Branding of Dissenters Has Begun – Clearing The Path To A Climate Science Pogrom

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(Last updated: 12 Nov 2o10, 10:30 CET)
UPDATE: Lubos Motl here.

What is it with these intolerant zealots who refuse to learn anything from history?

Right smack on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, German Parliamentarians, in a frontal assault, are now openly calling out and branding scientists for the crime of scientific dissent. These out-of-control parliamentarians are demanding that the German government take a position against dissenting views in climate science.

What a number of zealous German parliamentarians are calling for borders on a call to launch a science pogrom.

The climate dogmatists are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the scepticism, free speech, and dissent now spreading in Germany and Europe, and therefore want to stamp it out using the might of the federal government – and now.

The upcoming 3rd International Climate and Energy Conference, REGISTER HERE, has got them spooked as well.

Journalist Dirk Maxeiner here brings our attention to the latest development on the exploding intolerance that has gripped certain factions in Germany. Maxeiner publishes the text of a query written by the Green parliamentarians sent to the German government, read below.

As the text shows, branding of climate science dissenters has begun. Fred Singer and EIKE (European Institute For Climate and Energy) are the first to feel the sting of the denier-branding-iron. German greenshirts have sent the bloodhounds afterFred Singer because of his speech in a German parliamentary forum discussion on the economic impacts of climate protection held by the FDP Free Democrats, the junior coalition partner of Angela Merkel’s CDU/FDP coalition government. Read background here.

Some may think that I’m being over-dramatic here. I am not. The situation that the few, yet very vocal, sceptics face here is precarious. Just read the following query written by a faction of Parliamentarians to the German Government, translated of the German text presented at Dirk Maxeiner’s site (emphasis added, and note the use of the term “denier” throughout the text):

Short Query [from the Green faction of Parliamentarians to the German Government]

from Parliamentarians Dr. Hermann Ott, Bärbel Höhn, Hans Josef Fell, Sylvia Kotting-Uhl, Oliver Kriseher, Undine Kurth (Quedlinburg), Nicole Maisch, Dorothea Steiner and the Parliamentary party BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN (ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS)

Subject: Deniers of climate change in the coalition government

The so-called “climate change sceptics” or “climate change deniers” for years have been a permanent fixture in American politics. Their influence on American politics is not insignificant. They are mainly supported and funded by the fossil fuels industry like Exxon (Esso) or Koch Industries. Now it appears that their influence is now growing in Germany and in Europe. In the past weeks various press releases and other reports have appeared in the “Financial Times Deutschland” and news magazine “Der Spiegel” about on how certain climate change deniers were given a discussion forum by the CDU and FDP Bundestag’s factions and that some parliamentarians of the ruling CDU and FDP factions were sympathetic to the ideas put forth by climate denier Fred Singer. This and a range of other activities by the so-called climate sceptics in Germany compel us to ask the German Government for its assessment.

We ask the German Federal Government:

1. Is the German Government aware of a scientifically published paper that has been subjected to peer review that questions climate change caused by man, and that is supported by scientific data?

2. In the view of the German Government’s leadership, is there a scientific discussion on whether climate change is taking place and whether man has a decisive impact on climate?

3. Is the German Government aware of the publications from American physicist Fred Singer on the subject of climate protection? How does the German Government view the scientific reputation of Mr Singer in regards to climate protection?

4. For the German Government, do the arguments made by Fred Singer and other arguments presented have merit and are they “enlightening”? How do you assess the statements by Mr Singer that “Politicians that are embedded in climate change are more dangerous than climate change itself”?

5. Is the German Government aware of the ideas Mr Singer has previously promoted? What is your view on the fact that he, for example, questioned the hazards of passive smoke, or that he contested the fact the ozone layer was damaged by CFCs, or that he trivialized acid rain? With this background, how does the German Government judge the credibility of Fred Singer’s activities with regards to climate protection?

6. Is the German Government aware of who financed Mr Singer for his activities? Is the Federal Government aware of the funders who – like Exxon und Koch Industries in den USA – fund the activities of the climate change deniers in Germany?

7. Does the German Government share the opinion that events involving Mr Singer provide a forum for the pure interests of the fossil fuel industry, and thus enhance their unscientific work and non-serious activities?

