German DWD Forecasts More Barbecue Summers For Germany (After 2050)

In a press release here, the German Weather Service, DWD, announces the release of its so-called interactive Climate Atlas, which projects what the German climate will be like up to the year 2100. They’ve got some real prophets over there.Needless to say, the climatically correct DWD’s Climate Atlas projects many barbecue summers in the decades ahead for Germans, especially after 2050, when many of us will be gone and climate change hysteria will be something in the history books.

The DWD uses a composite of up to 21 climate crystal balls simulations for generating it’s climate projections.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but for me these 90-year projections are pretty much hocus pocus…just colourfully packaged PhD guesses. Can anyone tell me what the sun will be like in the year 2060? Oh sorry, I forgot.  The sun is only a backseat climate driver.

No barbecue summer this year, July 2011 was too cool.

In another press release, the DWD reports that July, 2011, in Germany refused to cooperate with the models and was colder than normal. So Germans will have to wait at least another year for hopes of the next barbecue summer.

Germany had a quite gray, cool and wet July according to the preliminary results of the DWD’s approximately 2000 measurement stations. Compared to the long-term mean, July 2011 came is at 16.1°C, 0.8°C cooler than normal. The coolest areas were the southwestern parts of Germany. The highest recorded temperature was 33.8°C on July 12 and the low was 2.0°C recorded on July 16. In Münsingen-Apfelstetten light frost was even recorded. Sea temperatures of the North and Baltic Seas remained below 20°C (last year they were up to 23°C).

July in Germany was also wet. About 114 l/m² fell on average – well above the normal of 78 l/m².  The wettest area: the town of Barth recorded 291 l/m² of rainfall – doubling its previous record.

July in Germany also recorded less sunshine, with an average of 162 hours, or 22% less than the normal of 209 hours. This made it the 8th grayest month since 1951.

15 responses to “German DWD Forecasts More Barbecue Summers For Germany (After 2050)”

  1. R. de Haan

    This is the most blatant propaganda I have ever seen, all in support of the AGW Climate Change doctrine and it’s idiotic policies.

    The shut down of the nuclear plants will raise consumer prices for electricity by 35 billion Euro’s short term.

    Merkel is going to use the current low oil prices (83 US dollar per barrel today) to introduce an eco tax of 15 euro cents on gasoline (plus V.A.T)

    At the same time her commitments to the EU will kill her political career resulting in a total wipe out of the political center which will be prone to a Green takeover.

    This country is going down the drain and when the smoke clears we’re back to square one to regain our freedoms.

    Don’t think the Greens will remain in power.

    They will be sidelined the moment we see the first riots (protests) in the street.

    The short term future of Germany will be similar to that of the Belusconi’s fascist Italy, the next country we’re going to save with our tax money.

    With corruption on any level of Government democracy and freedom is going to tank and it will be the people who ask for military rule and control as fear controls the streets.

    Over the past days we could see the political establishment telling us that revolt like we see in the UK is not likely.

    I think our politicians are wrong.

    There is a lot of anger below the surface and I think we’re heading for very difficult times.

    The fight to regain our freedom and our rights is going to be very hard and difficult.

    We’re screwed beyond belief.

    The climate change doctrine is the biggest threat to our freedoms and we have to
    debunk any claim made by the Deutsche Wetter Dienst and put it up on the blogs.

    Germany is the core of the climate change doctrine and if we fail to demolish it
    there is no way back.

    1. DirkH

      AGW is no more important to the rise of the Greens – as Merkel’s CDU has tried to out-green the greens, AGW is not a differentiating feature. The same is true for nuclear power – no difference.

      Why, then, would anyone vote for the Greens? Because they are the original “save the planet” brand; for the followers it is not important whether the scarecrow used is AGW or nuclear power or GM food. The Greens might take over this country even if AGW completely falls on its face.

      I know, tough noogies, but destroying AGW will not destroy the watermelons. Their modus operandi will remain intact.

  2. matti

    I cannot coment whether the German summers will be of a “barbecue” level but if global climate follows the 60 year planetary cycle like it has in the past , then global temperatures could start to go above normal again after say 1950 and perhaps peak again by 2060. However it could trough again by 2090 so , there is nothing novel or perhaps false in their predictions . It is what they are not telling that is important.They are just not telling the public about the possibilty of having two cool troughs before 2100 which will keep the global temperature rise to about 0.6 C instead of the 3-6 C rise that the AGW models project.

  3. R. de Haan
  4. matti

    R de Haan

    I think the economic forces as well as science will kill the AGW version of global warming. Mother Nature will provide the last blow .I agree with you that pushing this questionable global warming science on the world is tragic. With the extremely serious financial situation now present world wide, it is simply irresponsible for some governments to waste billions of dollars to fight a non existing global warming and to bury CO2 when there are millions upon millions of people starving and in poverty all over the worlds especially in Africa. Even in United States millions of people are now on food stamps and 15 million people are unemployed and yet some nations just through money away on questionable global warming instead of helping the needy, the starving and the poor.

