German Physicist Slams Climate Science, Says “Climate Politics Is Grand Déjà Vu Of Communist East Germany”

Prof. Knut Löschke, a solid state physicist, who conducted research until 1986, founded PC-Ware AG, and then turned it into a European IT company before leaving in 2009, had some harsh words about climate science and policy in an interview with the magazine Smart Investor.

 This is reported in the German realist blog Ökowatch. Dr. Löschke:

What is happening with regards to the climate hypothesis today is that profound and far-reaching conclusions are being based on pure suspicions. That’s religion, and not science. There are also many other well-founded hypotheses on climate dynamics that allow completely other conclusions to be drawn. But strangely, they are being massively suppressed – simply because they don’t accommodate the political concept of rescuing the planet. That’s propaganda, manipulation, suppression of the freedom of expression and demagoguery. As ‘an educated citizen of former communist East Germany’, I’m experiencing grand déjà-vu.”

Today Löschke is also honorary professor at the Leipzig Technical University, a member of the supervisory board of the Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railway) and a board member of Softline AG.  In the interview with Smart Investor he added:

Rescuing the climate – which is absolute nonsense – and the discussion about energy systems and energy policy, which is absolutely necessary, are unfortunately all getting thrown into one pot and mixed into a formless slop. Moreover, environmental protection is getting lumped with ‘climate protection’, which in turn is only harming the correct idea of environmental protection. Not only does the German Railway (Deutsche Bundesbahn) have to preoccupy itself with the topic of energy, but so do many other large energy consumers. Not in relation to “climate”, but in relation to economics and environmental protection.”

Smart Investor can be ordered in a printed edition here:

Note: Ökowatch commits to be an objective, realist blogsite, and is led by leading German analysts of climate science and policy. Its focus is presenting the merits and arguments of both sides of the issue with the aim of reaching rational conculsions. It’s in both German and English. Ökowatch contributing authors:

Heinrich Bonnenberg
Benny Peiser
Dirk Maxeiner
Steffen Hentrich
Fabian Heinzel

Peter Heller
Rudolf Kipp
Michael Krüger
Jim Manzi
Michael Miersch
Burkhard Müller-Ullrich

11 responses to “German Physicist Slams Climate Science, Says “Climate Politics Is Grand Déjà Vu Of Communist East Germany””

  1. R. de Haan

    Better late than never.

  2. DirkH

    Power balance on the left continues to shift from Greens (11%) to SPD (28%). CDU (centre-right) stable at 36%. Opinion poll numbers i heard on the radio today. FDP (libertarian) not mentioned – maybe they are un-persons for our public radio journalists (Greetings to NPR in the USA; nice affair you have there, i enjoyed the vid).

  3. Edward

    It is important to have pure science professors speaking up.

    When will the idiot politicians get it?

    But the mood music in Germany is changing, slowly but moving towards reality.

    Britain remains a bastion of blind AGW stupidity, mind you, like in many things, politics scoops up; loud mouths, dillettantes, wastrels and mountebanks, only one MP has a degree in a scientific discipline in Parliament!!

    It is small wonder then, our politicians [in the UK] are just too thick to see the writing on the wall, they will become extinct soon, like the dinosaurs but unlike the dinosaurs no one will want to dig ’em up!

  4. John Marshall

    As a UK resident and climate realist, I so hate the term ‘skeptic’, I agree that the UK government is heading for energy breakdown because of these ridiculous windmills. We have a tunnel visioned MP, Huhne, in charge of Energy and the environment and he is a lawyer with no scientific knowledge. Enough said.

    1. DirkH

      This might be a bit of good news for the UK. Cameron decides to have nothing of tighter economic integration of the Euro zone. For the Eurozone, it is either the beginning of the end or the beginning of more corporatism.

  5. NikFromNYC

    It’s understandable that a German scientist might wonder about Global Warming since Berlin has the second oldest thermometer records in existence and shows utterly no alteration in trend in the modern era. A single glance shows it has good company too, all over Europe and America:

  6. Peter Hartmann

    pierre, ökowatch not too long ago posted an uncritical article on a perpetuum mobile:

    just saying, you should take their scientific expertise with a bucket of salt.


    1. DirkH

      They title:
      “Thüringer Landmaschinenschlosser behauptet, Null-Liter-Motor erfunden zu haben ”

      Translation: Mechanic asserts (!) he has invented a zero fuel motor.

      So, Ökowatch has not tried to sell this invention as real but only reported what this guy says.

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