Wikileaks: Officials Knew Way In Advance Copenhagen Would Fail

I’m wrong with my last post. There is some climate material in those Wikileaks documents. I started sifting through and found this one. Nothing earth-shattering, but you see the deals being done behind the scenes.

May 8, 2009
Here we see China was never going to accept any targets on CO2 emissions. But they did promise to bring “action items”!

Climate Change

8. (C) UK DCM Wood said the UK Environment and Science
Minister had recently had talks with Chinese officials on
climate change. In the lead up to Copenhagen, China would
not agree to targets on emissions
but was willing to be
constructive and would come to Copenhagen with a package of
action items related to nuclear power, renewable energy and
reforestation. Wood said his impression was that China could
be induced to do more on climate change. “

They knew long before that Copenhagen was going to fail.

There are likely more about climate in there. It’ll take an army to go through it. There are some real doozies in their on other topics of Iran, gas and oil projects, etc. I’d say a gold mine of info for many corporations too. This is going to be worse than I thought.

Expect lots of “action items” in Cancun to save face.


Another Wikilieaks climate document found: Jan 29, 2008

Merkel pushing for aggressive measures. Here we see that Merkel is a flaming warmist.

13. (C) Chancellor Merkel and the rest of Germany’s political
leadership remain serious about pursuing aggressive
international measures to meet the challenges of global
warming.  Merkel has made climate change a priority of her
Chancellorship and enjoys the overwhelming domestic support
on this.  Merkel’s support for mandatory, targeted global
limits on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and an international
cap-and-trade regime reflects a deep-seated belief that only
drastic, concerted efforts on the part of the international
community can slow — and ultimately reverse — the human
contribution to global warming.  If anything, Steinmeier
supports tougher standards.  While the Germans have been
willing to consider alternative solutions, such as new
technologies for clean coal and renewables, fundamental
differences in our approaches to the issue of climate change
remain, and could lead to more public disagreement in the
future.  For example, while Germany will send a delegation to
the January 30 Major Economies Meeting (MEM), the German
Government remains skeptical about the value that the Major
Economies Process (MEP) adds to the UNFCCC track. The Germans
are particularly concerned about the need to avoid
duplication of effort in the various other climate
change-related forums, including the UNFCCC and the G-8.

21 responses to “Wikileaks: Officials Knew Way In Advance Copenhagen Would Fail”

  1. Casper

    There will be the same film as it was last year and nothing will be changed 😀

  2. Brian G Valentine

    “Officials Knew Way In Advance Copenhagen Would Fail”

    So did I

  3. Ike

    I am very confused about these tags on the cablegate website. So I searched the I-net for the meanings of these tags…and, voila!

    WikiLeaks cablegate tag glossary

  4. Ike


    KGHG – Global Climate Change

  5. TinyCO2

    The Britsh media was full of speculation that Copenhagen was a dead duck well before Climategate. I could never quite work out why they now blame Climategate. The only reason I can come up with is they use it as an excuse. Obama wasn’t due to attend and maybe only changed his mind after Climategate.

  6. R. de Haan
  7. R. de Haan

    In an Idiocracy anything is possible.
    So I restrain from any predictions until Cancun is over.

    What amazes me however is the fact that the same scientists and institutions, IPCC, CRU, MET OFFICE etc, who have been the center of the ClimateGate data release and who’s alarmist claims, reports and manipulated data has been entirely debunked
    by credible peer reviewed science, have emerged at Cancun selling their
    credo’s with even more outrageous claims!

    If this doesn’t stop we really have to consider to shoot them (LOL).

    1. TinyCO2

      Sadly I don’t think that the claims have been “entirely debunked”. Damaged certainly but not comprehensively despatched.

      There needs to be input from several areas before CAGW is laid to rest.
      1) The chaos modelling community need to comment on the impossibility of modelling climate, especially with so many aspects missing.
      2) The statistical societies need to dig into climate statistics. I’m hoping the attack on Wegman might trigger it.
      3) Climate needs to carry on, either cooling, staying the same or rising very slowly. I’m not sure how long real statistics need to progress before they trump models.
      4) Russia or China… or even the US need to admit they’re never going to cut CO2, no matter what the risks. It might cause them to put the effort into disproving CAGW theory.
      5) The works of those like Prof Lindzen need to be more widely studied. Each year of data improves their credibility.

  8. R. de Haan

    Are we getting “Cancuned”

    Climate Scientists discover a myriad of catastrophes right before Cancun!

    You will be surprised what a few drinks, drugs and drug money can achieve to get a signature under a treaty.

    1. Brian G Valentine

      I wish I could attend this, and surreptitiously make video recordings of delegates sent to participate:

      – Drinking heavily and carousing at the alcohol bars
      – Ogling girls on the beach
      – Women entering and exiting hotel rooms for unexplained reasons
      – Candid conversations amongst themselves, on the purposelessness of it all yet going along for the junket, and their true feelings about the “climate” and “climate science”

      I would be that one hour’s worth of video tape of this material would eliminate consideration of anything like it any more again ever

  9. R. de Haan

    First Day at Cancun: Everybody wants something at Cancun Climate Summit.
    ClimateGate still the Elephant in the room.

    1. Brian G Valentine

      I can’t even read about this without wanting to vomit all over the floor. These people have gotten away with too much for too long

  10. Nonoy Oplas

    Bonn, Germany, hosts the UN FCCC headquarters, right? Which also speaks of how warmist the German government is.

  11. R. de Haan

    Stockholm Temperatures Freeze Global Warming Claims
    Lessons learned from the Swedish temperature record. In science, observations must be taken much more seriously than theories or computer models.

  12. R. de Haan
  13. R. de Haan
  14. R. de Haan


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  17. R. de Haan

    Dutch internet users have started a petition addressed to the Dutch Prime Minister to offer political asylum, legal support and personal protection for Assange and to offer a redundant provider services to keep Wikileaks online.

    Use Google Translator Dutch/English and if possible sign the petition.

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