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Callous Der Spiegel: Organic Food Business More Important Than The Lives Of Millions Of Africans

Our friend Rudolf Kipp at the German Science Skeptical site here has a shocking report on a callous Der Spiegel piece that appeared yesterday. I’ve translated Rudolf’s report in English with his permission. =================================================== Organic Foods Are Killing – This Time in Africa by Rudolf Kipp Children are dying in Africa – just so that German organic food […]

German Weather Service Says Predicting More Than 10 Days Out Is “Like Reading Tea Leaves”

With summer officially about to begin, a number of weather services are making seasonal forecasts for Germany and Central Europe. Read here. The English-language The Local writes: meteorologist Karsten Brandt said odds were ‘high that the weather will turn out sunny with a tendency to be dry.’ meteorologist Dominik Jung also predicted a […]

Windmill Tower Snaps In Half – Crashes Down Across Path

Windmills are subject to cyclic loading, which means even small cracks in the load-bearing structure can grow and eventually lead to catastrophic failure. One catastrophic failure occurred yesterday near the Central German town of Kirtorf, read here (in German). Hat-tip Dirk H. Many photos here The tower broke 25 meters up. Investigators are now examining […]

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