Body Blow To German Global Warming Movement! Major Media Outlets Unload On “CO2 Lies!”

Page 2 story in Bild today! The first of a series.

“THE CO2 LIES … pure fear-mongering … should we blindly trust the experts?”

That’s what Germany’s leading daily Bild (see photo) wrote in its print and online editions today, on the very day that renowned publisher Hoffmann & Campe officially released a skeptic book – one written by a prominent socialist and environmental figure.

This is huge. More than I ever could have possibly imagined. And more is coming in the days ahead! The Bild piece was just the first of a series.

Mark this as the date that Germany’s global warming movement took a massive body blow.

Today, not one, but two of Germany’s most widely read news media published comprehensive skeptical climate science articles in their print and online editions, coinciding with the release of a major climate skeptical book, Die kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun).

Germany has now plunged into raucus discord on the heated topic of climate change

What has set it all off? One of the fathers of Germany’s modern green movement, Professor Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, a social democrat and green activist, decided to author a climate science skeptical book together with geologist/paleontologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning. Vahrenholt’s skepticism started when he was asked to review an IPCC report on renewable energy. He found hundreds of errors. When he pointed them out, IPCC officials simply brushed them aside. Stunned, he asked himself, “Is this the way they approached the climate assessment reports?”

Vahrenholt decided to do some digging. His colleague Dr. Lüning also gave him a copy of Andrew Montford’s The Hockey Stick Illusion. He was horrified by the sloppiness and deception he found. Persuaded by Hoffmann & Campe, he and Lüning decided to write the book. Die kalte Sonne cites 800 sources and has over 80 charts and figures. It examines and summarizes the latest science.

Conclusion: climate catastrophe is called off

The science was hyped. The book started hitting the bookshops today and has already hit no. 1 on the list for environment books. Indications show that it will climb very high in the overall bestseller charts. It’s published by a renowned publishing house and is now sending shock waves through the German climate science establishment. The first printing will produce 20,000 copies. I expect they will sell out rather quickly.

Today Germany’s national tabloid Bild (which has a whopping circulation of 16 million) devoted half of page 2 on an article called:


Renowned team of scientists claim the climate catastrophe is fear-mongering by politics

The widely read Bild will follow with the rest of the series in the days ahead. In part I today Bild presents “What the IPCC of the UN doesn’t tell you.” Bild asks “what if the IPCC is wrong? Can we really blindly trust these experts? Are they really independent?”

Bild then writes:

The phenomenal prognoses of heat from the IPCC are pure fear-mongering.”

The Bild series is sure to cause radical environmentalists to seethe and lash out. Expect an all-out assault in the days and weeks ahead. Already the reaction from activists has been swift and virulent – though they have yet to read the book.

They never wanted the debate – and now the dam has broken

And the floods of skepticism are sweeping over the country. Worse, Germany’s flagship weekly news magazine Der Spiegel today also featured a 4-page exclusive interview with Vahrenholt, where he repeated that the IPCC has ignored a large part of climate science and that IPCC scientists exaggerated the impact of CO2 on climate. Vahrenholt said that by extending the known natural cycles of the past into the future, and taking CO2’s real impact into effect, we should expect a few tenths of a degree of cooling.

At a press conference today in Berlin, Vahrenholt, Lüning and publisher Hoffmann & Campe introduced the book and answered reporters’ questions. When asked why Hoffmann & Campe decided to publish “such a book”, the spokesman simply answered that the time is right – and there’s a real audience for the book. Even the weather timing was right! Germany is now experiencing it’s worst cold snap in 26 years. That makes it hard to deny lack of warming.

It needs to be pointed out Vahrenholt and Lüning are not skeptics; they are lukewarmers who have not been able to find any evidence of a coming climate catastrophe. They believe that man should switch to renewables, but do so in a rational manner: “Work fast, but don’t hurry.”

Skeptic readers should not think that the book will fortify their existing skepticism of CO2 causing warming. The authors agree it does. but have major qualms about the assumed positive CO2-related feed-backs and believe the sun plays a far greater role in the whole scheme of things.

The book cites more than 800 sources – including the latest peer-reviewed literature. It includes more than 80 graphics that clearly illustrate that all is not well with the claims made by alarmist science. It is written so that laymen can easily digest the material and it provides a comprehensive overview of the science and where it stands today.

The book has also infuriated the AGW leadership in Germany. For example, academia. University of Osnabrück took the step of dis-inviting Professor Vahrenholt who was scheduled to give a speech on February 8. The University claimed that Vahrenholt’s skeptical views were “provocative”. Also the centre-left SPD party, where Vahrenholt is a member, has been deafeningly silent.

