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Array Of Climate Evil (Skepticism)

Array Of Climate Evil (Skepticism)

Share this… Facebook TwitterThat’s most likely what the warmists will be thinking after reading this post :). Here in Germany the Greens and activists are constantly bemoaning the strong undercurrents of climate skepticism one finds in that “backward country” USA, and claim it’s all fanned by “hack” scientists, like Fred Singer, who are funded by Big […]

Kyoto Obitiuaries Everywhere In Germany’s Press

Share this… Facebook TwitterWith the climate conference now taking place in Bonn with the aim of coming up with a successor to the 2012-expiring Kyoto Protocol for Durban later this year, signs of success are non-existent. Obituaries are now being written everywhere in the German press, also see here and here. For that we can all breathe a big […]

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