Poland Says No…Blocks EU’s Climate Roadmap…Napoleon Hedegaard Vents She Won’t Stand For It!

Everybody say thank you to Poland.

It was the only of 27 European countries to reject the EU’s climate roadmap at a conference of Environment Ministers in Brussels Friday, angering environmentalists and EU climate protection expansionists.

The EU aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 – 95% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. The EU has already committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, 30% by 2030 and by up to 60% by 2040. Poland has accepted the target for 2020 but refuses to agree to the remaining targets, claiming it’ll hurt its power generation industry, which is 90% based on coal.

Der Spiegel here reports that Oxfam called Poland’s position “annoying and irresponsible” and that Greenpeace was “outraged”.

The EU claims that cutting back CO2 emissions by up to 95% by 2050 will limit global warming to 2°C, and thus lead to a rescue of the planet. Today’s European leaders fancy themselves as sort of world action heroes who are called on to save the planet from the certain climate catastrophe. This of course can only be achieved by taking away more of everybody’s money.

According to the Financial Times Deutschland, EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard was upset by Poland’s action, venting she would not stand for it:

We will never accept one country sabotaging the progress of the whole world. This also affects a country within the European Union.”

The Handelsblatt writes:

Poland wants to stop Europe’s every jump ahead and will first wait for binding commitments from other large polluters like China and USA.”

Anyone who doubts that Europe’s climate Napoleons don’t mean business should think again. Not only does Hedegaard think she can boss Poland around, she also thinks she can tell the rest of the world what to do. Take airlines for example.

Hedegaard (Photo: Wedege)

China retaliates, puts orders for 45 Airbus planes on ice!

The online Merkur here reports that all 27 EU countries agreed on imposing the requirement that airlines flying to and from Europe purchase climate emissions permits. “Flights to and from Europe must have pollution permits. These will be charged for the first time beginning in 2013. China, USA and India are vehemently opposed to the long agreed system.” The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: “Because of the dispute, China has threatened retaliation and have put orders for 45 Airbus planes on ice.”

Once Russia, USA, India and a host of other countries start putting the pressure on, expect the climate Napoleons to retreat. Read here. The EU’s Waterloo is just a year away. In the meantime Connie Hedegaard is busily setting up Europe for it.

16 responses to “Poland Says No…Blocks EU’s Climate Roadmap…Napoleon Hedegaard Vents She Won’t Stand For It!”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    Kommissar Hedegard is typical of those who want to save the world. Devoid of any background that would taint their perspective with reality, they believe that all that is necessary to implement their “Utopia” is conversation and wanting to do good. She’s not bright enough to illuminate a refrigerator. She says “the right things” as far as the EUrocracy is concerned… a very useful idiot.

    Germany is incapable of reducing emissions to the extent “agreed”; without de-populating and de-industrialising. An 80% to 95% reduction in energy use is not possible without a combination of the two.

    It is a substantial (over 60%) reduction in energy use that is required to meet the targets. That will drive Germany and Europe into deep poverty (and lead to enviironmental devastation). Unless they all plan to execute the “Spanish option”; which is to recognize that the EU prefers the illusion of unity over actually penalizing member nations (which they can’t, in actuality; only in theory). So one ignores EU fines.

    I’m not surprised that Poland prefers to have energy available for sustainable, economic development. Just a little surprised that they are able to have a government that understands the fundamentals of looking after the people of their own country.

  2. DirkH

    The Sueddeutsche AMAZES me – usually they are amongst the more level-headed of the leftist MSM; most leftists call them centrist. But with regard to CO2AGW, they now look dumber than Der Spiegel:

    “Beim Klimaschutz geht es um viel – für die Umwelt und die Wirtschaft. Die EU-Staaten hatten sich schon 2008 darauf verständigt, ihren Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen bis 2020 im Vergleich zu 1990 um ein Fünftel zu senken. Aus Sicht von Umweltschützern reicht das jedoch nicht aus.”
    “A lot depends on climate protection – with regards to environment and the economy. The EU member states had already agreed a 20% reduction until 2020. But environmentalists say this won’t suffice”

    and on and on it goes… not ONE word about the fact that the climate is not warming anymore – they report EXACTLY like in the days of An Inconvenient Truth.

    MONUMENTAL incompetence.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      My impression of the Sueddeutsche has been the other way – it’s not known as the “Prantl-Pravda” (after its editor) or the “Neues Sueddeutschland” for nothing; along with the taz and the Frankfurter Rundschau, it forms the backbone of the leftist/EUSSR print MSM. Nothing surprising here.

