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Criminalizing Canada – German Enviromental Chief Wants Canada On The Dock, And Germany To Bully The World

Many people view environmentalist groups as friendly folks who only want to protect nature. The reality, however, is that many are very powerful, intolerant, and have the means to bully, intimidate, and criminalize people just for having a different opinion.Take for example Hubert Weiger of the powerful German environmental group BUND (Bund für Natur Deutschland). At eco-website Klimaretter […]

Der Spiegel: The “Ground Zero Of Climate Change” Is Becoming Green – Expanding Sahara Is A Myth

Climate change because of man is causing more death and drought – especially in Africa, so claim the “experts”. But what we have to remember is that many of these “experts are not reliable spend their time sitting in air conditioned offices in Zurich, London, or Manhattan and never really have gone out in the field […]

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