Durban Is Not Even Half-Baked. “The Appearance Of An Agreement Is Preserved.”

They put it in the oven for a minute, baked its outer surface only, put the frosting on, and called it a cake.

But once you sink your teeth into it, you find out it isn’t. In fact you wonder if they even put the mixer to the batter. That’s the Durban “deal”.

The TAZ comments:

…that countries will talk until 2015 and that they will obligate themselves beginning in 2020 to legally reduce emissions. Emerging countries like India and China have recognized this, but have gained time and sufficiently expanded the paragraphs to allow the real binding obligations to be undermined. The USA does not have to deal with anything until 2020.”

Der Spiegel writes:

“Greenpeace was disappointed. ‘The watered-down compromise coming from pressure by India and USA will not lead to an international binding climate treaty, but rather to a loosely binding agreement,’ said  Greenpeace climate expert Martin Kaiser. ‘The conference created a last-second loophole for the USA and fossil fuel industries with the help of India.’ Now another protracted negotiation process threatens.

Die Welt writes:

…the result can be interpreted according to one’s own preference. For those who stayed up late into night they can claim that at least a paper everyone can agree on resulted in the end. But the critics point out, and correctly so, that as far as content is concerned, no agreement that would actually limit the emission of CO2 was reached. The appearance of an agreement is preserved.”

The FAZ writes:

Now a new global climate treaty will be negotiated that will include for the first time climate targets for the United Nations and emerging countries such as China and India. Environmentalists complain about the too many loopholes in the agreement.”

Die Zeit writes:

By the year 2015 a legally binding contract is to be drawn up to limit warming to 2°C.

The circus will go on.


17 responses to “Durban Is Not Even Half-Baked. “The Appearance Of An Agreement Is Preserved.””

  1. Casper

    Don’t worry guys. The Green Deal “is too big to fall”… 😉

  2. DirkH

    I watched the end of it on a live stream and it was a total farce; the delegates appearing like C-list actors; frantically trying to make it appear as if something would come out of their 2 week vacation. “Dear excellences…” – they always address each other as “excellences”… “Some of the delegations say they don’t have a copy of the document.” (About 10 minutes before they wanted to conclude the spamfest!) All the braindead zombies taxpayer money can buy.

  3. Edward.

    Big problem, all these loonies get another holiday in Qatar and the circus carries on………………………………Mind you, now that the EU is in deep **** and digging deeper [EZ in its death throes] – I really can’t see the process lasting without EU funding.

    Thus, no EU funding = no NGO’s [no useful idiots + greenpeace ‘grune-jugend’], no AGW shriekers and no European input and nobody the **** is really that interested after that.

    Qatar may not happen.

    1. DirkH

      Today in a poll: Half of the Germans want out of the EU. Can’t wait. First smart move by Cameron.

      1. Ike

        which poll? link?

        1. DirkH

          “Fast jeder zweite Bundesbürger (46 Prozent) ist laut einer Emnid-Umfrage für die Zeitung “Bild am Sonntag” der Meinung, dass es Deutschland ohne die Europäische Union besser ginge. ”

          “nearly every 2nd citizen (46%) is, according to an Emnid poll for Bild Am Sonntag, convinced that Germany would be better off without the EU.”

          1. Edward.

            You cannot blame [46%] Germans for thinking this way, if they are being asked to float the Southern Med’ countries – it is not possible, the idea of the euro is an impossible dream. A dream which has become a nightmare, asking taxpayers to be the lender of last resort is unconscionable – “you pay for our stupid federal Utopia idealism……er – mistakes!”

            It’s just so like the EU, so EU commission, so like Barroso and his motley crew, who couldn’t run a p*** up at the Oktoberfest.

            Anyway, I hear the new DMs are in the banks and ready for EZ collapse-day.

          2. Ike

            Danke! 🙂

  4. Ike

    piff, paff…poof

    SPON: “Es wird Zeit, dass Wissenschaftler sich wieder der Wissenschaft widmen. Die gesellschaftliche Klimadebatte muss sich öffnen. ”


  5. R. de Haan

    Must See: Fall of the Republic

    A great video linking Obama, the looting of the Federal Reserve, the current financial and economoic crises, the climate scam and loss of freedoms induced by the Globalists.

    With Dr. Timothy Ball

  6. ArndB

    Funny, or arrogant, or naïve, or dangerous???: “Because the main challenge consists in the fact that climate research is a social process that unfolds in social and cultural contexts.”; the view of Nico Stehr und Hans von Storch in DER SPIEGEL ; see Ike 11. Dezember 2011
    (2nd last paragraph: <>

    1. ArndB

      (2nd last paragraph: Denn die zentrale Herausforderung besteht ja gerade darin, dass die Klimaforschung ein sozialer Prozess ist, der sich in sozialen und kulturellen Zusammenhängen entfaltet.)

      1. DirkH

        Typical von Storch; he thinks by dragging in soft sciences types he can make IPCC climate science win. He was one of the first to pick up the Post Normal Science label for IPCC climate science. He deludes himself if he thinks this makes anything better.

        Not arrogant, naïve or dangerous but tragic.

      2. mindert eiting

        Thanks Arnd for these three lines, but don’t think this is recent talk. When I was a student, two other students had made an illegal reprint of a dissertation in Frankfurter Schule style. It went like this for hundreds of pages. I had to study it (in the sixties of course) but after weeks I still didn’t understand a word of it. Do not know whether it is just the German language.

        1. DirkH

          No; you’re not alone. As a native German speaker, I once tried to read a book by Adorno. It wasn’t intelligible. I didn’t understand what that guy was talking about.

          Here’s the other guy, masterplanner Schellnhuber, trying to put lipstick on the Durban pig. He waffles around a lot, on one hand he admits that nothing will be done for the next decade, on the other hand he pretends to enjoy that at least there was the decision to have a treaty… I don’t want to translate that, it’s just so useless.

  7. Rich

    I loved this: “By the year 2015 a legally binding contract is to be drawn up to limit warming to 2°C.”

    If it’s that easy why not draw up a legally binding contract to limit warming to 0.1°C? Or none at all?

    A gang of fleas arguing about who owns the dog.

  8. Ian Mott

    I just can’t wait for the movie, “Dumb and Durbaner”, with Chevy Chase, of course.

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