German Parliamentarian Under Massive Fire – For Skepticism

It was bound to happen sooner than later. A high level German politician speaking out against dubious climate science. Marie-Luise Dött, German Parliamentarian and a central figure on Angela Merkel’s environmental committee, expressed scepticism on climate change, the Financial Times Deutschland reports here in an article titled: The Climate Revisionists.

Now she is at the receiving end of brimstone and hellfire from all sides, including the media.

Here in Germany, climate skeptics face a level of intolerance not seen here in 65 years.

Last Wednesday, she made comments at a parliamentary forum discussion on the economic  impacts of climate protection held by the FDP Free Democrats, the junior coalition partner of Angela Merkel’s CDU/FDP coalition government.  Fred Singer – “a tobacco lobbyist” – was a guest speaker.

Dött’s comments not only left environmentalists and climate protection activists speechless and gasping for air, but exposed Dött as a climate skeptic. She is reported to have called climate protection a

…replacement religion, and that anyone who dared to express doubt could be branded an outlaw, forced to confess sins, sent to purgatory, or even cast into hell, if being really bad.

Free scientific thinking is a myth here.

Well, the vicious intolerant reactions she is now reaping confirm that her views are accurate, more than ever imagined. Even colleagues from within her own CDU Party piled on:

The next days are going to be very uncomfortable for her.

The intolerance from the opposition came swiftly. Hermann Ott, a spokesman for the German Green Party, blasted Dött and her CDU Party:

The CDU and the FDP Free Democrats are moving outside of the common community when they provide a forum in the German Parliament for the blind theories of climate change deniers.

(Note: denying the Holocaust in Germany is a crime. Ott is de facto calling Dött a criminal of the worst kind).

A member of the SPD was said to be in “shock” and demanded Dött be fired. He added it all confirmed the “real intentions of the coalition government.”

I’m not even going to get into what the media snobs are saying. Noses could not be higher.

Frau Dött not only has revealed herself to be skeptical of climate science, but has exposed Germany’s return to last century’s intolerance.

You can send a message of support here: E-Mail to MdB Marie-Luise Dött. Just fill in your message in the box: “Nachricht” with your name and city (You can ignore the boxes below the “Nachricht” box – they’re optional.

45 responses to “German Parliamentarian Under Massive Fire – For Skepticism”

  1. R. de Haan

    The truth is that it’s the other way around.
    I wish Marie-Luise Dött all the best of the world and I admire her for her courage.

    But if nobody tells the people the truth we will find us lined up for the next holocaust before we know it.

  2. Ed Caryl

    May she be the first of many.

  3. R. de Haan
  4. JohnWho

    Note from the German people:

    “We have met the deniers

    and they are us.”

  5. Bob Malloy

    May she hold her nerve and good on her, Marie-Luise Dött, I tips my hat.

    How can I send her a personal congratulations.
    Reply: I wish I knew. I’d start with Google. I’ll see if I can find an address. -PG

  6. DirkH
  7. Ecotretas

    I’ve congratulated Marie-Luise Dött for her position. There will be more and more, and more, standing up against this fraud!
    Reply: Sorry for the slow moderation – thanks. I hope you’re right, because it’s quite extreme w.r.t. climate change here in Germany. -PG

  8. JoeFromBrazil

    Congratulations to Marie-Luise Dött! I hope that others follow your example! World Corruption will fall, Soon!

  9. Steve Koch

    Good for you, Ms. Dött! Here in the USA, the tide is turning. The alarmists’ legislation has been stymied in the Senate and the November election should bring the House to the Republicans. The Republican controlled House will surely investigate Climategate and the IPCC and refuse to fund the alarmists’ (previously) government financed agenda. If nothing else, the problems and corruption of climate science will be exposed much more widely to the public.

  10. Avril Terri Jackson

    Full support from a climate scientist. Tens of thousands of scientists throughout the world agree with you see http://www.petitionproject .com for the names of over 31 000!

  11. DirkH

    Meanwhile, the German Greens busy themselves by requesting an abolition of 2-stroke motors. No mention of climate or CO2; only “improvement of air quality”.

