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Most baltic Ice in 25 years.

Baltic Ice Most In 25 Years

Sweden’s meteorological agency reports that ice coverage on the Baltic Sea is greater than it’s been in nearly a quarter century. Read more here. About 250,000 square kilometres of the Baltic Sea are now covered in ice according to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI). The last time so much of the Baltic was frozen was […]

The $15 Trillion Green Self-Flagellation, To Reduce Warming 0.1°C

H/T: Rudolf Kipp at Skeptical Science (see first reader comment). That is about the same as the US annual GDP. That’s the number reported in a recent article appearing in the online Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ), Germany’s leading political daily. Europe set to climax with green bloody self-flagellation. The FAZ writes: In the coming 40 years, […]

Liberal Institute of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Klaus-Dieter Humpich: The Dirty Secret Of Renewables

When it comes to renewable energy, you can call them “Jesus technologies”. These are technologies that went the way of the dinosaurs a long time ago due to their inefficiency and impracticality. But in order to serve a political purpose, they seem to keep getting resurrected every 30 years or so. I came up with […]

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