8. Are there voices within the German Government who question the anthropogenic causes of climate change?

9. How does the German Government view the activities of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) with regards to climate change? EIKE is supported by Fred Singer. In the Federal Government’s view, does the Institute work on the scientific question regarding the subject of climate change?

10. Is the German Government aware of whether climate denier conferences are also being financed by public funds, for example by the Liberal Institute of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation?

11. Fundamentally, does the German Government approve of the use of public funds for spreading the ideas of climate deniers like Fred Singer?

Berlin, 3 November 2010

Renate Künast, Jürgen Trittin and Fraction


There it is folks. All this because some people are asking questions about the science. These Green radicals are scared crapless.  Their media hacks did everything possible to slander and destroy Fred Singer, EIKE, and other dissenting German scientists – but to no avail.

Now for the first time they’re going after the liberty-oriented Liberal Institute of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation. They are de facto demanding a declaration of war on scientists and groups that have a different opinion. This level of intolerance has not been seen in Germany in over 65 years. This is their “Either-you’re-with-us-or-against us” declaration to Angela Merkel’s coalition government made up of the CDU Christian Democratic Union and FDP Free Democratic Party.

I hope this query backfires. It would be deserved.

Read here on what happens when someone dares to speak up in Germany.


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83 responses to “Branding of Dissenters Has Begun – Clearing The Path To A Climate Science Pogrom”

  1. Edward.

    Fortunately these nutters do not wield the massive power, a certain leader had over his people 72 years ago.

    The great, German people will not be travel down that road again.

    This is a manic piece of crap, the 10:10 thing was done in jest (some joke) but this type of hysterical nonsense borders on madness.

    The ‘science’ of AGW is so inconclusive (100% wrong), that I don’t even credit it by calling it a THEORY………………. it is a political fiction.

    A fiction; based on scaremongering and BS science, lies (see today at [10/11/10] – WUWT re-temperature manipulation in Australia) and worst of all…………way out (science fiction) computer modelling.

    How can we take these idiots seriously?

    And yet, and yet! They are so absolutely convinced, that man is warming the planet…………..what is it going to take……….a return of the ice, ie, a new period of the Pleistocene glaciation!

    What is wrong with these plonkers?

    Are we to have a new ‘inquisition’ in Germany/Europe?

    Dunno, whether to laugh or cry, or fear for my safety, or their (above Ott, Hohn, Fell et al: Teutonic-Green-insanity inc’) feeblemindedness.


  2. Harry

    And yet, and yet! They are so absolutely convinced, that man is warming the planet…………..what is it going to take

    Oh maybe some fanatics are convinced but the vast majority are scared witless that the taxpayer funded hoax will collapse and the money will dry up, at stroke all the sycophants are redundant. But while the EU is running the project with other people’s money it will carry on funding it for a while yet. After all the EU has an aversion of admitting defeat, it’s never admitted any wrong in 50 years of its inception.

    Get rid of the EU and the whole lot collapses in a heap along with many other useless taxpayer funded projects that only benefit the wealthy. Don’t let’s forget Cameron’s father in law benefits immensely from climate change politicies, wind turbines.

    It might be a good thing if someone was actually branded with denier for all the world to see, to see just what fanatics are ruling the roost. It would stop the AGW/climate change hoax/project in its tracks.

  3. R. de Haan

    We are not alone:

    The desperate request to the German Government will destroy the current stalemate.

    The Greens just showed their true face which at the same time is their weak spot.

    It will take them down.

    I am very happy this happens before the Cancun Climate Meeting and I really hope it will get a lot of press.

    Great piece Pierre, I’ve asked Anthony to repost your article at WUWT.

    I suggest you do the same.

    I will also post the link at other blogs.

  4. suyts

    lol, that’s funny! First, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call him Dr. Singer, and secondly, are their heads so buried in the sand that they believe Dr. Singer is the singular most threat to their ideology? Dr. Singer is but one voice, and nowhere near the loudest nor the most compelling. So, let them concentrate on Dr. Singer. And while their concentration is diverted to an almost unheard voice, smack them in the teeth with M&M and Watts, and Lindzen, and Spencer, CRU letters and Dr. Hal Lewis! Then, while their reeling from that, kick them with the fact that we haven’t warmed since 2002 or so, and then politely ask them for proof of funding from any of the previous mentioned individuals. Of course, there are more, many more. Heck, throw Judith Curry at them!

