Greenland Overall Temperature Trend Shows Nothing Alarming. Schellnhuber Confirmed.

In two earlier posts I wrote about the shenanigans of some activist meteorologists who attempted to raise the level of alarm by claiming Greenland’s temperatures are behaving weirdly, and that it is abnormally warm up there, read Dumb Meteorologists Unaware Of Seasons and Dumb Meteorologists Part II. Too bad the data does not cooperate.

Reader Juraj. V. has just assembled an interesting graphic that is a composite of all stations located in Greenland.

Temperature chart of Greenland by reader Juraj V. Composite of all Greenland stations

Although I suspect this is only a preliminary, unadjusted plot of all the raw data available in Greenland, it indicates that it was just as warm in the 1850s and 1930s as it is today. I myself added the blue trend lines. The last 10 years or so even show a downward trend. I guess the alarmists simply refuse to look and acknowledge this, and so choose to journey to the Arctic in late summer to get their melt photos.

Schellnhuber confirmed

Therefore it shouldn’t be any surprise when someone like Hans Joachim Schellnhuber of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research says (2003): after examining temperature records of 95 stations distributed over the globe:

In the vast majority of stations we did not see indications for a global warming of the atmosphere.


Most of the continental stations where we observed significant trends are large cities where probably the fast urban growth in the last century gave rise to temperature increases.


The fact that we found it difficult to discern warming trends at many stations that are not located in rapidly developing urban areas may indicate that the actual increase in global temperature caused by anthropogenic perturbation is less pronounced than estimated in the last IPCC Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change.

Read more here.

2 responses to “Greenland Overall Temperature Trend Shows Nothing Alarming. Schellnhuber Confirmed.”

  1. R. de Haan

    We shouldn’t worry unless Greenland turns green again.
    If that happens I probably will be growing melons in the UK.

    Not in our lifetime.

  2. Juraj V.

    Hi Pierre, the graph is obtained from public KNMI Climate Explorer website. Since the monthly record can be tricky when estimating trends, this is the annual Greenland record: LIA ended in 1930s.

    Here is one of the Greenland studies we do not hear about often:

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