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Red Sea About To Flood Into Africa As Continent Shatters

Share this… Facebook TwitterNo. This event is not caused by rising sea levels set off by man at the end of a long climate dynamics chain. But warmists are are welcome to blame that on man too, as desperate as they may be. Hat tip: DirkH Geological events often take their time, where a few […]

Aturan Permainan DominoQQ utk Pemula

Aturan Permainan DominoQQ utk Pemula

Share this… Facebook TwitterAturan Permainan DominoQQ buat Pemula! Domino QQ, pun dikenal yang merupakan Qiu Qiu atau Domino Indo yaitu wujud poker yg amat sangat terkenal di Indonesia. Ini terkait dgn pai gow, yg yakni permainan judi domino Asia. Kadang-kadang, ini mampu sedikit membingungkan utk mendalami permainan dominoQQ ini tapi demikian kamu melakukannya, itu menyenangkan […]

GISS Providence In Urban Temperature Adjustment?

GISS Providence In Urban Temperature Adjustment?

Share this… Facebook TwitterHardly! Ed Caryl brings us a classic example of GISS temperature data “adjustment”. ==================================================== Urban Heat Island at Providence Rhode Island By Ed Caryl A recent paper by Ping Zhang and Marc Imhoff of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA materials found here), pointed out the incredible heat island around some eastern U.S. […]


Hartmut Grassl: Debate Over Lindzen’s Objections Is Over

Share this… Facebook TwitterI think some people are not aware of, or seriously underestimate, Germany’s contribution to this global warmist movement. It really isn’t scientific at all. It’s purely political. Science (junk science) is just one of the engines they use to propel it. A reader brought my attention to an interview with Hartmut Grassl at the […]

Dr. Wolgang Thüne Slams Climate Policy: Efforts To Steer Climate Are “Utopian Pipe Dreams”

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe concept of “climate catastrophe” in Germany was born 25 years ago  writes German meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne here at his blogsite and, as of today, except for the media bluster, there are still no signs of it. Thüne writes: Do you remember January 22, 1986? On this day a press conference took place […]

He’s Lost It. Romm Has Reduced Himself To Telling Opponents To Meet Him After School

Share this… Facebook TwitterThere’s nothing wrong with a friendly bet among gentlemen. I’d like to think that Rob Honeycutt and NoTricksZone had a difference of opinion, and so we decided to cordially shake hands on it like two gentlemen would. No one tried to drag the other through the mud. But what we see at Joe […]

Let The Betting Begin! Other Blogs Following NoTricksZone’s Lead

Share this… Facebook TwitterA reader has pointed out that Rob Honeycutt and NoTricksZone appear to have started a trend: Climate Bets For Charity. Here at NTZ, the warmists have entered in a bet (for charity) with the coolists on whether the 2011-2020 decade will be warmer or cooler. Climate Bet Of The Decade For Charity […]

German PIK Scientist/IPCC Lead Author Claims La Nina Is Warm – And Caused By Global Warming

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe usual German media outlets today feature the usual scientists who are out in force spreading the dreck science that global warming is leading to more weather extremes, and La Ninas. These “scientists” are from the usual source: the alarmist Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research (PIK).  Amazingly, one of these scientists even claims […]

Environmentalists Oppose Their Own Planet-Saving Projects

Share this… Facebook TwitterThis from Reuters: Exclusive: Sierra Club sues over California solar plant. Hat tip: DirkH. These guys don’t even know what they want. They’re against everything – and now even the things they once said would save the planet – like windmills, solar panels and crops for bio-diesel. The report starts as follows (emphasis […]

Climate Bet Of The Decade – Update 3

Share this… Facebook TwitterWill the new 2011-2020 decade be warmer or cooler than the last one? That’s what we’re betting on. The warmists are betting it’s going to be warmer. But the coolists say it will be cooler because of natural cycles, which are now beginning to have a cooling effect. Here’s why I feel us […]

Media Jackasses Claim Warm Is Unstable – But History Shows The Opposite

Share this… Facebook Twitter(Last updated: 16 Jan 2011, 11:55) The warmists are all confused – most definitely. They want to eat their cake, and have it too. In doing so, they are really looking like real jackasses. Today they are telling us: warm periods are unstable (and cold is stable). Yet, history shows just the opposite. […]

Climate Realist Makes FOCUS Magazine’s Top 100 Influential Germans

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe latest press release from the Helmholtz Institute, in Geestacht, Germany features Professor Hans von Storch and reports that he has been placed on the List Of The Top 100 Influential Germans by FOCUS magazine, who have dubbed him “The Climate Realist”. Again, for the 2nd time this week, kudos to FOCUS. […]

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