  5. Art

    There are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that question the science of AGW climate science and the catastrophic predictions made in AGW’s name. The German Parliamentarians could start their self-education about the actual science by visiting here:

  6. R. de Haan


    Following suggestion

    Let’s request for the professional support from Monckton and the SPPI and Fred Singer to tackle the questions formulated by the Greens and send a copy to the German Government and the “Climate Skeptics” within the German Parliament.

    The sooner we do this the better because if the german government has received the answers to the questions from us, they can’t deny that they don’t have the information.

    I think we have to send press statement to the press and invite as many as possible people to attend the Berlin Climate Meeting.

    I really think this is more an opportunity than a threat.

    So let’s make the best of this situation.

    Germany has been in the grip of the AGW fraud much to long.

    The time has come to pull the break and destroy this doctrine.

  7. Ike

    8. Are there voices within the German Government who question the anthropogenic causes of climate change?

    how sick is that? How should the Government know that?

    Hey, lets bring back the STASI and send all skeptics into the gulag….


    Want a chat with Prof. Latif in Kiel? 😉

    VHS Albersdorf – Vortrag: “Verändert der Mensch das Klima?”

    Kurzbeschreibung: Ozeanzirkulation und Klimadynamik.

    Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif, Leibniz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften, Universität Kiel.
    Wann? Mittwoch, 10.11.2010
    Uhrzeit: 19:30 Uhr
    Wo genau? Albersdorf, Bürgerhaus, Albersdorf
    Kategorie: Vorträge, Lesungen, Abendvorträge


  8. DirkH

    Just checked the conditions for emigration to Canada. Emergency planning.

    There is a very dangerous tendency here in Germany: Namely, that even principally sane people start echoing the watermelons. Why? Well, they invested in PV installations and are now winners under the watermelon scheme. “Green” is the perfect marketing campaign for the underlying “Red”, so unwittingly, the people who participate in the PV craze are becoming agents for Red without realizing it, and want more, not less, redistribution – because the money is redistributed towards them.

    I’m speaking of people i talked to in real life. It’s like a contagious form of madness.

  9. John McLean

    In answer to question 1 to the German government the answer should be “yes”.

    There are several hundred peer-reviewed papers that question the notion of manmade climate change available via URL

    More papers can be found at

    and even more at

    (Thanks Joe D’Aloe and ICECAP).

  10. DirkH

    For anyone who needs a good writeup of a general skeptical position, i find this one very helpful. I argued along the same lines when confronted by the warmist position in real life but never put it into writing.

  11. Maurizio Morabito

    Are they aware of that scientifically published paper that has been subjected to peer review that questions climate change caused by man, and that is supported by scientific data? It’s called the IPCC AR4 report and states (in the SPM) that human influences have:

    * very likely contributed to sea level rise during the latter half of the 20th century
    * likely contributed to changes in wind patterns, affecting extra-tropical storm tracks and temperature patterns
    * likely increased temperatures of extreme hot nights, cold nights and cold days
    * more likely than not increased risk of heat waves, area affected by drought since the 1970s and frequency of heavy precipitation events

    All those qualifiers, “very likely”, “likely” and “more likely than not” show various degrees of questioning and have nothing to do with a bunch of Parliamentarians convinced of possessing the Truth.

    I don’t mind people supporting the consensus as long as they stick to it, really 😎

  12. Den vilda jakten på förnekare | The Climate Scam

    […] Pierre Gosselin, som driver bloggen NoTricksZone, gjorde mig uppmärksam på att man i Tyskland påbörjat någon slags häxjakt på klimatskeptiska forskare. Ett antal tyska parlamentariker kräver nu att den tyska regeringen ska ta aktivt avstånd från oliktänkande i klimatfrågan. En anledning till skeptikerjakten är förmodligen EIKE-konferensen i december, där bl.a. många AGW:ares hatobjekt Fred Singer väntas delta. […]

  13. Schiller Thurkettle

    Blut und Boden lives on.
    Reply: perhaps in modern times we ought to change the phrase to Blut und Bäume. -PG

  14. Germany gets ugly with skeptics | Watts Up With That?

    […] Branding of Dissenters Has Begun – Clearing The Path To A Climate Science Pogrom […]

  15. John Campbell

    It’s the same mindset as many EMPs when faced with questions about the usefulness and wastefulness and huge democratic deficit of the EU.

