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Poland Blocks Europe Madness

I was in transit over the last day and so moderation was absent. Blogging in the days ahead will also be reduced and stories shorter. In the news Poland is holding firm against all the EU-climate rescue nonsense. According to the German site (Climate of Justice!), climate protection is going to be increasingly problematic with Poland, […]

The Growing Unfaithful - US Skepticism At All-Time High!

The Growing Unfaithful – US Skepticism At All-Time High!

GOOD NEWS! The scam is falling apart, bit by bit like a cake out in the rain. Hat-tip: No wonder some “climate science” characters are resorting to desperate acts. I wonder how the media feels about all this. They used to view themselves as so high and mighty, and now nobody is listening to […]

Flop Green Passive School Is Suffocating Its Students

One way to indoctrinate children on living green is to teach them in a green passive school that requires little energy consumption. This is what they are attempting in East German Schwarzheide, as reported at the online Lausitzer Rundschau daily.  There’s only one small problem: The lesson in living repsonsibly to protect the climate has […]

The Week That Was

The Week That Was

Dear Readers I’ve often thought about writing a weekly summary of the week’s climate news. But fortunately someone is doing that already. You can get an excellent summary of all the news from Fred Singer’s SEPP “The Week That Was” (TWTW). You can subscribe here: Sign Up For The Newsletter I urge you to do so […]

Europe's Temperatures Show No Evidence Of Warming Since 1998

Europe’s Temperatures Show No Evidence Of Warming Since 1998

 By Matti Vooro The European Environment Agency recently (March 2011) updated their European temperature data by adding the data for the years 2010 and the winter of 2011. The data can be found at EEA 2010, KNMI (, based onClimate Research Unit (CRU) gridded datasets HadCrut3 (land and ocean) and CruTemp3 (land only) from WINTER TEMPERATURES 1948-2011 […]

Prof. Horst Malberg: Climate Change At Most 10% Because Of CO2 – Dominated by The Sun

Wolfgang Mueller of the European Institute For Climate And Energy (EIKE) conducted an interview with Prof. em. Dr. Horst Malburg at the Gegenwind [Counter Wind] Conference at the German North Sea island of Sylt. A translation of the entire interview follows the video below: Start interview: Mueller: We are here on the island of Sylt at the conference […]

Dr. Holger Thuss Of EIKE Reports On 6th International Climate Change Conference In Washington

What follows is a translation (with some minor editing) of the German report appearing here. ================================================ Heartland Institute’s 6th International Climate Conference Concludes While climate tourists were meeting for the zillionth time to talk about rescuing the Kyoto Protocol and spreading a party-atmosphere at the taxpayers’ expense in Berlin, elite climate scientists met in Washington for […]

Kilez The Climate Science Rapper Mobilizes Youth To Think For Themselves

More about More. Below is a short interview with Austrian rapper Kilez More. More, 22, recently released a rap song/video called Climate Change (Climate Lies, Climate Swindle…), which features the IPCC, CRU and the hockey stick. Now how does a young rap artist know so much about such a complex issue, let alone write a […]

German Press: Global Warming Postponed – But Insist Future Warming Could Be Stronger

Tough day for the German press yesterday, reporting the story about the Kaufmann et al 2011 paper, which looks at what’s behind the 10 years of no global warming. Read more here at WUWT . The day before that, signs of warming were everywhere, the media said. Then a day later they all say there hasn’t been warming […]

Schellnhuber: 2°C Target “Recognized By International Law”

The excellent here  brings our attention to a very recent clip of Hans Schellnhuber in an interview with ZDF German Public television (July 3, 2011). Note how master-planner Schellnhuber just cannot control his itch to rewrite international law. Again climate lies from Professor Schellnhuber He now claims that the 2°C limit of global warming, […]

Weed-Covered, Neglected Solar Park: 20 Acres, $11 Million, Only One And Half Years Old!

German solar skeptic website SOLARKRITIK.DE here provides the background on the rundown, weed-covered solar facility in former communist (and now “green”) East Germany, which I presented in my last post here. Solar panel field near Markranstaedt, Germany. Photo taken by Prof. Knut Löschke on June 26, 2011. Source: It’s much worse than we thought. The […]

Solar Follies

Solar Follies

Here’s a look at the future of the green movement. Multi-purpose solar panels! Grows biofuel crops too! Patent pending! No risk – profits guaranteed 20 years! Get yours today while generous government subsidies last! Solar panel field near Markranstaedt, Germany. Photo taken by Prof. Knut Löschke on June 26, 2011. Source: When the sun […]

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