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Potsdam Climate Institute Now Says To Expect “Warmer Colder” Winters!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the German media are now in full panic mode. They can no longer get their stories straight.Desperate to stem the flood of doubt now sweeping Germany, as the country is gripped by its harshest December in 100 years, including record snowfalls in Potsdam, the […]

Berlin Says: Nein Danke!

Share this… Facebook TwitterShameful Ingrates Ronald Reagan – June 12, 1987 Share this… Facebook Twitter

Trail Of Toxin – The Long And Shocking Recycling Route Of ESLs

Share this… Facebook TwitterIn my last post, I wrote about some German politicians who have woken up to the fact that energy saving lights are highly toxic, and dangerous to use in households.They now want to have them banned, and bring back the old incandescent bulb Edison brought us 130 years ago. I also posted […]

Manfaat Akun Pro Dalam Permainan Domino99 Indonesia

Share this… Facebook Twitter Sebenarnya dari kalian pasti banyak yang bertanya apa sih itu akun master dan apa sih manfaat dari akun expert ? apakah bisa benar-benar memberikan keuntungan buat para part yang bergabung di situs poker Terpercaya atau situs domino99 yang high bit of leeway ? Sesuai riset yang ada, AKUN PRO memanglah benar […]

Hans von Storch On Media, Politics; Climate Science And Activists

Share this… Facebook TwitterHans von Storch offers more interesting insights on skeptics, alarmists, the role of the media, politics, scientists etc. at his Klimazwiebel site, read here and here (in German).He answered quite a number questions as part of an “Expert Interview – Climate Change and Media”.  I picked out only some of the questions and his answers. There is […]

Say Guten Tag to the new year! Brrrr (Graphic:

Winter Of The Millenium? Warmists’ Worst Nightmare May Be Coming True.

Share this… Facebook TwitterI’m sure there were winters over the last millenium that won’t be matched, of course. No one seriously expects the Thames to freeze over, like it did during the little ice age of the 17th century. But if the computer forecasts pan out, it could very well be one of the worst […]

Jangan Ragu Memakai Cara Domino99 Terbaru

Share this… Facebook TwitterPunyai suatu website dgn technologi sesuai tren sebab itu ringan pada dibuka oleh seluruhnya pemain baik itu pakar atau yg tengah pemula, bersama-sama kemudahan akses keseluruh website bersama-sama memanfaatkan fitur seperti mobile phone androud/ios dan masih computer jelas dapat mengambil kenyamanan solo pada semasing pemain pada rasakan kejayaan dimanapun mereka beruang. yg […]

Harsh Winter And Gross Negligence To Cost Germany €100 Billion. Time For The Dogmatist Leaders To Resign

Share this… Facebook TwitterRemember the prepsoterous Stern Report claiming warming is costing the planet dearly, and so we should avoid it? Well, we know climate is always changing, which means only one of two things can happen – either it gets warmer, or it gets colder. We’ve been told time and again that we simply […]

Study Shows Half Of Warming Since 1980 Due To Clear Skies

Share this… Facebook TwitterHat-tip M has an excellent report today called: ALL-CLEAR IN THE STRATOSPHERE about volcanic aerosols and their impact on the earth’s climate and cooling. Turns out that they have a far greater impact than expected. Today the earth’s stratosphere is as clean as it’s been in more than 50 years. What does that […]

2010 To Be Snowiest On Record In Germany – Rare And Exciting Snowfalls More Often Than Ever!

Share this… Facebook TwitterRemember the rare and exciting snowfall projection? That’s what the leading experts using their tuned models and super-computers told us. And whenever the rest of us had the audacity to doubt these longterm forecasts, we were scolded, got one across the knuckles, and branded as deniers. The gods are surely laughing. Germany’s central location in Europe […]

12 Days Of Christmas By Donna - And The Forecast For Europe

12 Days Of Christmas By Donna – And The Forecast For Europe

Share this… Facebook TwitterCanadian Donna Laframboise, who runs No Frakking Consensus, has this version of the 12 Days of Christmas that I simply have to direct your attention to. It’s great! The IPCC’s 12 Days of Christmas 1 On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a climate bible with integrity. 2 On the […]

PokerQQ Ketahui Cara Bermainnya

Share this… Facebook TwitterKetahui Cara Bermainnya Permainan pokerqq adalah game terbaik yang sangat populer sejak jaman dulu. Namun untuk saat ini dengan majunya teknologi permainan ini hadir dengan permainan online. Permainan pokerqq sangat populer karena kemudahan dalam bermain. Dalam artikel ini kami akan membahas permainan pokerqq online dengan mengetahui cara bermain untuk bisa memenangkan permainan […]

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