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Global Warming Not Happening – Global Cooling Is Real And Now

Share this… Facebook TwitterBy Matti Vooro A quite recent headline in our news warned that “Regions must brace for weather extremes: UN climate panel”. Apparently this will be the after-effect of global warming caused by man-made greenhouse gases. We can expect more frequent extreme events such as the drought in Texas and the Thailand floods […]

Von Storch & Steyr: “UN Durban Climate Conference Was A Swan Song – Scientists Fixated On Conceitedness”

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe online Der Spiegel yesterday published a piece by Hans von Storch, Director of the GKSS-Research Center in Geesthacht, Germany and Nico Stehr of the Karl-Mannheim-Professur for Cultural Sciences at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. The title:”The world of the the world-saving professors has failed” Their conclusion on Durban: “The conference in […]

Renowed Warmist Scientist Mojib Latif Says Humans Could Be Responsible For Only 0.35°C In 100 Years

Share this… Facebook TwitterUsually warmists screech that humans are 95% responsible for the recent warming, and that huge positive water vapor feedbacks will get involved in the future. So it’s not very often you hear a warmist admit that humans perhaps could be just half responsible for the warming of the last 100 years.This is […]

Durban Is Not Even Half-Baked. “The Appearance Of An Agreement Is Preserved.”

Share this… Facebook TwitterThey put it in the oven for a minute, baked its outer surface only, put the frosting on, and called it a cake. But once you sink your teeth into it, you find out it isn’t. In fact you wonder if they even put the mixer to the batter. That’s the Durban “deal”. The TAZ […]

Der Spiegel: No Deal – Durban Sinks Into Chaos (It’s Over!)

Share this… Facebook TwitterWe’re hearing about clandestine evil deals being made in Durban and that the UN may indeed emerge as the global Führer soon. Rubbish! Der Spiegel reports here that Durban threatens to sink into chaos. According to Der Spiegel, a new paper had been drafted overnight and included things like “warming will be […]

Monckton Slam-Dunks Panicky Ocean-Acid-Head At CFACT Press Conference

Share this… Facebook TwitterHere’s a snippet from a CFACT news conference in Durban I find quite amusing. Some British-accented girlie-guy, tree-hugger warmist ocean acidist (Felix von Geyer, Platts Emissions Daily) demands to know “who-the-hell” funds CFACT, and that CFACT comment on ocean acidification. Lord Monckton gives the yuppie retread more of an education in 2 minutes than […]

More Evidence (Again) It’s The Sun

Share this… Facebook TwitterA reader brings our attention to a paper published by the Quaternary Science Reviews, authored by Liang Chen, Karin A.F. Zonneveld, and Gerard J.M. Versteegh of the University of Bremen: Short term climate variability during “Roman Classical Period” in the eastern Mediterranean.This one is about a temperature reconstruction from Southern Italy going […]

Schellnhuber Awarded Order Of The British Empire “For Spouting Bullshit”, Ray Bradley And Phil Jones Write

Share this… Facebook TwitterReader cementafriend provides us with a Climategate e-mail that reveals what warmists really think of their own science and fellow scientists. In 3803.txt Jan2005, Ray Bradley writes he read that Schellnhuber was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and comments “how far standards have fallen”. Phil Jones agrees! date: Tue […]

New Paper: No Rise In Weather Extremes – Stable Over The Last 1000 Years!

Share this… Facebook TwitterQuaternary Science Reviews has published a new paper: Combined dendro-documentary evidence of Central European hydroclimatic springtime extremes over the last millennium by authors Ulf Büntgen et al. See abstract here. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and associated effects on the Earth’s climate system are supposed to be causing more frequent and severe weather […]

Alfred Wegener Institute Deputy Director, Veteran Polar Scientist: “We Have A Light Cooling Trend”

Share this… Facebook TwitterI really hate doing this, because I know that the poor scientist will probably be summoned to some office somewhere for an earful, or just suddenly disappear in some big ice crevice. We all know that in Germany terrible things happen to climate scientists (and journalists) and who don’t say the right […]

Desperate Raymond Bradley Pleads With German Left-Wing, Alarmist Paper – “Hockey Stick Curve Is Robust”

Share this… Facebook TwitterThings are so bad for the warmists in the USA that they now have to hope that radical German papers will carry the day for them. This is really quite pathetic. Yesterday German left-wing online Die Zeit, a favourite among German “intellectuals”, attempted to bring the hockey stick back from the dead by […]

Der Spiegel Slams IPCC Lead Author Rahmstorf: “Scandal Surrounds German Government Climate Advisor”

Share this… Facebook TwitterIt appears the tactics of Stefan Rahmstorf are truly beginning to catch up with him. What goes around, comes around.H/t: Lubos Motl Der Spiegel today has a story on IPCC bigwig and ultra-alarmist Stefan Rahmstorf, who is also a lead scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and elite member of […]

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