  16. Ike


    Well, to our German viewers, we have a goodie:

    Weltpremiere bei VOX: Die BBC Exklusiv Dokumentation “Welt unter Wasser” am 18. Dezember um 21:50 Uhr

    […] Das erste Szenario beruht auf den Forschungen des deutschen Professors Stefan Rahmstorf. Der Ozeanograph und Klimatologe rechnet mit einem Anstieg des Meeresspiegels von bis zu knapp zwei Metern in diesem Jahrhundert. Während arme Länder wie Bangladesch überflutet werden würden, könnten sich reiche Länder durch den Bau von Deichanlagen schützen, wie sie zurzeit in New Orleans gebaut werden. “Wir haben so viel Kohlendioxid ausgestoßen, dass die Menge an CO2 in unserer Atmosphäre in den letzten 100 Jahren um ein Drittel angestiegen ist. Nun ist der Wert so hoch wie in den letzten Millionen Jahren nicht. Wir rechnen mit einer Erhöhung der globalen Temperatur von drei, vier oder sogar fünf Grad in diesem Jahrhundert. Und je wärmer es wird desto schneller steigt der Meeresspiegel”, so der Wissenschaftler. […]

  17. nuname

    The German Party “THE GREENS”…

    … looks like a melon: green at first view but simply red inside, and while checking its doubtful taste, the bitter pips you are spitting, show a deep brown color.

    1. Bella

      We call our Greens in Australia “The Watermelon Greens” – Green on the outside, red on the inside.

  18. DirkH

    Notice the raised fist on this website of the German Grüne Jugend (Like Hitlerjugend, but with Green instead of Hitler, and it’s not mandatory by now.)

  19. AGW Skeptic

    The alarmists are forever whinging about “the denialists’ obsession with Gore”, yet they go absolutely ga-ga over Fred Singer. Go figure.

    Oh, wait, I know….it’s projection.

  20. Antworten auf die kleine Anfrage der Grünen-Fraktion: “Leugner des Klimawandels in der Regierungskoalition” « Libertäre Plattform
  21. Ben Palmer

    About Singer: “What is your view on the fact that he, for example, questioned the hazards of passive smoke, …”
    And Singer rightfully did so! There is not one study which can show a causal relationship, but there are lots of epidemiological studies (statistical torturing of mined data) that come up with statistically insignificant results, thus not being able to defeat the null hypothesis.

    But this all shows that this is not about science, it’s smearing and ad hominem.

  22. Mike

    Grow up folks. German officials have every right to ask if public funds are being used to support U.S. oil company fronts groups. Now not all deniers are funded by industry and there a handful of genuine skeptics. But the parliament members are asking about a group that is a front group for industry.

    This is certainly nothing compared to what the Virginia Attorney General has tired to do.

  23. David S

    Let’s hope the German people have wised up. Otherwise it’s Zeig Heil all over again, at least for the German people.

  24. Verity Jones

    Well enjoy the conference, I think I saw you mention you were going – I certainly enjoyed the Heartland Conference in May. But this is Germany and if this kind of nonsense continues, perhaps you should make sure you don’t get caught on any news cameras on the way in 😉

  25. Bob Armstrong

    And this in a country , like many in Europe which extradites and imprisons a number of generally old men under international fatwas for questioning some aspect of the Nazi “holocaust” , while virtually cheering insults to muslim and even on occasion christian religions .

    Prohibitions on freedom of thought and speech slime the slope to tyranny .

  26. wes george

    The public isn’t stupid.

    If these wannabe Greenshirts really did have the empirical evidence all lined up behind their cause then they wouldn’t have to restore slanderous lies and personal attacks. No, they would calmly argue on the merits of the climate data and reasonable minds would flock to their cause in droves.

    Instead, the Greenshirts only hope to prevail is to suppress, hide or manipulate the evidence while playing Orwellian head games with the language. And for good measure, to rally the passion of hatred to bolster their cause.

    The death throes of many irrational belief systems often go out with this sort of radicalized bluster. After all, as rational people turn with the evidence, the ranks of the Warmists is thinned down, finally leaving only what Eric Hoffer called “The True Believers” – the irrational hardcore Greenshirts for whom no amount of evident will ever alter their faith or hate. In the end, the last eco-nutters be left with no resort but some variety of eco-terrorism.

