German 4th Graders Taught An Apple A Day Keeps The Climate Armageddon Away – Competition Winner!

No April Fool’s joke here. Our friends at the German Science Skeptical here bring us a Youtube video on how kids are being taught out somewhere in East Germany that eating apples saves the climate.

It’s all part of a German government sponsored competition to promote climate protection and energy savings.

In fact officials found the idea so awesome that that the 4th graders of this particular school were declared “Energiesparmeister” (Energy Savings Champion) of 2012. The winning idea from the fourth graders is: To use the apple as a natural healer more intensely, thus reducing the production of pharmaceutical products and thus resulting in less energy consumption and thus less climate-destroying CO2 emissions.

Science Skeptical writes that this all part of a Energy Savings Champion Competition taking place between schools for protecting the all holy global climate and to promote energy efficiency. It’s a campaign by the Federal Ministry of Environment and some online CO2 advisory organisation promoting the campaign: “Klima sucht Schutz” (Climate Searching Protection). Since 2009 it has been aimed at schools and school projects all over Germany.

I’m just happy my kids are finishing their education this year and will no longer be exposed to this institutionalized madness and paranoia.

High time for state school boards to put the educational programs under review. Or parents at least ought to think about, if they can afford it, sending their kids to private schools that focus on maths, reading, writing, science – and encourage critical thinking when it comes to all the myths mad minds can conjure up!


12 responses to “German 4th Graders Taught An Apple A Day Keeps The Climate Armageddon Away – Competition Winner!”

  1. Joe

    Ideological Operant Conditioning of children to preserve the power of an elite class…

    I remember it from living in the DDR. Thank God we were foreigners and could leave.

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    “The apple as a natural healer”: bringing , hm, “alternative” medicine into the mix opens up whole new fields of endeavour – and if it proves useless in clinical tests, you can always invoke unproven placebo benefits or point out that it fosters the right reverence for Mother Earth. Homeopathy, zone reflexology, Bach flower therapy; they are all doing rather well in Germany – giving them official blessing by the state might set another shining example “for the world to follow”, to follow up the world-wide ditching of nuclear power in the wake of the “energiewende”. State-held witches’ sabbaths might be next, to atone for those medieval trials…

    1. Joe

      Everything you see on the shelf touts itself as “natural” medicine. One great frustration in travelling to Germany in the winter as I do, is when I actually find myself having to find ACTUAL cold medicine, cough syrop, etc., only to find shelf after shelf of yellow packages of “Doktor Qwak’s Herbal Surprise Melange” or somesuch.

      All of which is bogus, invariably directing me to plan B: Kalbfleischsuppe and a couple of shots of Korn.

      1. DirkH

        Just ask a pharmacist. In Germany, there’s a monopoly for pharmacies – supermarkets are not allowed to sell medicine – ; and their employees have all studied pharmacy so you can ask them for something that is not alternative medicine. Best is to know the chemical you’re looking for. They’re walking encyclopedias.

        Don’t ask doctors for anything that has to do with metabolism – they don’t know the chemistry, only the brand names of the pills. (Well, in most cases…)

        1. Joe

          I could pump a doctor buddy of mine for some good stuff, and I know, I know. It’s just all so silly to have to go to an Apoteke where some nosey broad asks you 20 questions gives you the Schnauze when all you really want is something like Nyquil and a industrial quantity of Tempo.

  3. DirkH

    Latest version of GHCN cools the past in Australia
    Blink comparator:
    Originally found out by Paul Homewood:
    Warmist movement needs fodder for IPCC AR5.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    What? You have never heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

    But, of course, growing all those trees, maintaining, picking, storing in controlled atmosphere, packing, shipping, and so on requires lots of modern carbon based fuel and other chemicals.

  5. kingkp

    A bit over the top i think. A missed the bit about climate change.For christ sake this is quite normal for a bunch of german school children. At least they are not out on the streets trying to kill a bunch of turks!I’m being a bit crass but the truth hurts some times.

    1. DirkH

      Ok, you missed the bit about climate change, now it was pretty subtle, so easy to miss, but lemme do some ‘splainin…
      Youssee, Medication costs a lot of money. And it costs a lot of energy. With me so far? Great!
      Now, that competition is about saving energy. Now, if everyone, or at least a whole lotta people, don’t buy medication, we save energy. Got the connection now?
      EVERYTHING in Germany is connected to climate change, and is done only to avert climate change. Simple rule really.

      BTW, Volvo demands EU-wide unified subsidies for electric cars. Otherwise, says Volvo top honcho, it’s no-go for the CO2 reduction goals of the EU Kommission.

      (Warm and fuzzy feelings awaken in the nether regions of EU warmists… FRESH TAXPAYER TRILLIONS! Oh make it happen mighty commission pretty pleaaaase….)
      A continent on the way to oblivion.

      1. Joe

        THAT is their reasoning? THAT?

        I thought maybe “heating homes will henseforth be unlawful. THEREfore, eat an apple a day and hope you can forstall the grim reaper.”

  6. Joe

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