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Cancun: “Complete Travesty and Rout”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGreenie Walter Russell Mead has an interesting perspective on Cancun called Bureaucrats Swindle Greens In Cancun. Remember how Cancun was cheered as a success? In his view, Cancun was a complete disaster for the eco-zealots – “a rout”. Maybe some hard truths are beginning to dawn on the author, like the greens have been […]

Rahmstorf Sea Level trend compared to actual satellite

How Rahmstorf & Vermeer Grossly Exaggerated Sea Level Rise

Share this… Facebook TwitterTom Moriarty at Climate Sanity has done a thorough analysis of Stefan Rahmstorf ‘s and Martin Vermeer’s PNAS 2009 paper Global Sea Level Linked To Temperature, hereinafter RV2009, which claimed sea levels would rise 1.8 m by 2100 due to rising temperature. Turns out they used awfully “brutal mathematical contortions” and bad assunptions […]

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