EU Emissions Law: Will The EU Be Allowed To Boss The Rest Of The World Around?

It’s not a well known fact but it’s pretty much just the EU and a few other activists scattered across the rest of the world who are supporters of forcing CO2 emissions reductions through binding greenhouse gas emission treaties. Indeed about 86% of the world opposes binding, Kyoto-type treaties, and so disagree with the remaining 14% fringe EU minority.

Europe’s emissions law threatening trade war. Photo: Alan Radecki (Akradecki)

Countries like India, China and Russia only support such treaties if they themselves are exempt from compliance and if the US isn’t.

The EU has decided to defy the vast global majority and is now demanding that all airlines flying into or from its territory purchase GHG emission permits. Furious, 23 countries (among them China, USA, Russia, India, etc.) convened in Moscow last week and signed a joint declaration expressing their disapproval and threatening the EU with a trade war should it continue to defy international will.

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17 responses to “EU Emissions Law: Will The EU Be Allowed To Boss The Rest Of The World Around?”

  1. mwhite

    Another problem that requires decisiveness, just like the Greek problem.

  2. DirkH

    By now the EU should be the most competitive region of the Earth; that was the plan 10 years ago. Instead, the EU is happy about every day it manages to survive without losing a member.

    Hubris is the only area where the EU leads anything. Well, and cronyism maybe. I hope they get thoroughly humbled, especially ex-journalist climate commissioner Heedegard, unelected like the rest.

    1. DirkH

      Which makes you wonder – maybe choosing the leaders of the EU by NOT letting the public elect them was not the smartest way of picking leaders. Or not the way of getting smart leaders. A person like Jose Manuel Barroso is as safe in his job as Gadhafi was. Maybe the threat of canning them when they fail like they do is missing in the apparatchik-for-life structure of Brussels.

  3. DirkH

    EU vote about whether Canadian Oil Sands are “highly polluting” ends in indecision.
    Germany and other big nations abstained, leaving Lunatic-In-Chief Heedegard with only tiny EU protectorates as supporters.

    The article is a parade of the utterances of all the (up to 70%) EU-paid pressure groups.

  4. thebiggreenlie

    EU on brink of Recession, EU Financial Meltdown, EU on verge of breaking up, …………..don’t these statements that are running rampant world-wide make any of the leaders of the EU realize that their decision-making may be flawed?
    This dictat about “Emissions legislation” is just one more failure in their mad embrace for a fake Green Agenda.

  5. R. de Haan
    1. Ed Caryl

      Geez, Ron. Now I’m really bummed out!

  6. jazznick

    This is one of the first steps into Global Governance (bossing the world around) as desired by the UN

    Didn’t you get the memo ?

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      No: this is Voodoo Economics.
      Christopher Booker in the Telegraph:
      “…the Department for International Development is well on the way to spending £1.5 billion on a mass of climate-related projects across the world. These range from helping Indian farmers to irrigate their fields with foot-powered pumps rather than diesel-fuelled ones, to preventing the authority of Kenyan ‘rainmakers’ from being undermined by the onset of ‘extreme weather events’.”

  7. R. de Haan
  8. EU Emissions Law: Will The EU Be Allowed To Boss The Rest Of … »

    […] Green News Source- Click to read full articleh204(); […]

  9. DirkH

    German home owners refuse to isolate their buildings or spend top Euros on brand new heating systems as desired by the dreaded German federal ministry for the environment. Targeted CO2 reductions are endangered. Röttgen’s answer: Force them!

    This will affect older single family homes the most; probably destroying any remaining value of the houses. They know better than we how we should spend the money that they didn’t steal as taxes. I’m not personally affected but I think Röttgen should be given new job opportunities.

    Like in a quarry.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Dirk: please reconsider. The only new post people like Röttgen are likely to be promoted to is as a EU politkommissar with even more absolute power.

    2. Bernd Felsche

      Some are smart enough to recognize that they’d be destroying traditional buildings.

      Half-timbered building need to breathe. They also need people to live in them.

      Insulation and draft-proofing means that the timers and walls will rot over a few years; having withstood many climate changes over perhaps 500 years. Destroyed by the feckless, the do-gooders who are stupid enough to think that they know everything; never having thought through the consequences of any of their hare-brained schemes.

      Authorities will destroy the historic buildings by over-regulation.

  10. Sceptical Me

    So the EU apparatchiks have decided to extend their influence and tax the countries of the world. The same who want to introduce a transaction tax on UK financial services, international organizations that would easily relocate outside the EU.

  11. RCS

    As a Brit, I have a somewhat jaundiced view of the EU.

    Nevertheless, while a government may make the occasional mistake, the EU Commission (the ” brightest and the best in Europe”) has an unparalleled track record of making Galacticly stupid policies. The CAP, the CFP, a renewable engy policy that will lead the World and, of course, the Euro.

    Carbon taxes on flights outside Europe is a mere blip – just a slight aberration. But it impacts on everyone else and they will not stand for it. I really hope that the rest of the World really screws the EU Comission for doing something that none of us voted for.

  12. Bernd Felsche

    Mary Ellen Synon’s last blog entry is somewhat relevant:

    “Ireland and the EU: the groupie at the rock star’s hotel room”

    The EU is viewed as some sort of “rock star” to whom the adoring, gullible groupies flock. Unfortunately, the rock star is more like Milli Vanilli that’s tone-deaf, can’t sing, has no rythm, doesn’t play an instrument well and; if you get too close, will give you a dose of VD and an addiction to drugs. (Not that I’m suggesting that anybody got drugs or VD off Milli Vanilli.)

    Mary Ellen Synon responds to one of the comments on that article:
    “I will be back in the worst of the bunker — the European Council HQ — on Thursday, and will try, for your sake, to find something to laugh about. Not always easy, though. Generally it’s all I can do not to start the ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore’ routine at the Van Rompuy press conference…”

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