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Climate Science On African Agriculture – When The Cock Crows

Boy I’ll tell you-  climate science is getting more and more convincing with every passing day. Remember how we were always told that climate change would impact poor Africa the most…and negatively? The German language Die Presse has an online report called: Warming: Will Africa starve or flourish? It’s about the PNAS 28.2 paper just out, […]

Hats Off To “Live Free Or Die!” New Hampshire – Rejects Cap & Trade By A Veto-Proof Margin! Signal To The Nation

Back when I was a boy in the 1960s and 70s, northern New England was as conservative as could be. My home state of Vermont (which is French for “green mountain”) was George Aiken and Winston Prouty country. Back then the revolutionary Yankee-spirit of Ethan Allen, fighter for freedom, was alive – but rapidly dying. Vermont has long since […]

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