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He’s Lost It. Romm Has Reduced Himself To Telling Opponents To Meet Him After School

Share this… Facebook TwitterThere’s nothing wrong with a friendly bet among gentlemen. I’d like to think that Rob Honeycutt and NoTricksZone had a difference of opinion, and so we decided to cordially shake hands on it like two gentlemen would. No one tried to drag the other through the mud. But what we see at Joe […]

Let The Betting Begin! Other Blogs Following NoTricksZone’s Lead

Share this… Facebook TwitterA reader has pointed out that Rob Honeycutt and NoTricksZone appear to have started a trend: Climate Bets For Charity. Here at NTZ, the warmists have entered in a bet (for charity) with the coolists on whether the 2011-2020 decade will be warmer or cooler. Climate Bet Of The Decade For Charity […]

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