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Warming Summers Not Causing Colder Winters

Warming Summers Not Causing Colder Winters

By MATTI VOORO A recent news clipping on the research of an international climate scientist claimed rising temperatures during the other three seasons are actually cooling off winters in North America –all because of snowfalls in Siberia and an atmosphere pressure pattern in high latitudes called the Arctic Oscillation (AO). The argument that is being […]

Amid Solar Bankruptcies And Red Ink – David Suzuki Insists Solar Power “Is Free, Man, It’s Free!”

Amid all the solar bankruptcies and exorbitant subsidies being paid out and causing electricity rates to skyrocket, see previous post, here’s hippie David Suzuki in the following video (3 min. mark) insisting “It’s free, man, it’s free!” With idiots like that advising governments, we’re not surprised everything is going bankrupt. It may be an alternative, […]

From Rescuing The Climate To Rescuing The Economy – Germany’s Energy Transition Goes Into Reverse

Imagine if the government forced supermarkets to buy bread from plain white bread bakeries, ordered them to pay these bakeries a fixed price that’s 5 times higher than normal for 20 years, and forced them to buy up all the white bread these bakeries could produce, whether needed or not. And imagine if the government also forced the […]

Solar Subsidy Sinkhole – Germany’s Solar Debacle Is A “Massive Money Pit”

The English Der Spiegel presents a blistering report on the solar energy debacle in Germany this week in a piece titled: Solar Subsidy Sinkhole, Re-Evaluating Germany’s Blind Faith in the Sun. The costs of subsidizing solar electricity have exceeded the 100-billion-euro mark in Germany, but poor results are jeopardizing the country’s transition to renewable energy. […]

Siemens: Nuclear Power Shutdown To Cost Germany $2,150,000,000,000.00 (2.15 Trillion)!

Have you ever been to a dinner party with lots of people when suddenly a mouse runs across the room and someone yells “mouse!” Most people simply ignore the intrusion, while others may ask “where?” But you can always count on someone flying into a fit of hysteria, jumping up on a table screaming and […]

Means annual temperature plot shows cooling

Alfred Wegener Institute Neumayer Station III: Antarctic Cooling Over The Last 30 Years!

It’s official: the Alfred Wegener Institute Antarctic Neumayer-Station III is a meteorological observation station that’s been measuring air temperature and other magnitudes in Antarctica for 30 years, which is the period of time used to define climate for a region. The results are clear and indisputable. The AWI writes in its press release: At the Neumayer Station […]

Red TAZ Reports: Browns Infiltrating Green Movement In Germany, Discover Common Traits

Some of us may have had suspicions in the past. Now it’s confirmed – some parts of the green/climate movement are so radical that they are now attracting neo-Nazis and extremists. The online German leftist daily TAZ has come out with an article that describes a disturbing phenomena, namely: the green movement is being infiltrated […]

Science Journal Now Admits Soot’s Major Role In Warming – CO2 Getting Cut Down To Size

Der Spiegel reports today that scientists have identified soot (black carbon) as one of the major global warmers out there. According to Science Journal here, a team of 24 experts led by NASA scientist Drew Shindell looked at 400 emission control measures and identified 14 measures targeting methane and black carbon (BC) emissions that would reduce projected […]

Achtung! Herr Environment Minister Röttgen Declares Climate Protection As “New World Order”!

Sorry, but I always get a little nervous when top German and European officials put themselves first in line for a “new world order” that will tell the rest of the world how to behave. Other countries outside of Germany or Europe can and should decide for themselves how to live and run things. Why do Europe’s […]

Gone With The Wind – The Green Jobs Dream Is Disappearing

The woes in the renewable energy sector continue unabated. We’ve heard a number of headlines of jobs being lost in the solar industry – now jobs are being lost in wind as well. According to news reports, the world’s largest wind tuirbine manufacturer, Vestas,  will lay off another 2300 workers worldwide, along with a possible additional […]

AMO - A Significant Weather Maker Along The Canadian East Coast

AMO – A Significant Weather Maker Along The Canadian East Coast

By Matti Vooro After years of being ignored by AGW climate scientists and modelers, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) has more recently been recognized as a factor in climate forcing. The Met Office at the December 5-9, 2011 presentation at the Fall AGU Meeting reported that they now use AMO unfiltered in their interannual and decadal climate forecasts.  I have been […]

Rutgers University: Greenland Snow Cover Expanding Since 1967 - Turning White!

Rutgers University: Greenland Snow Cover Expanding Since 1967 – Turning White!

Greenland Is Turning White By Ed Caryl “No place on Earth is warming as fast as Greenland,” we keep hearing. Or: “Greenland is approaching a tipping point!” Figure 1: Dundas Mountain and Northstar Bay at Thule AFB, Northern Greenland. Photo by Ed Caryl The Arctic is known as a desert, with little rain or snow, […]

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