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Now Add Autobahn Crashes To The List Of Things Caused By Climate Change!

Anyone reading last Friday’s piece here on the autobahn pile-up that killed 8 people (thankfully revised down from 10) because high-speed autobahn drivers were suddenly caught by a dust storm surely thought: “Hmmm, I wonder if warmists are going to blame this on climate change too?” Yes we can! Here it is at the online Bild […]



There’s a magical element about that number. Maybe because it is 1000 squared. Or maybe it’s a quantity that is very high, yet still within the realms of human imagination. It’s a number that certainly exudes magnitude. There are a number of phrases with the word “million”, some examples: – millionaire – thanks a million – […]

Today Is A Special Day For NoTricksZone

It’s early Sunday morning here in Germany, and today will be a special day. I’m going to bed now and when I get up I will be able to tell you why. Nothing really big, but for me I find that it is indeed somewhat special. More later! Good night!

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