Judy Curry: IPCC Might Have Outlived Its Usefulness – Climate Scientists Have Lost Touch With The Public

Oilprice.com has conducted a very interesting interview with the well known climatologist Judith Curry, who runs the excellent Climate Etc. blogsite.

You’ll recall that Professor Curry was once a staunch AGW proponent. Later the scientific evidence cooled her down to lukewarm.

The interview is balanced and readers may be interested in reading about Judith’s concerns for climate science, how climate change is affecting the planet, reasons for the increase in scepticism and why climate scientists have lost touch with the public.

The IPCC might have outlived its usefulness. Let’s see what the next assessment report comes up with. But we are getting diminishing returns from these assessments, and they take up an enormous amount of scientists’ time.”

You can read the full interview at: http://oilprice.com An-Interview-with-Judith-Curry.

Some of Judy’s quotes:

Because of recent criticisms of the IPCC and a growing understanding that the climate system is not easily understood, an increasing number of scientists are becoming emboldened to challenge some of the basic conclusions of the IPCC, and I think this is a healthy thing for the science.”

and on the IPCC:

…we put the CO2 stabilization policy ‘cart’ way before the scientific horse.”

and on the green industrial complex (emphasis added):

Yet, we have allowed it to dictate global policy and form a trillion dollar green industrial complex – all without applying a single quality system, without a single performance standard for climate models, without a single test laboratory result and without a single national independent auditor or regulator. It all lives only in the well known inbred, fad-driven world of peer review.

You can read the full interview at: http://oilprice.com An-Interview-with-Judith-Curry


8 responses to “Judy Curry: IPCC Might Have Outlived Its Usefulness – Climate Scientists Have Lost Touch With The Public”

  1. DirkH

    The deniers have poisoned her mind. 😉

  2. Edward.

    “Climate scientists have lost touch with the public”………………

    I would say it’s more like, climate scientists have lost -their grasp of reality [if indeed they had any in the first place] and when one conjures up the images of; M.E. Mann, Hansen, Stefan ‘n’ Schellnhuber or Phil Jones – it is easy to think it.

    Judith is so right, end the IPCC and yesterday – but it is a part of the UN agenda 21 – and it’s design of ‘one world government’ ethos – so absolutely no chance the IPCC is going under.

    Next up, Rio+20-verbal-diarrhoea-fest and with the new ‘improved’ buzz word of: “sustainable development” = AGW off the menu – even they can’t maintain the lie – the models don’t work – huh!! – but they were IPCC models [weren’t they]??

    IPCC models? where has the predicted warming gone to?????………………………er – well yes: EXACTLY.

    1. DirkH

      All these international cleptocracies (UN, EU, UNEP, UNFCCC) have been wonderfully illustrated in Valerian –
      (which also was the inspiration for the city and the taxi chase in “The Fifth Element” and by osmosis for the impotent parliament / Coruscant scenes in George Lucas’ prequel trilogy; he takes all his ideas from the Valerian comics).

      In The Circles Of Power, the ruling elites suffer from head shrinkage and are shown in a conference that resembles the mindless ceremonies at Durban, which I enjoyed in a lifestream of the final session (“Dear Excellencies…”), barely capable of formulating the simplest of sentences.

      I look forward to more lifestreams from Rio. Let’s see how much the brain shrinkage has progressed!

      1. Edward.

        Rio+20 = pea brains.

  3. John Silver

    “Inbred” is the word.

  4. Paul Deacon

    Pierre –

    I believe the last paragraph that you give as a quote by Judith Curry [trillion dollar green industrial complex etc.] is not her words, but the words of the interviewer quoted from another source.

    All the best

  5. DirkH

    Spiegel sounds like a skeptic blog, bemoans high energy prices in Germany.

  6. Robin Pittwood

    “Climate scientists have lost touch with the public”

    I’m not so sure about that. If the latest bloggies awards are any sort of indicator, there are plenty of public out there folowing along with the goings on. Me being one of them. Judith is one of scientists is one who has not lost touch.

    Robin (New Zealand)

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