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Hans von Storch On Media, Politics; Climate Science And Activists

Hans von Storch offers more interesting insights on skeptics, alarmists, the role of the media, politics, scientists etc. at his Klimazwiebel site, read here and here (in German).He answered quite a number questions as part of an “Expert Interview – Climate Change and Media”.  I picked out only some of the questions and his answers. There is quite a bit […]

Say Guten Tag to the new year! Brrrr (Graphic:

Winter Of The Millenium? Warmists’ Worst Nightmare May Be Coming True.

I’m sure there were winters over the last millenium that won’t be matched, of course. No one seriously expects the Thames to freeze over, like it did during the little ice age of the 17th century. But if the computer forecasts pan out, it could very well be one of the worst winters for northwestern […]

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