CO2 Ordinances Will Cause Apartment Rentals To Triple

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“With green technologies, you’ll save energy and money! The sun doesn’t send an electric bill!”How often have we heard it? Yet, we know firsthand here in Europe that the opposite is true. Subsidies for green energies, and the high cost electricity they produce, are already burning huge holes in the pockets of consumers. Electricity rates in Europe have skyrocketed over the last few years. The trend will only accelerate.

Government-mandated remodeling of apartment buildings and homes will cost trillions

Next, the German government intends to force buildings to have zero CO2 emissions by 2050. This will force many landlords to radically remodel existing apartment complexes, and to do so at a huge expense.

Many apartment units were built during the 1970s and are neither well insulated nor designed to save lots of energy. Back then, when energy was a human right, and not monopolized by mafia-like structures, it was cheap. Poorer people could afford it.

That was then. Yesterday the online Der Tagesspiegel had the following headline:

Rentals Could Triple

The energy concept of Angela Merkel’s coalition government decrees residential renovations that would cost trillions. Homeowner associations are sounding the alarms.

The report starts:

Berlin – Rental rates in the capital city could rise dramatically in the coming years. Instead of living space costing an average of Euro 4.60 (US$ 6.00) a square meter in Berlin today, it’s possible that it’ll soon cost up to Euro 13.70 per square meter – that would be tripling the rate.

That means today a family of four in Berlin pays an affordable $600.00 per month for a modest 100 m² apartment (utilities not included). But in just a few years, that family may have to pay an exhorbitant $1800/month plus the also soon to be much more expensive utilities.

Being unable to afford such exorbitant costs, families and low wage earners will have only one option left: to move under the nearest bridge. Call it human rights – euro style.

And what would all this added burden and misery on society’s most defenseless result in? Answer: a theoretical global temperature drop of a few thousandths of a degree.

The biggest driver in all this madness is Europe’s and Germany’s obsession with the notion that by going radically green, they can somehow gain the global moral (thus authoritive) high ground. Eventually, they think, this will allow them to preach the rest of the world on how to live.

Der Tagesspiegel writes:

Renovating old German buildings in the coming decades would cost immense sums of money. The German Union of Real Estate Associations (BSI) estimates the costs would reach Euro 2.6 trillion.

Of course, landlords and property owners would simply pass these costs along to tenants.  So much for affordable housing.

One third of Germany’s CO2 emissions come from Germany’s estimated 40 million residences. According to a paper from Merkel’s government:

The federal government will accelerate the vigorous renovation of residences by using improved and continuous aid.

Energy has to become a human right again

It’s time that access to cheap energy be made again a human right. It is there, and it is plentiful. Humans have a right to use it so that they can live in comfort. It is immoral to deny humans that right. And it is tyranny to do so using the lie of catastrophic global warming.

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5 responses to “CO2 Ordinances Will Cause Apartment Rentals To Triple”

  1. Ed Caryl

    Are they building more bridges? That’s what the government is doing here. At some point the law of supply and demand must apply a break. The stupidity can only go just so far. Remember the movie Soylent Green? That outcome was Government mandated.

  2. Quixote

    Agenda 21 in full display here!

    God help those who don’t stand up and state publicly: “I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!!!!!”

  3. Bernd Felsche

    Wouldn’t it be more effective to decrease the “carbon footprint” of monstrosities like Deutsche Bank’s _new_ HQ in Frankfurt/M? Per workplace, that consumes more than double the energy of the “average” German household.

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