    Too bad the name “The Weathermen” is already taken.

  27. R. de Haan

    You can update your article with WUWT and Climate Depot who published your article.

    At Lubos Motls Blog people ask why the German Greens are gung ho on Fred Singer. This is of course for his speech in the German parliamentary forum discussion on the economic  impacts of climate protection held by the FDP Free Democrats, the junior coalition partner of Angela Merkel’s CDU/FDP coalition government where  Fred Singer – ”a tobacco lobbyist” – was a guest speaker.

    Maybe you can add this link to the article as well.

    Regards, Ron

  28. PiCarl

    The greens are the new Nazis. Even Hitler didn’t kill as many. The total ban on DDT is killing a million kids each year due to malaria. Biofuels are causing misery and food riots. Banning dams perpetuates poverty in India. Lack of electricity condemns Africans to poverty and ill health.

    They share the totalitarian need to control every aspect of everyone’s life and all information.

    They were the old Nazis too. The Nazis believed the Volk had a special link to nature, and that the Jews were like rats that lived in the cities.

  29. R. de Haan
    1. DirkH

      Very good.

  30. F. Ross

    We should all be mindful that the great society that produced the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Goethe, Heine, Heisenberg, Planck, and Einstein, etc. also produced a society that lead to burning of books and humans.

    If that society now starts “burning” any skeptical climate science papers, where else will that lead?

    Certainly not to any good place.

    1. DirkH

      Don’t forget we also gave the world Marxism.

  31. Bernd Felsche

    Those dangerous nincompoops would like everybody to believe that the infidels are an external influence. That scepticism and the “deniers” aren’t endemic to Germany.

    How little they understand the people that they offend by pretending to represent them. Politicians may be graced with a memory from 12 til noon, but the public aren’t so easily fooled.

    As the population learns about the arrogance and foolishness of the elected mental midgets through the alternative media. The mainstream media are well-managed to filter out anything damaging and profits from doing so. Those politicians will no doubt suffer humiliation and assured defeat in future elections; should they not prematurely scurry off into obscurity.

    Perhaps this is the wake-up call that Germany needs to shake it out of apathy bred from a comfortable democracy.

  32. Ed Caryl

    I need to find out who is Fred Singer?

    The “big lie” about big oil funding skeptics needs more publicity. The Greens are using this canard everywhere. It is based on Koch Industries contributions of $48 million to various conservative groups over the period from 1998 to 2008, maybe 10% of that goes to “Climate Skeptics”. (I wish I could get some.)

    In contrast, one organization, the progressive Center for American Progress (think Joe Romm) is funded at $25 million a year since 2003, a lot of that from George Soros, and they are by no means the only progressive group funding Warmists, never mind government funding.

    1. Ike

      regarding Koch Industries:

      Statement regarding Greenpeace Report, March 2010:

  33. Karl Kugel

    Here you go about Dr. Singer, and there’s lots more detail if you click on the CV links on the bottom of the page.

  34. La cara desnuda del fascio verde alemán. «

    […] Branding of Dissenters Has Begun – Clearing The Path To A Climate Science Pogrom […]

  35. Egfinn

    …”How do you assess the statements by Mr Singer that “Politicians that are embedded in climate change are more dangerous than climate change itself”?”

    I think these people just verified this statement.

  36. Edmh

    Now for the real argument !!!

    The FUTILITY of Man-made Climate Control by limiting CO2 emissions

    Just running the numbers: watch

    On average world temperature is ~+15 deg C. This is sustained by the atmospheric Greenhouse Effect ~33 deg C. Without the Greenhouse Effect the planet would be un-inhabitable at ~-18 deg C. The Biosphere and Mankind need the Greenhouse Effect.

