Financial Times Admits Gore’s Climate Movement Is Irrevocably Ruined

Simon Kuper of the Financial Times recently wrote a piece called Climate change: who cares any more?, which clearly reveals the frustration and growing resignation among warmists and how the climate cause is irrevocably ruined.

As the hoax of climate catastrophe becomes increasingly exposed, it is being taken far less seriously today than back at the peak of the scare in 2007. For example Kuper describes how he felt when leaving a climate conference in Britain in 2007:

I left feeling that if you were running a country like Britain in 2007, you probably thought climate change was the single overriding issue. Terrorism, immigration and even the economy were details by comparison.”

My how the mightiest of scares have fallen. If that doesn’t confirm that Gore’s movement is lost, then nothing will. In his opening sentence Kuper himself admits to having given up on protecting the climate, realising it is a senseless endeavour:

When someone offered me a trip to India, I said, “Definitely.” A couple of years ago I’d have fretted about the carbon emissions. But like almost everyone else, I have given up trying to prevent climate change.”

Kuper however blames the failure of the movement on the bad economy and human resignation and apathy, claiming people are more worried about their own prosperity. But the reality is that the science behind climate catastrophe has fallen apart, and this is being made known to the public. The public is realising that all the hype over climate change was mostly a hoax perpetuated by a few select greedy interest groups out to make a ton of money. That’s why the public is turned off over the climate issue. It just isn’t a real threat any more.

Now that the scientific data is getting analysed, people are realising it’s no longer necessary to worry about climate when deciding the direction of energy policy – because coal and other fossil fuels simply don’t have the destructive impact on the climate that was once hypothesized. The data simply doesn’t show it. Indeed while coal consumption globally increased 30% over the last 10 years, global temperatures have actually dropped.

The blue line shows skyrocketing global coal use, yet global temperatures have fallen.

Data source: Review of World Energy

So why would any country do something as stupid as cut back on cheap coal during cooling times? Especially when it would only lead to lots of people freezing to death.

Kuper complains and appears baffled by the fact that the media have dramatically reduced their reporting on climate change. Come on Kuper, admit it: It’s not because people have resigned, it’s because people have woken up, and the phony climate catastrophe has since become a non-issue. Few are interested in it, and

Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality clearly demonstrated the folly of crying wolf for the ten thousandth time. Now it’s all falling on deaf ears. Fewer people than ever now believe all the climate catastrophe hogwash. Recall how everyone saw through the whole charade and all the bias behind the reporting of Hurricane Irene, which exposed the desperation of the movement. I ask: just how stupid do you think the public is, Mr. Kuper?

It is over.

A better question is: How stupid can one possibly be not to see the man-made climate change charade, and to continue believing the obvious hoax of global climate catastrophe?

No, it is not resignation by the public. It is an awakening. Rich and poor countries alike have opted to continue to do what they have been doing for thousands of years: ADAPT. As sea levels rise their usual 1 or 2 or 3 mm a year, people will simply take one or two or three steps back each century. That’s what they’ve always done as climate has always changed in the past.

12 responses to “Financial Times Admits Gore’s Climate Movement Is Irrevocably Ruined”

  1. DirkH

    The German sister publication ftd is still very much on message; very warmist, very pro-renewables at any price, very anti-nuclear, and very much for total EU integration and emasculation of national democracies. I’ve given up on the “ft*”s.

    Gimme wsj and handelsblatt any ole time.

  2. Paul Homewood

    I honestly believe people like Kuper live in their own bubble divorced from reality.

    To think that ordinary people even in 2007 thought global warming was the “single overriding issue” just proves my point. Then as now ordinary people would regard issues like immigration, Europe, crime, jobs, health service etc as 100 times more important. ( I also note his reference to terrorism – for us ordinary people terrorism is a non issue – we actually believe govts have gone far too far in combatting it at the expense of our liberties, without tackling the real issues of immigration, integration of ethnic communities etc)

  3. Mike Spilligan

    Many thanks for this – I haven’t bothered with the FT for ages.
    Overall an excellent summary of where we stand now and it’s a great pity that our heads-in-clouds politicians won’t see it. There they are leading the assault against carbon-di-oxide, not having realised that almost no one’s following.

  4. mindert eiting

    I have believed several times in my life a hoax, like the acid rain story. The reason is that I simply do not have the knowledge of chemistry or physics to judge for my self. I have to trust the experts, i.e. to a point that I do not trust them anymore, in the AGW case when I heard that there was a world-wide consensus and that skeptics should be silenced. After some time a hoax may disappear if the predicted doom does not occur. Perhaps the weekness of the AGW-hoax is that doomsday is planned too far away. For that reason Al Gore desperately tried to connect all kind of real-time disasters to AGW, in order to keep his public focused. It’s too late. The public has lost its interest, and the newspapers follow. Some experts will never admit that they deceived the public, but nobody listens to them anymore.

  5. R. de Haan

    I wonder if all those morons who invited Gore to do a presentation are going to ask their money back.

  6. DirkH

    The Green Wonder: Spaniards manage to increase the yield of Algae with the help of a secret catalyst and magnetic fields. No kidding. Can’t tell you what the secret catalyst is, sorry, it’s all in the process of being patented, you know…

    from June 2011. Scamsters alive and well in the Eurozone… and stupid journalists… does anyone still belive stuff like that?

  7. DirkH

    And this is pretty new, 15th Sept 2011: A new meta study by the EU does a kind of Gore; linking all kinds of stuff to Climate Change. Scientists are terribly excited about the brutality with which Climate Change hits mankind.

  8. Jean Demesure

    “When someone offered me a trip to India, I said, “Definitely.” ”

    The great irony is that Financial Times is often distributed gratis on carbon spewing airplanes, alongside with the NYT, both hysterically warmist and (logically) anti-carbon outlets.

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  10. matti

    “So why would any country do something as stupid as cut back on cheap coal during cooling times? Especially when it would only lead to lots of people freezing to death.”

    A good question. Yet in our part of the developing world , the local provincial [Liberal] government is shutting down a perfectly good 4000 MW coal fired generating station built in 1977 and instead of converting it to nat gas or clean coal technologies , they are replacing it with 25 expensive smaller solar , wind and biomass power projects whose construction and equipment is heavily subsidized by the provincial government. Already the first solar plants built with government subsidies are now often idle due to lack of orders and it will only get worse. [Like in US and Europe] The whole program is costing some $7 billion dollars. There is a major revamp and additional nuclear power being added also. The entire energy program will cost about $33 billion. To make things even worse the owners of these projects are being paid for the power that they produce at significantly higher rates above their cost of production via feed in tariff program. The government will pay up to 44- 80 cents /kWh for solar, 10- 19.5 cents/kwh for biogas, 13-13.8 cents /kWh for biomass 13.5 cents/kwh for wind. Our consumer power rates are scheduled to go up by 100 % in the next few years. Our sales taxes went from 5 to 13 % [GST]. Cap and trade plan is still on the books. Currently our local consumer rate is about 6.8 -7.9 cents/kwh. All this money does not need to be spent. No wonder so many countries are going bankrupt with these insane energy programs that are totally not necessary to the degree that they are being implemented and they are not providing the jobs predicted by a wide margin. The same programs are being implemented probably in many other countries as we speak.

    1. DirkH

      Milton Friedman: The Most Persistent Economic Fallacy of All Time

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