Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in the Lancaster Sound. Reports show that the German expedition may have included Arctic oil and gas exploration. The AWI’s Polarstern research vessel […]

German Die Welt Newspaper: Enough With The Panic!

Share this…FacebookTwitterA heat wave in Russia, a flood in Pakistan and a calving glacier in Greenland were enough to trigger mass hysteria in Germany. The warmists pulled out their hair, socialites fainted, re-insurers went bezerk and the German media screamed bloody climate murder. Really. Meanwhile the rest of Germany relaxed on their long holidays and yawned. So […]

he Antarctic continet has cooled, not warmed.

Of Ice And Science: Curry And Half-Knowledge

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe dreamers of global warming calamity always have to find imaginative explanations for inconvenient truths and paradoxes. Today’s German papers are reporting on the recent study by Judith Curry and Jiping Liu, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. The paper is an attempt to provide an explanation for the paradox of increasing Antarctic sea […]

Dutch IPCC Assessment: Climate Science Underexposed To Dissent, Give Sceptics More Say

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe Klimazwiebel blog run by Prof. Hans von Storch brings our attention to a newly released Dutch report on the IPCC. The report is published by the Rathenau Institute and is titled: Room for Climate Debate: Perspectives on the interaction between climate politics, science and the media, It is written by Jeroen van der Sluijs, Rinie […]


Lebedev Physics Institute: Solar Maximum May Be Postponed Again

Share this…FacebookTwitterSOHO latest image: Last Friday the German edition RIA NOVOSTI Russian news agency reported that there were five clusters of sunspots on the sun, leading some scientists to believe that the sun’s unusual lull may be over for good. Scientists have been observing sunspots for hundreds of years. Many believe solar activity has a major […]

Climate Change In Germany Has Become “A Loser Topic”

Share this…FacebookTwitterI couldn’t help but to relish the story that follows. The German European Institute For Climate and Environment (EIKE) brings our attention to a report by the publicly funded NDR German television news show Panorama concerning the state of climate science and politics today in Germany. If you’re a climate activist, things just couldn’t be worse. NDR […]

Joe Bastardi Unloads On Penn State Corruption – Feels Betrayed

Share this…FacebookTwitter{Note 15 August 2010: Joe has replaced his Penn State post with a new post, and so you can no longer read it.]Anyone who reads this blog knows that meteorologist Joe Bastardi is one of my favorites. Yesterday he wrote a scathing piece at his European blog about his alma mater Penn State for the […]

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