This cat is out of the bag – and it’s not going back in.

The authors have set up a website for Die kalte Sonne here.


200 responses to “Body Blow To German Global Warming Movement! Major Media Outlets Unload On “CO2 Lies!””

  1. Jack Savage

    I have only one thing to say: “Wunderbar!”

  2. Icarus62

    The AGW denial hoax is on its last legs.

  3. Ecotretas

    This is very good news!


  4. Hilary Ostrov

    The Bild series is sure to cause radical environmentalists to seethe and lash out. Expect an all-out assault in the days and weeks ahead. Already the reaction from activists has been swift and virulent – though they have yet to read the book. [emphasis added -hro]

    But this is standard operating procedure on the part of the activists – as we saw from their “responses” (see, for example Odes for Peter Gleick) to Donna Laframboise’s The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert [for which, btw, I understand a German translation is in the works].

    Nonetheless, as you say, the dam has finally broken 🙂

    Any word on when/if there will be an English translation of Die kalte Sonne?!

  5. Nik

    Not surprising at all. The Germans have realised that the renewables gravy train is not sustainable. Ironic but true. You cannot promise a 55 eurocent kWh subsidy and sell electricity at 13 eurocents to the consumer. Someone must be the bagman and nobody wants to be. The peripheral economies that were milked in the past are in debt, so the usual victims are gone. The only choice is to “discredit” the foundation on which the bubble was based.

    We are entering phase two of the operation. The only surprise is that it took this long to happen.


  6. archaeopteryx

    (just a little singin’ and dancin’)

  7. Verity Jones

    This is huge. There’s been a big change in public opinion in the UK gradually over the last year or so, but now…

    Do follow this up with the reaction of the other media and the public. This is so worth watching.

  8. Edward.

    It is fantastic, Merko is a physicist – is she not, then, I wonder what she makes of it all? Mind you, she should already have known, that AGW was a crock!

    Germans and the whole of GERMANY, get the real picture at last!

    And it should be remembered, just how you have played a very significant part PG, always pushing and cajoling [gently for the most part] and calling for reasoned and objective news coverage.

    Well my friend, here it is!…………..Und ist es nicht gut?

    No Tricks Zone, we, all of us realists in Britain say: “DANKE!”

  9. Lauren

    Terrorists are being brought to justice in criminal courts these days…
    Al Gore and the global warming alarmists such as left wing politicians, pseudo scientists, journalists, the Hollywood idiots, have been inflicting psychological terrorism upon a whole generation of children all over the world for the last 20 years.
    These charlatans should be brought to justice as the perpetrators of the biggest scam in the history of this planet.
    The social,financial and psychological damages that they caused are beyond comprehension.
    No criminal organization in history has ever come even close to having such a dezastruous impact on so many people, for such a long time, and make so much money in the process.
    They should not be permitted to get away with it.Hundred of billions have been wasted on a fraud, social and economical policies have been altered based on a fraud….the moral authors of this fraud should be in jail for the rest of their lives and their fortune seized.

  10. Edward.

    BTW, exciting times PG.

  11. Ulrich Elkmann

    Frau Angela, a.k.a. Tina, is a specialist in decay processes:

    “After being awarded a doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) for her thesis on quantum chemistry,[10] she worked as a researcher and published several papers.
    10. Merkel, Angela (1986) (in German). Untersuchung des Mechanismus von Zerfallsreaktionen mit einfachem Bindungsbruch und Berechnung ihrer Geschwindigkeitskonstanten auf der Grundlage quantenchemischer und statistischer Methoden (Investigation of the mechanism of decay reactions with single bond breaking and calculation of their velocity constants on the basis of quantum chemical and statistical methods). Berlin: Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic (dissertation). cited in Langguth, Gerd (August 2005) (in German). Angela Merkel. Munich: DTV. p. 109. ISBN 3-423-24495-2. and listed in the Catalogue of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek under subject code 30 (Chemistry)”

    Make of that what you will.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Make of it what I will?

      a) “Process PhD” — socialist love process because it liberates them from responsibility,
      b) “Fachidiot” — learning so much about one thing that you become an idot at everything else,
      c) Doof studiert — studying yourself to stupidity.

      Sorry, nuances don’t translate well.

      Odds are on a).

      1. Ulrich Elkmann

        How about: “that was the theoretical side – now she’s working on the practical applications”?

  12. Edward.

    Er…………………..thanks Ulrich, not sure that helps sir:>))

    Lemme think about it!

  13. Germany in skeptical turmoil on both Climate and Windfarms | Watts Up With That?

    […] Body Blow To German Global Warming Movement! Major Media Outlets Unload On “CO2 Lies!” […]

  14. Galvanize

    Just when I thought the Germans were going to allow us to overtake them economically, they come to their senses.