    Always abolition-happy, these guys.
    Spiegel, German:,1518,718217,00.html
    Reply: Moin Dirk! Have you seen the headline in Die welt? The Greens have polled at 24% and could conceivably install the next Chancellor! Scary. – PG

    1. DirkH

      Yes, indeed, scary. I wonder how the Green society will survive. I might watch that from the outside.

  12. jorgekafkazar

    Note: When sending a message to Dött, the German Parliament input form doesn’t work under Babel Fish’s translator. You can read the page, you just can’t send a message while you’re in the translator. Just use the form as given and put everything in the box with the asterisk. Hit the big send button at the bottom when done.

  13. Jac

    My respects to Marie-Luise, for her courage! God bless you, Marie!

  14. Lars Karlsson

    Politician being criticized for an opinion she expressed! How terrible, this is the end of democracy!

  15. Pär-Olov Joelson

    I have just sent my support to Frau Dött!

    Unfortunately we have much the same situation in Sweden, with alarmists setting the agenda.

    Our beautiful country is very close to be contaminated with a horrific amount of unnecessary and ineffective windmills.
    We already have shut down our most modern and efficient nuclear power plant “Barsebäck” because of weak politicians and a ranting ignorant left wing environmentalist mob.

    How sad.
    Reply: Thanks. They are over-reaching, and the price is going to be high. -PG

    1. CameronH

      The trouble with you scandinaviansis that you have become too civilised. You have forgoten that you oncw were Vikings. You need to take your country back from the loonie lefties. You should all read “The road to Serfdom” by F.A.Hayek. and realise that socialism always leads to totalitarianism.

  16. The Silence Of Embarassment

    […] a single finger of scepticism quickly find it bitten off, and are immediately gang-mobbed. The case of Marie-Luise Dött is one example. The tactics of Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf of the generously […]

  17. R.U.A.Lang

    Just sent my support too…
    It is unbearable how skeptic voices are tried to be silenced – especially here in Germany. FWIW, most of my fellow geoscientist colleagues share my skeptic position … The Schellnhubers and Rahmstorfs are those who are an embarassment of science.
    PG, keep up the good work, i enjoy your blog!

  18. Hugh Roper

    You point out: “…denying the Holocaust in Germany is a crime. Ott is de facto calling Dött a criminal of the worst kind…’. I know nothing else about Ms Dött, but she certainly has courage!

    The word denier has come to have similar connotations in English usage as ‘Leugner’ in German. Its use in the climate change debate seems generally intended to insult and denigrate the opposition.

    However not all scientific critics of the global warming paradigm regard the term ‘denier’ as insulting. For instance Richard Lindzen of MIT is on record as preferring to be regarded as a ‘denier’ than a ‘sceptic’; he thinks the latter term is inappropriate in that its use implies that there is something substantial to be sceptical about. However his prefered term for his own stance is ‘climate realist’.

    Lindzen is not the only scientific climate realist who rejects the ‘sceptic’ tag; Roger Pielke Snr is another. Others, e.g. Sherwood Idso, are happy to call themselves sceptics. However ‘Climate realist’ seems an appropriately neutral and positive description for those scientists who reject, or just don’t feel happy with, the current paradigm on purely scientific grounds, and I’d like to see it more widely used. At some stage climate realists are going to have to get together and come up with a new and better paradigm.

    I have read Rahmstorf & Schellnhuber’s Der Klimawandel, the first 2 chapters several times. It’s a good piece of advocacy science, cleverly glossing over weak points in the paradigm. Is there a reliable source in German which goes over the ground as carefully as R & S but from a realist perspective?


    I have a german wife and friends and I know that they are one of the most aware of the countries. It is a shame that people in the high positions of the government, together with the media, based of fake science, keep isolating those with different views regarding climate change.

    I give all my support to Marie-Luise

  20. Branding of Dissenters Has Begun – Clearing The Path To A Climate Science Pogrom

    […] Read here on what happens when someone dares to speak up in Germany. […]

  21. Keith Battye

    It’s faith based politics entangled with faith based science marching bravely into the future for our own good, apparently.

