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19 responses to “panduan main bandarqq Online Indopoker biar Menang Banyak”

  1. Ed Caryl

    in the very few places that the pH has been checked, the change has been -0.1. I know that it’s a log scale, but that’s a long way from 30%. We have no idea what the change has been over the whole ocean.

  2. JS

    The Czech president skeptical to AGW and EU is Vaclav Klaus.
    Reply: Ooops – double-ooops. Sorry, I’ll fix that right away. -PG

  3. Richard111

    As Ed points out above the pH scale is logarithmic; for example, a glass of beer with a
    pH of 4 is ten times more acidic than a cup of black coffee with a pH of 5.

    Sea water has a pH 8.3 to 7.8. Pure water is neutral at pH 7.0

    As soon as the sea becomes drinkable all the fish will die, but hey! We won’t have a
    global water shortage problem.

  4. R. de Haan

    Ocean acidification fortunately is an old cow, taken out of the stable several times before in the past five years.

    It’s a debunked scare which makes it easy for us to fend off simply by recycling the existing material available at the SPPI blog and several reports and articles published at WUWT and

    What’s next?

    Ahh, ecomomic extortion to push for Cap & Trade, showing the true face of the totalitarian EU.

    We really have to stop those clowns before they send us back into the stone age.
    Reply: To be fair, Jo Nova beat Anthony with the story by a day. -PG

  5. DirkH

    It should be noted that the German government does everything ATM to keep industry in Germany: Eco tax excemptions for energy-guzzling industries to be prolongued (German language)

    This will keep aluminium and copper smelting business here; and maybe even more important, the recycling industry (the energy-hungry part is that they smelter old electronics and separate the contained metals; IMHO a very useful business).

    Doesn’t really look like they *believe* in catastrophic AGW…

  6. Quixote

    This “old banana” is being dragged out again……………anyone remember the days of “Acid Rain” scaremongering?………………Geez………..maybe these “eco-facists” should try something a little more creative………………sad sad sad…………..

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    Ocean pH varies by latitude. At 20 deg north it is around 8.1, at 55 deg north it is around 7.6. Same difference is achieved by going to 500 m depth. So the ocean already varies by a larger amount than catastrophists say we are risking. Shelled sea creatures grow quite well north of 55 deg, at least until it gets too cold for them.

    Furthermore, as pH falls so aHCO3 rises (bicarbonate activity, in chemists’ speak). So any mollusc trying to make a home for itself sees more carbonate floating by. So increased bicarbonate concentration tends to offset decreased pH neatly.

    On the other hand if you adjust your lab experiment with HCl you don’t see this – the poor beasties’ shell dissolve away. But that’s experimentation for you, ask the wrong question – get the wrong answer.

  8. Mike

    Organisms have adapted to function with the average Ph where they live.

    “The acidity of the oceans will more than double in the next 40 years. This rate is 100 times faster than any changes in ocean acidity in the last 20 million years, making it unlikely that marine life can somehow adapt to the changes.”

    Add to this the estimated decline 40% decline in phytoplankton in the last 60 years and the increases in coral reef bleaching and the oceans are taking quite a beating.

  9. Floor Anthoni

    Anyone still pushing the ocean acidification scare must be either out of his mind or simply naive and uninformed. Here you can read all about it, including the many fraudulent experiments. Sometimes it’s as if scientists do not really know what science and the scientific method are.

  10. Dennis Ambler

    EPOCA is a load of carbolic
    The EU FP7 Integrated Project EPOCA (European Project on OCean Acidification) was launched in June 2008 with the overall goal to advance our understanding of the biological, ecological, biogeochemical, and societal implications of ocean acidification. The EPOCA consortium brings together more than 100 researchers from 27 institutes and 10 European countries.

    Another IPCC error in the making?
    There is a blog linked directly to the project site:
    This blog was started in July 2006 as a “one man” effort. It is a product of EPOCA, the European Project on Ocean Acidification since May 2008 and it is sponsored by the IMBER and SOLAS projects since January 2010.

    This blog is coordinated by:

    Jean-Pierre Gattuso, CNRS Senior Research Scientist
    CNRS-Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, France

    AR5: The list of authors and review editors of IPCC Working Group II, 5th Assessment Report, has just been made public. It includes Jean-Pierre Gattuso from EPOCA.

    I have resisted the temptation so far, to inform them of their mistake, I have been saving it, but if this blog is co-ordinated by Gattuso, a lead author on AR5 WGII, you would assume he would read what is written there.

    “Too much carbon is flooding the ocean with carbolic acid, with devestating (sic) effects on life in the sea.” (no wonder!)

    Not even carbon dioxide any more! Carbon plus sea water equals Carbolic acid, (phenol), a disinfectant!

    They have a video series which you have to subscribe to, in order to view.

    “A stand-alone segment of the Planet Warning series. Each segment can be downloaded separately. The series theme is that the world is in a dangerous position, just as the US was when it was bombed at Pearl Harbor. Each segment is embedded in WWII audio and music. This segment reports on “global warming’s evil twin”, ocean acifidication, which results from too much carbon in the water.”

    Then they have other contributions, such as this one from the Australian Academy of Science:

    “Chemists have known for a long time that a beaker of water sitting in a lab will absorb carbon dioxide from the air and turn acidic. Would it happen at a larger scale? If we greatly increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere, for example, would the oceans become a vast acid bath? What would be the ecological effects? Over the next century or so, we are going to find out.”

    NOAA is also getting in on the act:

    NOAA lecture series: Ocean acidification
    Wednesday, Nov 10 7:00p, at Seattle Center: Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA

    “Did you know that carbonated water is more acidic than tap water? Ever wonder what would happen if Puget Sound were carbonated?

    Although Puget Sound is not fizzing like a soda pop it does have more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in it than it has in thousands of years. Too much CO2 in the atmosphere is not only warming the planet, it is making the Ocean more acidic.”

    The background to the 30% acidification claim is in this SPPI paper: Acid Seas – Back to Basic –

  11. Dennis Ambler

    I have to say Floor Antoni’s seafriends site is absolutely brilliant. Also check out, which is where I first learned of seafriends.

  12. Klaus Kaiser

    CO2 is the CAUSE of the oceans being alkaline to begin with.

    For more details see my article on

    “Ocean Acidification and the CO2-Propaganda”

    Klaus Kaiser, Ph.D.
    Author of
    CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts
    ( )

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