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Predictions Of Warm Winters Get Buried In Ice

Share this… Facebook TwitterWith the bitter cold and snowfall forecast for the days ahead in northern and central Europe, this winter is truly shaping up to be the 3rd consecutive hard winter to batter Europe with snow and cold. This of course all flies in the face of projections made 10 years ago and even less. […]

Tutorial Langkah Melakukan Transaksi Withdraw di Situs Poker QQ Domino Online

Share this… Facebook TwitterSetiap bettors pastinya ingin mengambil uang hasil bermain di situs qq domino online yang berhasil diperoleh selama permainan berlangsung. Nah proses pengambilan tersebut bisa dilakukan melalui transaksi withdraw. Maka dari itulah transaksi withdraw di situs domino qq online begitu penting untuk diketahui langkah-langkah dalam melakukannya. Sehingga para penggemar situs agen judi poker […]

Dr. Karsten Brandt says CO2 is completely overblown in climate models. Photo source:

Meteorologist Dissects Computer Model Forecasts Made By State-Funded Climatologists

Share this… Facebook TwitterA couple of days back I wrote about a German meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt here, who claims climate prognoses are “not worth the paper they are printed on“. At his website here, Germany’s new climate enfant terrible posted a report titled: The Future Of Our Climate In Europe (in German) where he fires blistering […]

Another One Makes It Through!

Share this… Facebook TwitterA top East European climatologist, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with UN global warming colleagues, jumps a sinking ship as ocean data signals a cooler climate. Dr. Lucka Kajfež Bogataj left cold clear water between herself and her former UN shipmates by declaring that rising levels of airborne carbon dioxide probably […]

Extreme Cold To Grip Europe. Forecast -38°C in Switzerland…Will Be Even Colder Later…Pattern Not Seen in 70 Years.

Share this… Facebook TwitterComputers have been forecasting a wicked cold winter for Europe this year. Looks like it’s shaping up to be just that. Later this week a blast of Arctic air is set to sweep across northern and central Europe, as a huge high pressure zone off in the Atlantic combined with low pressure system […]

Swiss Academy Of Sciences: Skepticism Is Scientific - Unless It Comes From Climate Skeptics

Swiss Academy Of Sciences: Skepticism Is Scientific – Unless It Comes From Climate Skeptics

Share this… Facebook TwitterPro-Clim, a forum of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, has recently put out a news release titled: The Arguments of the Climate Skeptics. Below you’ll find the news release translated in English by yours truly. Hat tip to NoTricksZone reader John Patagon. The Swiss Academy is apparently unswayed by the change in direction recently adopted […]

Papers Show Low CO2 Climate Sensitivity

Share this… Facebook TwitterNTZ reader and contributor Ed Caryl brings us his newest essay. This one is about the climate’s (low) sensitivity to CO2. ================================================================== On CO2, Did You Know That… ? By Ed Caryl Nearly all the papers on CO2 and high global warming are based on climate models, not actual data. Did you know […]

Climate Hypocrite Of The Week: Disney And Selena Gomez

Share this… Facebook TwitterSometimes you have a slow day in climate news and so you have to post something trivial. This is such a post. But it’s short.Hollywood environmental campaigns always seem to involve some “star” who sings and lectures us on saving the planet. But then the star hops on a private jet and flies circles […]

Total global sea ice is trending a recovery.

Antarctic Ice Explosion

Share this… Facebook TwitterAntarctic sea ice simply refuses to melt, and stubbornly remains at a very high level. In fact in 2010 it reached its second highest level ever since satellite measurement began over 30 years ago. Normally Antarctic sea ice peaks at about 18.3 million sq km around September 20. But this year, Antarctic sea ice reached […]

Now It’s The “Ocean Change Threat” (Forget Climate Change)

Share this… Facebook TwitterWe have been told that trace gas CO2 dictates the world’s climate, overpowering the oceans and solar factors. So now we should not be surprised when someone tells us that the atmosphere dominates the behavior of the oceans, which are far more massive. The stream of  junk environmental science doesn’t stop flowing. Again […]

Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research: “Global Warming Could Cool Down Temperatures”

Share this… Facebook TwitterH/t: This is no joke. Warming now leads to cooling! That’s the latest scientific news that our tax money has bought from Potsdam – from the house of Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf.This is what happens when you take activist physicists off the street, give them super-computers and a license to forecast. Here’s their […]

Michael Mann's hockey stick chart Fig 1b of the IPCC TAR

Wajib Perhatikan Hal Ini Sebelum Mendaftar Akun Judi Poker Online

Share this… Facebook TwitterJudi kartu poker memanglah ialah tipe game judi kartu yang mana lumayan memiliki banyak peminat. Dimana judi kartu yang satu ini sangatlah seru buat dimainkan sebab dapat lebih dari 6 pemain dalam tiap putaran. Pasti membagikan keseruan pula keuntungan yang lebih nyatanya dari segi hasil kemenangan dalam judi kartu poker tersebut. Banyaknya […]

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