    Just running the numbers by translating the agents causing the Greenhouse Effect into degrees centigrade:
    • Greenhouse Effect = ~33.00 deg C
    • Water Vapour accounts for about 95% of the Greenhouse Effect = ~ 31.35 deg C
    • Other Greenhouse Gases GHGs account for 5% = ~1.65 deg C
    • CO2 is 75% of the effect of all accounting for the enhanced effects of Methane, Nitrous Oxide and other GHGs = ~1.24 deg C
    • Most CO2 in the atmosphere is natural, more than ~93%
    • Man-made CO2 is less than 7% of total atmospheric CO2 = ~0.087 deg C
    • the UK contribution to CO2 is 2% equals = 1.74 thousandths deg C
    • the USA contribution to CO2 is ~20% equals = 17.6 thousandths deg C

    So closing all the carbon economies of the Whole World could only ever achieve a virtually undetectable less than -0.09 deg C. How can the Green movement and their supporting politicians think that their remedial actions and draconian taxes are able to limit warming to only + 2.00 deg C?

    So the probability is that any current global warming is not man-made and in any case such warming could be not be influenced by any remedial action taken by mankind however drastic.

    So if the numbers above are even close to the right ballpark, the prospect should be greeted with Unmitigated Joy:
    • concern over CO2 as a man-made pollutant can be discounted.
    • it is not necessary to damage the world’s economy to no purpose.
    • if warming were happening, it would lead to a more benign and healthy climate for all mankind.
    • any extra CO2 is already increasing the fertility and reducing water needs of all plant life and thus enhancing world food production.
    • a warmer climate, within natural variation, would provide a future of greater opportunity and prosperity for human development and much more food for the growing world population. This has been well proven in the past and would now especially benefit the third world.

    Nonetheless, this is not to say that the world should not be seeking more efficient ways of generating its energy, conserving its energy use and stopping damaging its environments. It remains absolutely clear that our planet is vastly damaged by many human activities such as:
    • environmental pollution.
    • over fishing.
    • forest clearance.
    • industrial farming.
    • farming for bio-fuels .
    • and other habitat destruction.

    And there is a real need to wean the world off the continued use of fossil fuels simply on the grounds of:
    • security of supply
    • increasing scarcity
    • rising costs
    • their use as the feedstock for industry rather than simply burning them.

    The French long-term energy strategy with its massive commitment to nuclear power is impressive, (85% of electricity generation). Even if one is concerned about CO2, Nuclear Energy pays off, French electricity prices and CO2 emissions / head are the lowest in the developed world.

    However in the light of the state of the current solar cycle, it seems that there is a real prospect of damaging cooling occurring in the near future for several decades. And as power stations face closure the lights may well go out in the winter 2016 if not before.

    All because CO2 based Catastrophic Man-made Global Warming has become a state sponsored religion.
    And now after “Splattergate” thanks to the 10:10 organisation everyone now knows exactly how they think.

    Splattergate is classic NOBLE CAUSE CORRUPTION. It is probably the most egregious piece of publicity ever produced in the Man-made Global Warming cause. This short film shows doubting schoolchildren being blown up and having their entrails spread over their classmates because they may have been less than enthusiastic about the CAUSE.
    So any misrepresentation is valid in the Cause and any opposition however cogent or well qualified is routinely denigrated, publically ridiculed and as we now see literally terminated.

  37. Faustus34

    What was not shown are the names of the two people who signed the Letter.

    The people were the two Leaders of the Green Party, Renate Kuenast and Juergen Trittin.

    Kuenast has big Chances to become Mayor of Berlin next year, as the Greens in Berlin have now more votes than the SPD ( Social Democrats).

    And some see Trittin as the new Chancellor of Germany, as the difference countywide between The Greens and The SPD is only six points.

  38. Edward.

    //Kuenast has big Chances to become Mayor of Berlin next year, as the Greens in Berlin have now more votes than the SPD ( Social Democrats).//

    Why the fascination/enthralment to eco-lunacy in Berlin?

    I did hope for a little German pragmatism, as reality set in, or is the ‘siege mentality’ still strongly prevalent in the Old/New Capital?

    1. DirkH

      Berlin has a huge population of bohemian and/or leftist radical unemployed. Rents are low, so every artist goes to Berlin, hangs out in cheap street cafes, lives off benefits and tries to make it. All the protest potential, all the dropouts who can’t make it in industry are there. Very little economic activity for a city of its size. Low wages, low rents, low prizes, like a city in a different country. Green pipe dreams and a complete lack of understanding for economy are rife there.

      If you will, it’s the German California, before the entirety of Germany turns into another California.

  39. Edward.

    BTW, Bastiat prize won by James Delingpole in New York!

    Congrat’s Mr. Delingpole, a small but salient victory.

  40. R. de Haan

    I think it is fair to state that Germany is a great nation.

