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New Findings Show No Existence Of "Permanent El Nino" During Greenhouse Episode Of The Past

New Findings Show No Existence Of “Permanent El Nino” During Greenhouse Episode Of The Past

Share this… Facebook TwitterHere’s something the alarmist warmists can put in their pipes and smoke. A new paper titled El Niño–Southern Oscillation variability from the Late Cretaceous Marca Shale of California authored by Andrew Davies, Alan E.S. Kemp, Graham P. Weedon, and John A. Barron shows that a permanent El Nino did not exist during […]

Donald Brown Tactics

Share this… Facebook TwitterDr. Brown and Climate Ethics By Ed Caryl Donald A. Brown at Penn State writing in his blog here did the “Climate Skeptics” a big favor by gathering “The Hockey-Stick Team’s” arguments into one article. I am sure that Professor Brown was certain that no skeptic would have the temerity to actually challenge […]

German Public Television ARD and ZDF Take A Ratings Bloodbath

Share this… Facebook TwitterNews magazine Stern here reports on the shocking woes of German flagship public television networks ARD and ZDF (Germany’s versions of the Beeb).Hat-tip reader DirkH Face it, they’ve been spoiled over the decades by cushy, protected conditions and have grown arrogant – so much so that they feel it is their duty to […]

Deep Freeze May Be Headed For Western Europe

Deep Freeze May Be Headed For Western Europe

Share this… Facebook TwitterNo doubt Europeans this year have been enjoying a relatively mild winter this year, unlike the previous 3 winters. But it may be too early to start planning for spring. Mother Nature has a way punishing the overly optimistic. At the ProfiKarten (professional charts) provide computer generated forecasts in the form of nice […]

Cooling Planet – Joe Bastardi Reports

Share this… Facebook TwitterJoe Bastardi at WeatherBell here brings us two short reports that show cooling is in, and warming’s out. Bad news for Rob Honeycutt and the warmists who bet on a warmer second 21st century decade. 2011 third coldest year of the decade. First 2011 happens to have been the third coldest year […]

The Communist Chevy Trabant – GM Back In The Fast Lane! (To Failure)

Share this… Facebook TwitterAt Climate Depot the ever active Marc Morano brings our attention to the troubles dogging the massively subsidized GM Chevy Volt and compares it to the communist East German Trabant: Neil Cavuto however admits he doesn’t know what a “Trabi” is. Nothing wrong with that – not everyone can have the fortune of […]

Gulf Stream (Source: Wikipedia)

Hooray – Max Planck Institute Discovers Natural Climate Variability!

Share this… Facebook TwitterSome news that may help European meteorologists with their seasonal forecasts in the future. We know that last fall many predicted a hard winter for Europe, and just the opposite is now occurring. What I find interesting is how the new paper reminds us of the proper way to build a model. A team of climate […]

Solar system (public domain graphic -NASA)

Scafetta: IPCC Warming Claim Is “Erroneous…IPCC Projections For The 21st Century Cannot Be Trusted”

Share this… Facebook TwitterA new paper has been published by the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics, authored by Nicola Scafetta, 2012: Testing an astronomically based decadal-scale empirical harmonic climate model versus the IPCC (2007) general circulation models. Entire paper available here. It’s not a secret that the IPCC models are all rigged to […]

The Windparks To Nowhere

Share this… Facebook TwitterHere’s a great story at the English Der Spiegel that you’ll never, ever see or hear from the other drugged-up-on-green German media. It’s about how the drugged-up-on-green government assures failure – this one with potentially catastrophic proportions for Germany. Let it be a lesson for other countries. Read about the entire bloody […]

Airports As Thermometers

Airports As Thermometers

Share this… Facebook TwitterBy Ed Caryl Because pilots need to know the local weather conditions, most temperature-measuring sites are at airports worldwide. Airports, in turn, tend to be where the airport users are, near cities. As cities grow, so do the airports. As the airports and cities grow, the number of aircraft and aircraft operations […]

Criminalizing Canada – German Enviromental Chief Wants Canada On The Dock, And Germany To Bully The World

Share this… Facebook TwitterMany people view environmentalist groups as friendly folks who only want to protect nature. The reality, however, is that many are very powerful, intolerant, and have the means to bully, intimidate, and criminalize people just for having a different opinion.Take for example Hubert Weiger of the powerful German environmental group BUND (Bund für Natur Deutschland). […]

Der Spiegel: The “Ground Zero Of Climate Change” Is Becoming Green – Expanding Sahara Is A Myth

Share this… Facebook TwitterClimate change because of man is causing more death and drought – especially in Africa, so claim the “experts”. But what we have to remember is that many of these “experts are not reliable spend their time sitting in air conditioned offices in Zurich, London, or Manhattan and never really have gone out […]

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