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NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded this X1.5-class solar flare on March 9, 2011

Solar Cycle 24 Erupts – Finally!

Share this… Facebook TwitterMany of us have been watching the sunspots every day and wondering if the sun was entering into some kind of Dalton minimum. Solar Cycle 24 was about three years overdue. Well, it’s still not sure if a Dalton-sort of minimum will or will not occur, but the latest event suggests that the […]

Leading German Meteorology Expert Calls Fighting Climate Change “A Senseless Physical Endeavour”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAt his Der Wettermann website retired German meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne is calling for an immediate stop of all state-funded climate research. h/t DirkH Dr Thüne, who is sort of Germany’s version of John Coleman, has been one of Germany’s most outspoken critics of climate science and the huge waste of taxpayer money […]

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