    Totalitarian forces and doctrines are rampant all over the planet and it is our duty to fight and eradicate them the moment the first signs show up.

    I think Germany and it’s population have a historical responsibility and a huge stake in any political process that threatens their prosperity and freedom.

    I really hope they will take their responsibility and defend our freedom.
    The inquiry made by the Greens is unacceptable and disqualifies all politicians involved in the Green Scam called AGW/Climate Change.

    If their actions stay without consequences, democracy in Germany will be under threat again.

    The same goes for the political establishment that currently controls the UN and the EU.

    If we fail to address the frauds and the scammers we are set up for the next scam.

    The time has come to draw the line in the sand.

  41. Edward.

    R. de Haan
    12. November 2010 at 15:40

    Great comment Ron.

  42. DirkH

    About current leftist radicalism in Germany – anonymous sabotage in the night by a faceless crowd.

    Seid faul und militant!”

  43. Ernst

    While I agree Germany has a post WWII politically-correct government that curtails normally defined free speech rights as defined under democracy elsewhere the cause is not as leftist as some imply here. I think it is fair to label the present thought police rules in Germany as an extension of the unfortunate previous historical authoritarian governments of the past. In effect, one form of authoritarian rule has replaced another. So while I completely agree with the more than evident man-made Global Warming happening on the planet that can’t be denied because it is happening in scientific form right in front of us in reality, I also agree that thought-policing censorship, even of typical right-wing knee-jerk denial with all its accompanying denial mechanisms, as seen in this comments section, is wrong.

    What the denialist movement (and, yes, they are justly labeled deniers) should be worried about is when their extreme and dangerous position is better off in the long run being censored and outlawed. In effect their radical beliefs draw unfortunate government control on themselves not because that control is out of place but because their beliefs are. In effect, they then become responsible for creating that which they complain against.

    The irony of this is the right-wing extremism being masked in the denial agenda and its derisive labeling of Greens in terms similar to those used to label undesirables in past regimes is more similar to that which they accuse the other side of. One cannot judge the validity of ones agenda by means of that response which it draws. One can only judge one’s agenda by rational science, and that rational science is pointing towards man-made Global Warming.

    1. DirkH

      Congrats for doing the totalitarian Green very convincingly, Ernst. But you talk about “more than evident”… Well, could you name one convincing piece of evidence for the hypothesis that CO2 is the cause for climatic changes? TIA.

    2. Michael Snow

      “…rational science is pointing towards man-made Global Warming”???

      Make that “irrational…”

    3. Otter

      Ernst, you give NEW life to the terms ‘useful fool,’ ‘sheeple,’ and ‘stupid.’

  44. Donna Laframboise

    It will be fascinating to see how the German government responds.

    If it were me, I’d return the list of questions – declining to answer any of them until numbers 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11 are either resubmitted with supporting documentation – or withdrawn.

  45. Jimbo
  46. Quixote

    Wear the label “DENIER” with pride folks!………….history will be written that to be called a “DENIER” is like wearing a badge of HONOUR!

  47. Ernst

    I’d be interested in where exactly they are going to pin that big proudly-worn “DENIER” badge on themselves when marching naked down the scientific avenue of Global Warming?

    1. Otter

      They won’t care once the people You believe in, shove them into the oven, ernst.

  48. laurie

    Denying man-made global warming is a whole lot different than denying an attempted Genocides as a Final Solution people. . . .

    A truth (to me) is the whole point of the Final Solution by the all superior NAZi’s was to Rid themselves of a perceived cause of their problem to begin with . . .

  49. Mark C

    From the same people who gave us existentialism and nihilism, which Hitler fed on. Now they they want existential science to promote their nihilistic political agenda. This is irrational fury at its best.

  50. Alba

    The political attitude referred to in Germany is also found in the UK. Witness this statement by a senior Liberal Democrat MP (now a member of the Coalition Government):
    The Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary went on to say; “Do they agree that homophobia, racism, sexism and climate change denial have no place in twenty first century European politics? If so, are they still prepared to strike a deal with these people for the sake of political convenience? Don’t the voters have a right to know?” (4th June 2009)
    So there you have it: According to this senior Liberal Democrat MP, “climate change denial” (and we know what he means by that) is equivalent to racism, sexism and homophobia.

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