    Ms Dott will have all kinds of approbation heaped upon her because all religions would burn the heretic at the stake if they thought they could get away with it. Command and control is what the military calls it. I just hope it doesn’t degenerate into a war between left and right where human tolerance for dissent is sacrificed for power. Unfortunately that is what happens quite often.

    We all, along with Ms Dott need to keep on pushing back against this new fascism.

  22. Brian H

    It seems that Germans are susceptible to very dangerous manias, and are vigourous in acting on them.

  23. Svenn Korseth sr

    As chairman of the Norwegian organisation Klimarealistene, with a membership of 750 and growing, I am happy to note that somebody in the German establishment has the guts to call a spade a spade.
    The alarmists realize that they are losing their grip, and are getting frantic.
    For them the end is near.

  24. Charles Higley

    Typical of those who have an irrational, unfounded belief in something, as they have no real defense, they attack the other person either physically or verbally.

    The ad hominem attack: The name calling is the first response, then denigration of character, then fixing of labels (“deniers”), and finally threats of violence.

    Remember, “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent (or loser).” – Isaac Asimov

    The manmade climate change faithful have no real basis for their position and, as there is no defensible science of any kind on their side, they have to attack.

    The “greens” here are a political group with an agenda which they are trying to forward using false science. This makes it a scam in every sense of the word, an evil and huge scam, which can only be successful if (1) the people are kept ignorant of the real science and (2) the people are kept ignorant of the agenda, the goals, and the individuals and groups seeking this huge grab for power and wealth.

    Fred Singer is a hero and a scientist who knows that real science will always win as it will not go away and the world will follow the laws of science, not a political agenda.

    The big oil funding argument is odious feces, as big oil wins no matter what happens and funds mostly the greens. The greens are funded 1000-fold more than the skeptics and all the greens do is complain of the skeptics finding. What a bunch of bloody whiners!

    The German people need to rise up and take down the climate faithful who definitely do not have the peoples’ best interests in mind.

  25. Russell C

    Where do the accusations against Fred Singer originate – and what does that facet have to do with the November 2 US House elections? Perhaps a very distinct opportunity to find out what prompted the accusations from the start, whether they have any voracity, and what role they have played in keeping the so-called AGW crisis alive for longer than it would survived otherwise – please see my article “How an Enviro-Advocacy Group Propped Up Global Warming in the MSM – A Nov 2 Election Connection”

  26. David A. Evans

    Message of support sent to Frau Dött.

    I had to apologise for my lack of German but I’m sure she will get the message.

    We need many more though. The people are not believers in this, at least not where I live.


  27. DCC

    Russell Cook said: ‘please see my article “How an Enviro-Advocacy Group Propped Up Global Warming in the MSM – A Nov 2 Election Connection”’

    Well, I read it, but I really don’t see what’s so damning about “Reposition global warming as theory (not fact.)” Sounds like good science to me.

    The real tragedy here is that AGW proponents are allowed to take funding from every source imaginable, including oil companies, but when the opposition is supported by those nasty energy and coal companies, they are told to shut up! It’s an attitude that we just saw echoed in the German Parliament.

  28. sdollarfan

    Just when we all thought that Germany had learned the
    lessons of its Nazi past, the narrow-mined intolerance that
    characterized Naziism again rears its ugly head in that

  29. Germany gets ugly with climate skeptics | Watts Up With That?

    […] Journalist Dirk Maxeiner here brings our attention to this latest development on the exploding intolerance that has gripped certain factions in Germany. The branding of climate science dissenters has begun. Fred Singer and EIKE (European Institute For Climate and Energy) are the first to feel the sting of the denier-branding-iron. Read background here. […]

  30. Dr. Mike Delgado

    Marie-Luise, I admire your courage in facing this new, “Green”, incarnation of Good Old Fascism, and support you 100%!

    As opposed to the fear-mongering liars, I am a REAL scientist who has researched this area for many years. I am completely convinced that the whole thing is bogus. IN reality, we are lucky to be living in the Tertiary geological era which is colder by about 10 degrees Celsius than what it mostly has been during the last 600 million years.

