Warming’s Been Good To Me So Far

Here’s one of my favorites – by Joe Walsh.
I’ve added the lyrics to the song – see below.

Some warmists tried to tell us yesterday that climate scientists lead humble, low-paid lives. Some probably do, but the ones we are familiar with don’t live bad at all. This is for them.


Warming’s been good to me so far

I have a data center
Know its high price
Don’t really work there
Man is that nice

I sponge off NASA
Fudge behind the wall
I have the government
Pay for it all

They say I’m crooked but it’s not on my dime
I’m just hiding the clues at the scene of the crime
Warming’s been good to me so far

My Teraflop
Runs a model and drive
I lost my data
Now I contrive

I have a big lab
Adjust in the back
I delete emails
In case I get hacked

I’m forging new records
My pols can’t wait
They send me money
And tell me I’m great

So I got me an offer
No cold records on the wall
Temperature keeps climbing
Doubt it will fall

Lucky I’m sane after all I’ve been through
(Everybody sing) It’s warm (He’s cool)
I can’t screw up but sometimes I still do
Warming’s been good to me so far

I fly to conferences
Sometimes I see Gore
It’s hard to believe
No one listens no more

It’s tough to cover
This fudging and shame
Everybody’s suspicious
Data’s the same

They say I’m crooked but it works every time
(Everybody sing) Oh yeah (Oh yeah)
I keep adjusting guess I’ll never know why
Warming’s been good to me so far…

10 responses to “Warming’s Been Good To Me So Far”

  1. Asim

    “I sponge off NASA
    Fudge behind the wall
    I have the government
    Pay for it all”

    By far my favourite verse, but all this talk of sponge and fudge has made me hungry 😉

  2. Pointman

    Considering the rubbish these ‘scientists’ produce, perhaps this might be a more appropriate tune !



  3. dave ward

    @Pointman – there is an updated version of the original video for that song:


    Maybe some enterprising outfit could do a similar job with the Joe Walsh track and use Pierre’s lyrics?

    1. Pointman

      John, that’s effing brilliant! Straight to favourites. Found this oldie but goldie in a similar vein. The commentary is right on the button.



  4. Ed Caryl

    You guys need to get back to the science.

    1. Pointman

      Ed, I’ve been searching for a way to say this gently but my muse is in Colorado having breakfast with a nun so I’ll just give it to you straight; ‘climate science’ is not science, it’s politics.


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