Germany’s Federal Environment Minister Dumps Cold Water On Global Climate Treaty Expectations

Germany may be finally realising that there are much more pressing problems than the phony global warming scare, like the imminent financial collapse of western governments, to name one.Indeed the Earth has not warmed in 13 years, tropical storm activity is near record lows. Atlantic hurricanes hitting the US coast? Aint seen a real one in 4 years. Global temperature? A whopping twenty hundredths above the (cold period) 1960-1990 normal, and falling.

Germany’s Federal Environment Minister under Chancellor Angela Merkel, green wonder boy Norbert Röttgen (CDU) is also realising the world is not playing along with the Great Climate Hoax, and as a result has dumped cold water on expectations for the UN climate conference in Durban.

The warmist German-language CO2 Handel reports here:

‘Durban will produce less than what’s necessary,’ said Röttgen at a conference of the German Association of Industry (BDI) in Berlin on Tuesday.

Röttgen could hardly conceal his disdain for the Obama Adminstration’s efforts, calling the US “a stonewalling obstructionist”. Röttgen added:

«Us Europeans alone can’t save the world by ourselves, instead we need allies.”

In Germany blaming all the world’s ills on the USA is all that’s left in its political playbook. So all the talk is now about forming a” coalition of the willing” to rescue the climate.

Why do I get the feeling this is less about saving the world, and more about saving a movement and relevance? Let’s call it what it is: the coalition of the duped and desperate. Meanwhile BDI boss Markus Kerber trumpeted on behalf of the hapless Röttgen:

German industry calls for a legally binding international treaty at the upcoming World Climate Conference in Durban. The debt crisis must not lead to investments in climate protection measures to go without financing”.

Yeah right, just start printing money. Now you know why Europe is in a financial mess. ..with advice like Kerber’s.

The whole must not be allowed to degenerate into a conference circus.”

Too late. This has been a $120 billion circus and it’s been going on for 2o years. The greatest circus in the history of man. Of course Kerber is joyfully singing the climate song because he knows this circus is about to end. You can be pretty sure that German industry bosses will be relieved once Durban is finished.

Saved again from another dumb treaty.

UPDATE – Die Welt here on German industry bosses:

Indeed from the data it is clear: Only 16% of the companies intend to reduce their emissions. And those that do plan to reduce are planning a reduction of a mere 1.3% – not per year, but in total!”

Someone needs to whisper this to Kerber.


6 responses to “Germany’s Federal Environment Minister Dumps Cold Water On Global Climate Treaty Expectations”

  1. DirkH

    Poor Röttgen. I wonder what that guy is doing in the CDU? Fifth column of the Greens?

    CO2Handel is interesting. Found this:
    “In 2010, 127 Million kWh of wind energy could not be fed in to the grid because of danger of collapse. Enforced temporary switch-off of wind turbines grew by 72% with respect to the year before. The unused energy is subsidized regardless; so in 2010, 11 million EUR were paid for nothing.”

    Small fries in my opinion, compared to the entire amound of subsidies (about 8 bn EUR in 2010 I think), but it’s good to see some numbers.

  2. DirkH
    1. DirkH

      The German media as well.

      I don’t know, do all the newspaper people think nobody uses google? How stupid do they think we are.

  3. R. de Haan

    Those activist’s… Wind farm closed down because of a dead bat.
    Don’t you love it.

  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    “The whole must not be allowed to degenerate into a conference circus.”
    The Big Climate Show has been just that (and surely for longer than just 20 years – the show was just not as super-duper-Ringling Brothers! – Bet You Never Saw So Many Clowns In Your Life!) before Rio in 1992; the post-Kyoto implementations were just that, too – with just a lot of useless tinsel installed – but financed by the willing, but unwitting, taxpayers. With the ballooning Ponzi scheme of the ESM/EFSF, the financing foundation of this merry tower of games is put on the same sort of airy foundation. What exactly is the buoyancy of hot air?

  5. RCS


    One cannot expect a politician to admit a mistake. They can announce gradual policy realignment and escape with dignity.

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