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Merapi Mega-Eruption Warnings Continue, AP Reports. Experts Are Uneasy

An AP video report here in German reports on the biggest Merapi eruption in 100 years, and what potentially lurks. More than 122 people have been killed thus far as the volcano continues to blast clouds of ash into the atmosphere. Over 200,000 people have been evacuated from the area so far. Experts are uneasy. At […]

Temperature chart of Greenland by reader Juraj V. Composite of all Greenland stations

Greenland Overall Temperature Trend Shows Nothing Alarming. Schellnhuber Confirmed.

In two earlier posts I wrote about the shenanigans of some activist meteorologists who attempted to raise the level of alarm by claiming Greenland’s temperatures are behaving weirdly, and that it is abnormally warm up there, read Dumb Meteorologists Unaware Of Seasons and Dumb Meteorologists Part II. Too bad the data does not cooperate. Reader Juraj. […]

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