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Germany’s Federal Environment Minister Dumps Cold Water On Global Climate Treaty Expectations

Share this… Facebook TwitterGermany may be finally realising that there are much more pressing problems than the phony global warming scare, like the imminent financial collapse of western governments, to name one.Indeed the Earth has not warmed in 13 years, tropical storm activity is near record lows. Atlantic hurricanes hitting the US coast? Aint seen a real […]

Cooling Planet – Europe Was 10°C Warmer 14 Million Years Ago

Share this… Facebook TwitterGerman scientists have made a spectacular find. Near the Bavarian city of Augsburg they found a 14-million year old fossil of a python. What’s interesting is that pythons like very warm, tropical weather, and not the cool, crappy stuff Germany has to offer. That means Germany (Central Europe) had to have been a balmy place 15 million […]

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