    Yours, Mike, USA

  31. Michael Cejnar

    Just send email of support and offer of donation.
    However, for those who truly believe earth is about to be destroyed by CO2, how do we expect them to react to their failure. Will they not be justified to use violence to save the planet? We need a planned approach to the end game.

    IMHO it is important for us to always state first that we conclude and believe that there in no significant danger to our environment from CO2. There is less than, say, 5% chance of dangerous AGW and that we will get plenty of warning.

  32. Lois Philips

    “Marie-Luise Dött” you are an inspiration for all those who value FREEDOM and HONESTY!!

    Man made global warming is a SCAM and a FRAUD!!

    Do not under any circumstances allow these CORRUPT BIASED LUNATICS who believe in this GAIA WORSHIP to silence you!

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  33. maria maestre

    May the gods be with you Marie Luise Dött.
    And Thank you !!!

  34. Russell C

    In reply to commenter DCC who said, “I really don’t see what’s so damning about ‘Reposition global warming as theory (not fact.)’ Sounds like good science to me”, you must follow all the embedded links within my article to fully understand the problem. The “reposition global warming” phrase is insinuated to be a top-down directive from coal and oil executives to scientists who supposedly know in their hearts that AGW is infallible, but who are only too glad to fabricate papers and assessments to the contrary when large amounts of money are waved in their faces.

    Thus, AGW believers will tell you people like Fred Singer are untrustworthy because they’ve been hugely paid to be skeptics. That fundamental accusation has never been proven, but the mere presence of the “reposition global warming” phrase in Al Gore’s movie (at the 1 hour 12 minute 55 second point), and viral references to it across the internet, is more than enough to convince people that skeptics should be ignored and shunned.

  35. Jimbo
  36. Guido Botteri

    I have sent my message of support to Marie Luise Dött.
    I defend her liberty now, in order to be able to defend mine in the future.


    The global warming scam is the biggest load of nonsense ive ever heard and its been designed by a bunch of control freaks in order to hijack us all.
    But its got huge money behind it and all the worlds companies are on the band wagon. Green taxes, green cars (if they were concerned about the enviroment they would stop selling cars), green energy, green soap ,green packaging, green potatoes what a load of crap.Brainwashing our kids for there new green consumerism.
    The only way to stop them is to boycott all there green produce and let it rot on the shelves.

    1. Ike

      sarcasm in/

      I never buy bio-labled products in the supermarket. I even buy eggs from KZ-chickens (you know, the ones how live in their tiny cages in these big egg-laying-concentration-camps)

      And when I seen asparagus from Chile, I go “whow! asparagus in November…cool. Lets buy it.” And my wife says “But its from Chile! Think about the waste of energy to bring this to Germany!” And I reply “I don´t care! I want it and I buy it!”

      sarcasm out/

      No, in reality I buy eggs from happy chicken…no asparagus in November…but still no bio-labled products! I go to the hometown market and buy the stuff from the farmers in my area. No need to give my money the supermarket chains. And these bio (öko)-markets….go their and see where some of the vegetables come from. All over the world. And when I see some1 buying grapefruit from Greece or Spain, I go “I don`t think that it is a good idea to buy a grapefruit in November that comes from Spain…even if its bio (öko). Think about the waste of energy to bring it here to Germany.” And then those greenies look away kind of in shock and walk away. Haha!

    2. DirkH

      No, if people *voluntarily* pay higher prices for a good they perceive to be of higher quality that is perfectly fine. I do it as well *if* there is a higher quality. Which, in my case, only holds true for the sesame in my local supermarket.

      If somebody wants to live a 100% “green” and “pure” life, that’s also fine. If he stands on a street corner screaming “The End Is Nigh”, again, fine.

      But *mandating* high prices for energy and unworkable solutions for electricity production is a different matter. Unfortunately, ALL our parties in Germany are absolutely in love with it.

  38. Die Zeit Takes Aim At The Skeptics in “The Abetters of Doubt”

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  40. Even warmist science shows there’s been no warming « orwelliania

    […] root in Germany, as one prominent figure after another begin to speak out. This all goes back to Prof. Fred Singer’s visit to Germany 2010, which produced an uproar, especially among the Greens and […]

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