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Dave Roberts Of Grist Tells Germans: “Climate Bill Is Dead – Probably For A Number Years…Failed Spectacularly”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAccording to, a warmist site operated by socialists and green Utopians, Dave Roberts was invited by the Heinrich Böll Foundation as a speaker for climate blogs at the network conference re:publica in Berlin last month. Roberts, you will recall, is the activist at Grist who in 2006 called for Nuremberg-type trials […]

Barbeque Summer In Store For Central Europe, Says German Meteorologist

Share this… Facebook TwitterPrivate meteorologist Dr. Carsten Brandt of here predicts a hot and dry barbecue summer for Central Europe. Graphic from: news, click here But don’t worry, his forecast does not come from the Met Office, and so there is a good chance it’ll be more or less right. Indeed many of Brandt’s seasonal […]

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