  15. Papy Boommer

    Cet article a fait ma journée au Québec (it made my day here in Quebec).

  16. DirkH

    Frost in Germany shuts down hundreds of Diesel cars. Fuel filters get clogged by Parafine crystals at temperatures under -22 deg C; and it is not possible to add gasoline to the mix when you have a modern Diesel; they’re too fragile to survive that. (allegedly. I don’t have a Diesel ATM so I can’t run the experiment. Often such statements have more to do with liability than with technology. I’ll ask a colleague, maybe he wants to play. Wonder which subsystems will survive.)

    Monday night had temperatures of -28 deg C and colder.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      More incompetence at the fuel suppliers. Unable to supply a proper, winter diesel.

      OTOH: I wonder how all those people are doing in their electric cars?

  17. DirkH

    It should be noted that even with surface temperature of -20 deg C and no winds, no significant longwave infrared heating from above was noticeable.
    Yesterday, wind power in Germany produced 600 MW out of a possible 18 GW.

  18. Robert of Ottawa

    I agree with Ecotretas. This is muito bom. But, sit back and watch the slanderous counter-attacks by the warmistas. Mind you, to have these two publications headline the story so strongly (the actual story being the publication of this “skeptical” book by greenies) is certainly a breakthrough. This is a fist in the face that cannot be ignored; await heavy artillary of slander, invective and vituperation from the warmistas…. they have too much money at stake.

  19. Robert of Ottawa

    Edward, Merkel is a politician. Politicians do not flog dead horses; they ride them until they are dead, then jump horse.

    1. Edward.

      Agreed Robert!

      1. bismuth

        You forgot the part where they accept their well-earned retirement/severance entitlement that would pay for a solar-powered unicorn in every African garage.

        1. Jessie

          Too true about the peppercorns, yet they invest (and are supported to do so) in many-a-scheme, and that aligned, to the benefit of … yes..the government and their leeches………..

          see John Pasquarelli (Australia/PNG) on the subject:-

          Super Rort Speech for Woodpeckers


    2. Tom

      Robert great observation—very astute and hillarious.

  20. Doug Cotton

    The two major errors were

    (1) assuming that the Earth’s surface has to radiate like a blackbody and thus would have been -18 degrees C if there were no “greenhouse” gases. But the surface loses thermal energy by diffusion, conduction, convection, evaporation and chemical processes, leaving far less than 50% of the energy to be radiated. So you cannot apply the Stefan-Boltzmann Law as if all energy is radiated.

    (2) assuming that radiative flux (energy) from a colder atmosphere can be converted to thermal energy when it strikes a significantly warmer surface.

    For more detail see my site

    1. Perry
  21. Of consensus and the weakness of plastic pillars « The View From Here

    […] (and in particular Germany’s) deep-green-tinted “science”. But as Pierre Gosselin noted in a post today: “THE CO2 LIES … pure fear-mongering … should we blindly trust the […]

  22. Bill

    When Bild starts kicking it, that horse is dead.

    Pity the Germans have allready pissed away at least $50Bn, they are not as smart as they used to be.

  23. Not laughing

    You seem to have a fine collection of brain dead twits here. So Luning gave him a comic book and suddenly a :truth” was revealed to him.

    It takes only a very elementary understanding of physics to know what sick crap this is.

    I wonder that these two can sleep nights. Is a few minutes of notoriety that important to them?

    1. DirkH

      You are resorting to insults. That means you don’t have an argument.
      As for the elementary understanding of physics: This video presentation by a CERN physicist might help you.

    2. Jeremy

      I have an advanced understanding of physics, I don’t believe in any human induced climate catastrophe. I don’t think I ever have. I don’t know any physics professors who believe in CAGW, and I’ve known quite a few.

      The argument falls flat on its face from the beginning. We’re told to believe that the earth can be “tipped” by human activity into a runaway warming situation. This situation would require that the earth have an unstable climate system. However the nice hockey stick graph that the IPCC loves to repeat over and over with different “independent” researchers shows one thousand years (1000) or more of temperature stability within 0.2 degrees C.

      So how is it that we’ve had 1000+ years of perfect stability, but the system is unstable? It doesn’t make sense.

      1. Icarus62

        Actually more like 10,000 years of unusually stable climate, but if no more than 0.25W/m² of orbital forcing is enough to take the planet into and out of glaciations, and raise or lower the global temperature by 5°C, then our 2.4W/m² must surely be enough to have a large influence on climate too. It’s really only a matter of how great the Earth’s energy imbalance is, and for how long. If there was some realistic way to quickly get CO₂ back down to 350ppm or something of that order, then we could probably avoid the worst consequences, thanks to the large thermal inertia of the climate system. Otherwise… well, we’re pretty much stuffed.

