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Der Spiegel Reports: Sceptics Now On Equal Footing

I wasn’t really following this get-together in Lisbon, but Der Spiegel has just come out with a report about the subject tilted: The Climate War Can Continue, and there are a few interesting points. You could call it the German view. Of course, Der Spiegel used the opportunity to take some cheap shots at the […]

BBC’s Baghdad Al Stitches Propaganda Against Sceptics – Opposite Picture Of German FOCUS Piece

The photo montage could have been better, I know – but you get the idea. Funny how Britain’s propaganda unit of the green movement – the BBC – somehow concocted such a picture of the sceptics. Germany’s FOCUS magazine, a proponent of the AGW theory, sees the sceptics in a completely different way – read below. Obviously, […]

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