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Each Human Produces 2 Tonnes Of CO2 Annually Just By Eating And Defecating – Spanish Scientists Determine

Climate science studies know no bounds. I’m not making this up. The Austrian online Der Standard reports here that Spanish scientists at the University Almeria have determined that the average European emits 2 tonnes of CO2 annually just though eating habits and excretion, this in a study appearing in the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. The lead […]

Dumb Meteorologists - Part II

Dumb Meteorologists – Part II

Yesterday I wrote here about an expedition that included a Canadian meteorologist/journalist Jocelyne Blouin whose documentary tried to convince us that a single receding glacier at a single location in Greenland over the last 10 years was “direct proof “of climate change and so was justification to “act now”. The target of the documentary of course was to spread […]

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