Climate Hypocrite Of The Week: Disney And Selena Gomez

Sometimes you have a slow day in climate news and so you have to post something trivial. This is such a post. But it’s short.Hollywood environmental campaigns always seem to involve some “star” who sings and lectures us on saving the planet. But then the star hops on a private jet and flies circles around the globe, smothering it in jet exhaust.

One recent campaign is Disney’s Friends for Change campaign in Germany, which has a promo video featuring singer Selena Gomez. I just couldn’t help but notice in the music video, Make a Wave, that Gomez and her hunk are driving to the beach in a huge gas-guzzling 4WD SUV. Why didn’t they go by foot or by bicycle? At the very least, they could have used a small hybrid car?

I often get the impression that Disney and Hollywood elitists believe CO2 is a gas that is emitted only when “other people” use energy, jets and SUVs, but not when they do.

Reading up about Selena, I see that she’s only 18 years old, and so I won’t blame her. Obviously Hollywood is just exploiting her. I really doubt she knows the first thing about climate. Poor girl is all confused.

9 responses to “Climate Hypocrite Of The Week: Disney And Selena Gomez”

  1. DirkH

    Or better yet, do it like Hyundai: use a SUV without a motor and have it pushed to the beach by a crowd of enslaved taxpayers.

  2. Ed Caryl

    That’s little unfair. It’s a 60’s era Nissan (or Datsun) Patrol. It got about 30 miles to the gallon. Not huge. At least not huge compared to a Suburban or a Ford Explorer.

  3. M White

    “Charlotte Roche, novelist, says she’ll have sex with Christian Wulff if he doesn’t sign law extending nuclear power stations’ life”

    I’d love to see him call her bluff

    1. DirkH

      Don’t think his wife will aprove.

      1. Bernd Felsche

        I don’t think that Mme Roche is the President’s style. Betty has class. Charlotte’s a self-confessed whore.

        BTW: What’s the penalty for offering a bribe to a public official (Head of State) in Germany?

  4. Scientists Warn That Man Made Global Warming Causes Everything » Pirate's Cove

    […] Meanwhile, Disney and Selena Gomez are the climate hypocrites of the week. […]

  5. Steve Koch

    The kids in the video were Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato (not Selena Gomez). Selena’s picture was next to the video but she was not in the video.

  6. Spurwing Plover

    These typical do as i say not as i do liberals are the kind that need to be exposed for their hypocracy like that LUARIE DAVID,JOHN TRAVOLTA,LEONARDO DECAPRIO,ROBERT REDFORD and the other hollyweird eco-wackos telling us to live more green then they still run around the world in their atmosphear depleting jets and drive around in the 4 mpg gas guzzling limos

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