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Rural Vermont - here still free of industrialisation (Photo: P Gosselin)

True Greens And Skeptics Need To Form An Alliance To Preserve Rural Beauty

Share this… Facebook TwitterI’m not devaluing what happened back in history. I’m using this to describe the true dimensions of what is about to happen to our rural heritage. This is not hyperbole! Also see WUWT California reality. Klimaretter has a useless piece here where the author calls the Fukushima event the spark that is setting off […]

Progress: John Holdren Admits We Still Don’t Understand How Nature Works

Share this… Facebook TwitterI wanted to hit the sack but a video clip in English of some excerpts from an interview of John Holdren by German intellectual paper DIE ZEIT. Click here:: At about the 3:40 mark, Holdren is asked what will be the sciences of the future and the challenges. This takes him to […]

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