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Germany's Federal Environment Agency Issues Spooky Guide On Citizens' Duties And Ethics. Live Green, Or Else!

Germany’s Federal Environment Agency Issues Spooky Guide On Citizens’ Duties And Ethics. Live Green, Or Else!

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Share this…FacebookTwitterHere’s the kind of green propaganda that poor Germans have to endure from their obviously panicked and hysterical Green government. The German Environment Agency has put out a booklet advising citizens on how to achieve a Climate Neutral Lifestyle, in a bid to avert imminent catastrophe. This is really spooky. The guide communicates that it […]

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Arctic Was Forested And Much Warmer 53 Million Years Ago

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Share this…FacebookTwitterI thought the planet today was warm – too warm, we keep hearing. Well the Arctic was a heck of a lot warmer 53 million years ago. Today’s climate by comparison is downright frigid. The Bild der Wissenschaft reports on a paper appearing in the Proceedings of the Royal Society here that shows the Arctic was covered […]

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