      1. DirkH

        Ah, Neues Süddeutschland, great! (For Non Germans: “Neues Deutschland” was the Pravda of the DDR)

  3. Dude

    EU Groupthink is migrating. As shown in this video there will no longer need to be proof of climate change by man…it will just be the lazy persons excuse to do anything they want.


  4. Nonoy Oplas

    Hoorrayy to Poland’s Environment Minister. But I think that even if no one dissented the EU plan, there will be violations one by one, later on collective violations to the emission limits. Meanwhile, what happened to the Czech Republic’s position? Is Vaclav Klaus no longer the President? Sorry, am not updated with European politicis. Thanks Pierre.

  5. Casper
  6. archaeopteryx

    Hooray for free Poland

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  8. DirkH

    Possibility of a Euro exit – Germany’s Plan B

    Germany has reactivated the Soffin, a backstop for the banking system, and has charged it up with 480 bn EUR. Called Soffin II now.
    This could be preparation for leaving the Euro in case France falls to the socialists, allies itself with the PIGS, and says “no” to German austerity demands.
    Found here:


    And here is a German article confirming the reactivation of Soffin:


    Merkel reaps high approval rating for her hardline approach; the left is going into the trap, demanding solidarity with the PIGS – the German taxpayer has nothing of that.

    Prepare for a rocky ride.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Euro collapse has been substantial recently, compared to the Australian Dollar.

      Here’s 10 years’ worth of exchange rates; a drop of about a quarter in value:

      It’s not alone with the £ dropping by a third and the US$ by a half:

      Prices (at online stores) seem to be rising in Europe.

      BTW: It seems that the CHF is tied to the AUD 🙂

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  10. DirkH

    All of the Greenland ice might melt according to new, better, improved model runs by the PIK and the universidad complutense de madrid .


    Assuming a global warming of 8 deg C, the ice would be gone in 2,000 years; if the UNIPCC/UNFCCC/EU/Julia Gillard manage to limit the warming to 2 deg C, it would be gone in 50,000 years.

    The limit for a total melting of the Greenland ice is estimated to be between 0.8 and 3.2 deg C; currently, according to PIK and the universidad complutense de madrid, we are already at 0.8 deg C; so, goodbye, Greenland ice, maybe, some not-so-soon day.

    Dramatic consequences would include a rise of sea level by several meters.

    (At what point does one fire these masters of the ridiculous? Wouldn’t that be an austerity measure long overdue?)

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Greenland’s ice will melt? The horror: haven’t they read Alfred Döblin?

      “Seventh Book: The Melting of Greenland’s Ice

      As they sail for Greenland, strange things begin to happen to the ships bearing the tourmaline veils. Marine life and sea birds of all kinds are attracted towards them, and crew stationed aboard them for too long begin acting intoxicated and amorous. The plant and animal life attracted to the ships experiences rapid growth, so that before they reach Greenland the ships look more like mountains or meadows than ships. Strange sea creatures never before seen appear around the ships, and when the expedition is ready to deploy the tourmaline veils, they have to cut through the riot of organic growth that has totally filled the ships. Once the energy of the veils is unleashed on Greenland, it melts the ice quickly but also has unanticipated effects. Prehistoric bones and plant remains that were buried under the ice are reanimated, and fuse together into monstrous forms made up of plant, animal, and mineral parts. Greenland, free of its icy burden, rises up, ripping from north to south in the process and becoming two separate islands. As the chapter ends, the now enormous monsters brought to life by the volcanic energy are spilling away from Greenland towards Europe.

      [edit] Eighth Book: The Giants

      As the wave of mutilation breaks over Europe, the force animating the monsters proves fatal: any contact with their bodies or blood provokes a frenzy of organic growth, so that animals of different species grow into each other and humans are strangled by their own growing organs. The populations remaining in the cities move underground. The ruling technocrats, led by Delvil Pember, begin to devise biological weapons to combat the monsters. Using the energy of the remaining tourmaline veils, they construct massive towers—the eponymous “Giants”—out of humans, animals, and plants, grotesque assemblages of organic life that, planted on mountains or in the sea, serve as defensive turrets. In a frenzied technological mania, some of the scientists turn themselves into giant monsters and wander around Europe, wreaking havoc and forgetting their original intent. A group of the original Iceland expedition led by Kylin returns to Europe, bearing the memory of the devastation they caused.”

  11. Ulrich Elkmann

    Come to think of it, scientists turning themselves into giant monstrosities and wreaking havoc – we have that already.

  12. Asmilwho

    “We will never accept one country sabotaging the progress of the whole world. This also affects a country within the European Union.”

    Unfortunately for Kommissarin Hildegard, this is exactly what the law and the constitution in the European Union allow for.

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