        1. DirkH

          Assuming that it was these alleged 0.25 W/m ^2 that drove the planet in and out of glaciations is a leap of faith, as behind these numbers linger climate models, and we know how bad they are at getting anything right.

          Furthermore, even if this number is true, it shows not the sensitivity towards a switch to a HotHouse Earth climate but the sensitivity to another glaciation. Assuming that these two risks are identical would be foolish, as there has not been a Hothouse Earth for many millions of years – so “HotHouse” looks much more unlikely than “Glaciation”.

  24. jonathan frodsham


    It must be difficult to lose face. Loosing face is a big thing in Asia, I should know I live there. I suspect that it is the same all over the world. But some people have no face to lose. Maybe saving face is one of the reasons for the religious fever attached to people who believe that CAGW is the new holy gospel. Who knows? I have never managed to understand fanaticism and properly never will. Now very importantly on that point of face: All the scandals and this fantastic new development from Germany have now given the people who more or less believed in CAGW a way out. “Without losing face”. Think about that for a minute. I predict that this day is the turning point in history, even more than the previous gates. I call this one achtungate.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      “Schultzgate” might work better in countries where Hogan’s Heroes has been on TV.

      “I see nothing. Nothing!”


  25. Lawrie Ayres

    There is a good Aussie saying that sums up this glorious news. “Good Sh*t”.

  26. German media turning climate skeptics? |

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  27. Ingrid

    GERMANY, the DISGRACE of Europe

    .[snip – sorry, over the line -PG].

  28. grayman

    Robert, actually they ride them till they die, flog them for dying then stand on them a while before they jump !

  29. Germany in skeptical turmoil on both Climate and Solar/Windfarms | My Blog

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  30. Pete H

    Well, they managed to pull down the Berlin Wall. Now it looks like they are taking the hammer to CAGW! Brick by brick it is falling but there is a long fight to go yet. I see even the new Minister in the UK that has taken over from the hidious fool Huhne has backtracked and wants Nuclear moving now!

    Mind that crack in the ice, its getting wider 😉

  31. Ian Mott

    Excuse my spelling but the German version of a famous Japanese Haiku goes;

    “Wolken und nebel sind doch nur luftgestalten.
    Uber earnen shint erwig der sonne, der mond”.

    Clouds and mist are just air forms. Over these shine always the sun and the moon.

  32. Alan Wilkinson

    University of Osnabrück took the step of dis-inviting Professor Vahrenholt who was scheduled to give a speech on February 8. The University claimed that Vahrenholt’s skeptical views were “provocative”.

    Who needs further proof that CAGW advocates are complete, incompetent idiots? The perfect way to destroy your public credibility.

  33. Germany in skeptical turmoil on both Climate and Solar/Windfarms … | Germany Site

    […] Body Blow To German Global Warming Movement! Major Media Outlets Unload On “CO2 Lies!” […]

  34. Andreas K.

    Days are currently between -8 to -10 celsius here in Vienna. Nights are colder. On the other side of the world Japan is reporting low temperature redords in 38 locations.

    In the past 30+ years we had one untypically warm winter (2006 if my memory serves me right), all other winters were normal. Yet we’re being told that global warming is happening because of us.

    And of course the CO2 thing is a lie. Yes, CO2 can cause such an effect, in concentrations above 60%. But we’re at 0.039% CO2 in the atmosphere. That’s nothing. But hey, just last year Al Gore claimed in an “experiment” that an atmosphere with 100% CO2 is the same as one with 0.039%. So much for that.

    Now if the Germans would only realize that they’re being lied to about nuclear power as well….

    1. TheJollyGreenMan

      Andreas, You say its minus 8 t 10 in Vienna. Good job the world is warming!

      Just think how cold you would have been it was actually cooling!

  35. lapogus

    This is really great news, for all of you in Germany (and the rest of Europe). Some reality at last. Well done for all the work you have done on the NoTricksZone, I am sure it will have contributed to this return to sanity.

    It will be interesting to see Merkel’s response to this coverage, please keep us informed.

  36. Ulrich Elkmann

    Top posting on WUWT.
    Top posting on Climate Depot.

  37. justmeint

    I am elated at this news breaking. I hope (dare I say pray?) that it will shake the scum in Canberra……. and make them reconsider the dreaded Carbon Tax? Yes I do believe in flying pigs too 🙂

  38. Nonoy Oplas

    Very interesting development Pierre, hats off to you and other climate realists in Germany and the rest of Europe.