  5. R. de Haan

    Dear Pierre, I am not “riled up” at all, just realistic.

    Watch what happens in the UK right now:

    Merkel has made financial commitments to the EU at a staggering 133% of BNP.

    RWE and EON are on their knees with the consumer paying the tab.

    In terms of public opinion we are miles behind compared to the USA and even there the Greening of the economy hasn’t been stopped.

    I always wondered how ordinary people living their lives, doing their jobs, raising their families, suddenly found themselves in a position where they were on the run with no time to change their clothes.

    The answer is that they underestimated the situation at that time, either due to lack of information, either due to a serious lack of judgement.

    At this moment the weekly outflows of domestic equity capital mutual funds in the USA has surged 13 billion US dollars, which nearly surpasses post flash crash levels.

    This is a big red flag as European banks are now stocking up with EU credit.
    In the mean time the stock markets have crashed.

    We’re really on the edge and I expect big, big trouble short term.

    1. DirkH

      Goot time for stock picking. Avoid banks and insurers, obviously. Take industry with high liquidity. Some got bashed badly. Ripe for the taking.

      The US as well as the Eurozone can print their way out of a liquidity crisis and will do so. In the end the taxpayer will pay through taxes or inflation, doesn’t matter; in Europe, the German taxpayer.

      A lot of annoyance but not the End Of The World.

      1. DirkH
  6. R. de Haan

    And with UK cities burning the Uk treasury comes with this statement

    Especially of interest of course is what he states about Germany.

  7. matti

    One can understand why there is little support for global warming in United States and other countries . When you have lost your job and one does not know where ones next meal is coming from , questionable global warming is the least of your worries especially when the climate has been cooling since 1998 in North America.

  8. R. de Haan

    Nonsense, the AGW belief exists among the democrats.
    Those without a job receiving food coupons are virtually stripped from society and left without a voice.

    Every US poll is executed by fixed phone lines. Homeless people don’t have a phone

  9. MostlyHarmless

    The models are akin to a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle with only a few of the pieces in the box, and no picture on the front. The missing pieces are created by the modellers from guesses, and the final complete picture is what they want to show.

  10. matti

    Further to my earlier post,I have noted recently on the internet a growing number of climate projections to the year 2100 which are significantly lower in global temperature projections than those of IPCC. These lower predictions are based on natural planetary cycles such as the past Global Mean Temperature Anomalies, ocean SST’s, the sun or they assume a negative feedback for rising CO2 levels. IPCC is projecting 3-6 C rise by 2100 and the Met Office is projecting 4 C by 2060. Actual global temperatures have shown no significant rise for about 13 years [since 1998] Wood for Trees composite of 4 different major temperature data sets shows a least square trend slope or rise of only 0.0034 C/year since 1998.[ or equivalent of 0.34 C per century] in global temperature anomalies

    Professor Syun-Ichi Akasofu, U of Alaska- 0.5 C rise [2 cooling cycles, 1 warming cycle]

    Dr Clive Best – no temperature rise until 2025, sharp rise from 2025 to 2060 then leveling off until 2100 to a total rise of 0.6 C to 1.2 C

    Loehle and Scafetta- 0.66 C/ century rate of rise to about 0.5 to 1.0 C by 2100 [2 periods of flat temperatures]

    Professor Don Easterbrook – three different cooling rates to 2040 in the range of about 0 to-1.0 C temperature drop [note to 2040 only]

    Girma Orssengo, PhD- 0.63 C rise by 2100 [2 cooling cycles, 1 warming cycle]

    Professor Richard Lindzen MIT – temperature rise of 0.5 to 1 C [doubling of CO2 emissions would raise temperatures by only 1 deg C]

    Dr Roy Spencer UAH – temperature rise of about 1 C by the doubling of CO2

    Very recently we hear that over the last two years Professor Murray Salby, the chair of Climate Science at Macquarie University, Australia has come to the conclusion that man-made emissions have only a small effect on global CO2 levels. It’s not just that man-made emissions don’t control the climate; they don’t even control global CO2 levels. Co2 levels follow global temperatures. So the whole issue of Co2 affecting temperatures in a significant way may be a non issue even.

    Thus we note that although another warm period may peak 50 years from now around 2060 and isolated warmer than normal years may take place , the trend of the temperature anomalies by 2100 will not be much different from that of today and up by only perhaps 0.5C to 1C degrees __far from the wild 3-6 C degrees being projected by IPCC and AGW science. There are likely to be at least 2 cooler periods of about 30 years between now and then and these may keep our climate much more moderate.

  11. Joe

    You would think the bedwetters would be happy that the earth wasn’t being warmed this summer… but Noooooo!

    BTW, I find it fun to barbeque in winter. Here’s to Schaschlik at Christmas!

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