  39. Hillbilly33

    Great news PG. No better indication of the “beginning of the end” than when a previously compliant and supportive media turns feral ! Watch now for red-faced self-styled journalists back-tracking and claiming they’d always had their doubts but were misled by evil self-serving grants-driven scientists.

    Meanwhile in Australia the madness continues as our lying, spinning politicians aided by a silent MSM continue to keep a gullible public in the dark about what’s going on in the real world.

  40. jc smith

    Darn…more pesky facts released by NASA. Until NASA, NOAA, and other climate researchers quit releasing facts and doing actual studies, this “global cooling” thing isn’t getting much traction.

    The global cooling folks keep saying “its the sun”…..”the sun.” And then when its proven it ISN’T solar activity…..then its “something else.”

    The NASA article is titled: “NASA: Human Activity, Not Solar Activity, Drives Global Warming and Returning to 350 ppm Is Needed to Stop It.”

    And here is the link:

    1. Ed Caryl

      That article is from Hansen via Joe Romm. What do you expect? NASA is going to have one big black eye.

    2. DirkH

      Hansen says
      “However, given that the imbalance of 0.58±0.15 W/m2 was measured during a deep solar minimum”

      This is wrong. A “deep solar minimum” like the Maunder minimum is about to begin now as the solar magnetic field diminishes. What we had between 2005 and 2010 was a pretty long but ordinary minimum.

      There have been sunspots during all this time. The deep solar minimum begins when the solar magnetic field becomes too weak to maintain sunspots, and they vanish altogether.

  41. John Marshall

    Like communism this belief in AGW will die as well. It is based on lies not observable facts. CO2 does not drive temperature. The theory of GHG’s is based on error and thermodynamic law violations so cannot work.

  42. The Cold Sun | The Digital Glebe

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  43. Jennifer Marohasy » Body Blow To German Global Warming Movement: P Gosselin
  44. Mindert Eiting

    Let’s be glad that the authors are luke-warmers. In the mean time we can enjoy the hard lines here. Tonight I get some people at dinner, two of them alarmists. I will make for them ‘Sauerkraut und Bratwurst’ as a celebration of this event.

  45. PM

    Can you do a post on part 2 in today’s Bild that says
    “Warming has stopped for the last 12 years”
    and goes on to talk about the influence of ocean cycles.

  46. Rudolf Kipp

    The story is promently published on WeltOnline today:

    Fritz Vahrenholt
    Geht die Klimakatastrophe an der Erde vorbei?
    Will the climate catastrophe pass earth?

    For years he was spreading the theses of the IPCC. Now the former senator for environment and manager performs a change of mind (…)

    Fritz Vahrenholt: Yes, I was an active supporter of the CO2 theory. But then I had two key moments, that made me reassess my Position (…)

    Varenholt says that the first crucial experience he describes was an IPCC meeting about renewable energies, which was, according to Varenholt “anything but scientific”. The report was full of mistakes and the final version was edited by a Greenpeace representative. (This report. Here is a statement from ClimateAudit. )

    The second key moment was the findings of a study his company RWE Innogy had carrfied out, in which was found, that natural processes are a main driver of climate change.

    …Probably one of the biggest issues every religion has to face from time to time is statements of former believers which have fallen from faith…

  47. 'Germany's George Monbiot' turns climate sceptic – Telegraph Blogs

    […] Professor Fritz Vahrenholt, is a former environment minister and well-known green activist. P Gosselin at No Tricks Zone has the story: What has set it all off? One of the fathers of Germany’s modern green movement, […]

  48. Mick Lennard

    I am a biologist. 12 years ago I was in the Arctic collecting soil samples, A meteorologist I met there told me the following.
    The contribution of human CO2 emissions to global temperatues lie in the second place of decimals of a degree centigrade. They may reinforce natural warming, or mitigate natural cooling, by a few hundredths of a degree, but they do not drive our climate.
    I have been spreading this message as widely as possible in the UK. Please spread in Germany also

    1. Nisse

      Sure it was not an eskimo you were talkin to? They know alot about climate and such. Don´t you in youre silly mind think that climatologiskt and the rest know how CO2 works? Sht, even Arhennius did that 100+ years ago!

  49. Icarus62

    As the supposed slowdown of global warming fails to materialise, the public are going to realise how badly they’ve been conned by the architects of the AGW denial hoax. I think at that point they will get very, very angry.

  50. Two More Scientists Change Sides In The AGW Debate

    […] on to the latest high profile defections: One of the fathers of Germany’s modern green movement, Professor Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, a social […]

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